How to Start Dunkin Donuts Franchise in India – Costs, Profits, ROI


Complete Guide to Start Dunkin Donuts Franchise in India

Choosing the right brand’s Franchise for starting your new business is the most difficult decision to make. Usually, every aspiring entrepreneur looking to start his/her new Franchise business always starts with watching out for the top Franchises out there. If we talk about the Top Franchises in the world, one of the leading, well-known, and the No. 1 spot achievers in ‘Top 20 Franchises of the year 2020’ is Dunkin Donuts Franchise. A brand that is renounced and talked about in most of the countries and which is well-known for serving the best Coffees.

About Dunkin Donuts Franchise


The name needs no introduction, when it comes to coffee and donuts, Dunkin Donuts is always the first choice for many consumers. Recently, its name being changed to Dunkin, it is an American Multinational company well-known for serving Coffee and doughnut in all the major countries. It was founded by William Rosenberg, who started his first restaurant business related to Coffee and Donuts, with years the business went successful and William’s son, Robert carried on the Franchise business with more than 100 stores in the year. Later on, the brand was acquired by the owner of Baskin-Robins, and the business flourished further.  
Dunkin Donuts provides a wide range of items such as Expresso, sandwiches, bagels, beverages, donuts, burgers, and the list goes on. A foodie stepping in the outlet would be lost in the amazement of selecting the item and savoring the taste. Dunkin is said to sell more than 2 million cups of Coffee and Beverages worldwide and this number is expected to grow even further in the coming years. Stretching their brand in more than 60 countries, they are said to have more than 20000 + Outlets all across India.

Benefits of having a Dunkin Donuts Franchise

Considering the obvious, one of the major benefits of acquiring this Franchise is the Brand value itself. You would not need any major marketing to reach the bare minimum of sales. Coffee and Donut lovers would already be anticipating the opening of a Dunkin Donuts Outlet.  


  • Having a wide range of items in your arsenal, you can offer your customers almost every segment of Food item that is famous and well-taken. This not only increases your chances of variation but it would also prompt a foodie to try out the other items that are there to offer. 


  • As we already discussed above, Dunkin Donuts was declared as the holder of the 1st Spot for Top 20 Franchises of 2020 by the Entrepreneur Franchise 500. This gives you an edge to excel in your business and attract more customers. 


  • You would not require any type of heavy marketing to promote, as the brand popularity is already immense. If in case you do, it would just be to spread awareness of the new outlet of Dunkin Donuts in your area. 


  • Dunkin Donuts provides training and education on a personal level to all the outlets and the staff within. This includes receiving training from professional and trained personnel of Dunkin Donuts.


Investment Required for Dunkin Donuts Franchise


Considering the huge brand value and customer fan base created by Dunkin Donuts, the investment required for starting this Franchise goes higher. On average, depending on the type of unit and the outlet, the required investment goes around rupees 1 Crore. However, the franchise fee has to be incurred separately which ranges between 20 to 70 lakhs rupees. The investment amount would highly depend on the location, that is the city in which you open the outlet, the area, if the street is busy or otherwise, etc.

Requirements for Dunkin Donuts Franchise


Like every Franchise, there are certain requirements that have to be fulfilled by an individual for matching the eligibility criteria. Firstly, the area of your outlet should be between 300 to 700 sq. ft. The outlet that you are opening can be a rented space as well. Another requirement is for the owner and his/her employees to get trained under the training program that is provided by the representatives of Dunkin. The training program goes for around 60 + hours of session that would help you in the areas of marketing, brand development, etc. The minimum staff requirement goes around 10 to 30 people, depending on the outlet. Lastly, the business owner should have prior experience in the Restaurant business to get eligible for Dunkin Donuts Franchise.

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How to Apply for Dunkin Donuts Franchise in India

Now comes the crucial question, about how to apply for Dunkin Donuts Franchise. The process is quite simple, all the Franchise related to Dunkin Donuts is handled by Jubilant Foodworks in India. You would have to get in contact with them for further procedure. The steps to apply for the same are as follows.  


  • The first step is to visit the website of Jubilant Foodworks which is, Here, you would find all the details regarding Jubilant Foodworks, which type of Franchise do they hold, which parts of India already have an outlet of Dunkin Donuts, etc.  


  • Once you are on the website, you have to look out for the option of Dunkin Donuts Franchise and click on the same. You would be presented with a form that would ask about your basic details and contact number. Note, this is the same contact number through which they would get in touch with you if you are eligible.  


  • Once you have submitted the form, you would be contacted by the representatives of Jubilant Foodworks and the process would move forward.  


  • You should be cautious of a few websites that would claim to get you in connection with the representative of Dunkin Donuts directly. Normally, such fake websites may ask for a small fee to connect you with them and hence they should be avoided. The only legal or legitimate way for applying to Dunkin Donuts Franchise is through Jubilant Foodworks, any other method would just lend you in some trouble.

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