How to Start Dixy Fried Chicken Franchise in India – Investment, Profits, ROI


How to Start Dixy Fried Chicken Franchise in India 

Starting a Fast-food chain or a fast-food segment business from scratch is a very difficult process for every new business owner. As per statistics, the fast-food segment has resulted in more and quick profits with a consistent growth in the industry and hence it is the first choice of every entrepreneur looking to start his/her business. A better alternative to start a fast-food business is to acquire the Franchise of a well-known fast-food brand in the market. Out of the many known brands in the market, Dixy Fried Chicken is a renowned brand in the fast-food industry.


About Dixy Fried Chicken Franchise 


Established in the year 1986 in the UK, Dixy Fried Chicken was founded with the aim of being the most prudent brand with the best chicken to offer for the population of the UK. Since then, the brand has reached various milestones and is considered as one of the best Fast-food companies in the UK. It also has its units in different countries such as Pakistan, Syria, Norway, England, India, and so on. By fulfilling the craved taste of the UK’s population, the brand had instantly developed a liking among all the food lovers.

The Dixy Fried Chicken entered the Indian market by going into an investment partnership between Panban Restaurants India and Dixy Fried Chicken Euro Limited. The partnership was initiated in the year 2006 and since then the brand is reported to have more than 2 Franchises in the country. With the combined partnership, Dixy Fried Chicken Ltd has been touching the likings of many food lovers across prominent places such as Kolkata. The brand has also been providing good support to its Franchise unitholders and various schemes that help them to scale their business.


Advantages of Starting Dixy Fried Chicken Franchise in India 


As mentioned above, Dixy Fried Chicken is a joint partnership between the original brand and Panban Restaurants. The combined investment has driven many benefits for all the Franchise unitholders. The various advantages of acquiring Dixy Fried Chicken Franchise are mentioned as follows.

  •  The primary advantage of having Dixy Fried Chicken Franchise is the uniqueness of the brand. Every food lover loves to try out good items that are a standalone from all the different brands in the market. The Dixy Fried Chicken Franchise, being of a UK origin has its own unique taste and range of food items to offer which is savoured well among the UK population. This gives the unitholders an edge over their competitors.


  •   One of the surprising advantages of acquiring the Dixy Fried Chicken Franchise is the ‘monopoly’ in your city or state. Since the brand is of recent origin and since it hardly has any Franchise across the country, it becomes a perfect opportunity for the interested candidate to have their own monopoly in a particular area and exploit the opportunity in the best manner possible to scale their business.


  •  Despite the name of the brand, it deals in a wide range of food items which are trending and favoured by most of the foodies. Apart from their famous fried chicken, they also have desserts, salads, grilled chicken, and various other side dishes to serve to its customers. As a Franchise unitholder, having a wide range of menu helps you to cover more customers and keep the business running.


  •   Usually, most of the known brands in the fast-food segment offer the same type of Franchise model to the interested candidates. However, in the case of Dixy Fried Chicken Ltd, you are offered with three different types of models or outlets where you can run your business smoothly. Depending on the minimum area requirement, you can select the desired outlet and earn profits.


Investment Required for Starting Dixy Fried Chicken Franchise in India

The Dixy Fried Chicken Ltd, being a brand of foreign origin and having its own unique recipe for Chicken reflects itself as a standalone in the market. Considering the pros of this brand, the investment required can be considered as a low-cost high profit model. The brand has three types of Franchise models to offer and hence the investment would vary according to the type of model that has been chosen by the candidate. Depending on the model chose, the investment amount would range between 50 Lakhs INR to 1 Crore INR. The royalty fee that is charged by the brand to the unitholders is around 4% of the total sales in a month.


Requirements for Starting Dixy Fried Chicken Franchise in India 

Being a brand of foreign origin and to maintain the brand value of the company, as a unitholder you are expected to fulfil certain eligibility criterions and maintain the standard at your unit. The various requirements for starting Dixy Fried Chicken Franchise are mentioned as follows.


  •  The first criterion that every brand passes on to the interested candidates for acquiring their Franchise is the minimum area requirement. In the case of Dixy Fried Chicken Ltd, the minimum area required should be around 1000 sq. ft. This area can also differ, depending on the type of Franchise model that you choose for your unit.


  •  There is no specific mention from the brand for the minimum staff requirement in a unit. Hence, it is safe to assume that unitholders can have the usual staff number that can cover an area of 1000 sq. ft.


  •  The brand provides free training to all the staff members of a unit. The brand is very supportive when it comes to training and helping out the unitholders in terms of any difficulty in a particular aspect.


How to Apply for Dixy Fried Chicken Franchise in India 


The easiest and the official way of applying for the Dixy Fried Chicken franchise would be to visit the official Indian website of the brand. You would be presented with an application form where you need to submit all the necessary details. On submitting the form, you would be contacted by the brand representatives and the process would move further. The official website of the brand is mentioned as follows,



 Yes, you can but only if your first Franchise unit is running well.

The royalty fee is around 4% of the monthly sales

Currently, the brand offers three types of Franchise models.

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