How to Start Moti Mahal Delux Restaurant Franchise in India ?


As a customer, we know the potential and the success of various restaurant businesses that is around us. With the age of digitalization and online delivery platforms, the restaurant industry has also learned to survive in crisis such as the recent pandemic. This has helped them to reach a wider audience and serve even dine-in customers. There are various different well-known brands in the market when it comes to starting a new franchise business. Out of the many known brands, one of the oldest and growing companies is the Moti Mahal Delux Restaurant Franchise.

With so many new brands opening up in the Restaurant industry, one of the oldest established brands that date back to the year 1920’s and was established in the 1950’s is Moti Mahal Delux Restaurants. Since then, the brand has survived almost for a century and is still making a huge profit and serving its customers with the best services possible. The brand is considered as the pioneer of food items such as Tandoori cuisine, Dal Makhni, & Butter Chicken and the same has been followed in the market by other brands that are in the restaurant industry.

With its increasing success, the brand now offers more than five types of Franchise models to the interested candidates that are Casual Dining, Fine Dining, Cloud Kitchen, Kiosks, and Indi Grill. The brand is known for its unique serving and reflection of Indian heritage. People enjoy visiting and savoring the taste of the very brand that is the origin of food items such as Tandoori, Dal Makhni, and Butter Chicken. With such a strong foundation, the brand provides all the required support and guidance to all the Franchise unitholders.


Being the origin of various mouth-watering dishes, the brand has already won the hearts of many and provides various advantages to the Franchise unitholders, that helps them to scale their business. The various advantages of acquiring Moti Mahal Delux Restaurant Franchise are mentioned as follows.

  •  As mentioned above, the brand has a strong foundation which almost amounts to around 100 years, which is almost a century! This proves that it has served and won the hearts of many generations and made customers out of all the age groups. Having a Franchise of such a brand becomes very easy for the unitholder to attract and build their customer base even after a few days of establishment.
  •  One of the primary advantages that an interested candidate can take benefit from is the different types of Franchise models that are offered by the brand. Usually, most of the candidates want to avoid the heavy investment required to cover all aspects of the brand and focus on a single line of menu, however, there are no multiple Franchise models offered by the brand. In the case of Moti Mahal Delux Restaurant, the brand offers more than 5 Franchise models, giving unitholders an edge over their competitors.
  •  As a unitholder, you are trained by the representatives of the brand to serve the customers and provide the hospitality that matches the level of the brand. One of the major reasons why customers love visiting the restaurants of the brand is because of their service and the hospitality that they provide. Being the unitholder of the same brand, you will attract a huge customer base for the service you provide.
  •  The brand offers unitholders around 11 different types of Franchise models and hence the investment amount for acquiring the Franchise ranges at a reasonable price and even candidates with a less budget can acquire the Franchise of the brand. The rewards or the profits received in return for the investment amount makes the brand a low-cost high-profit venture for the unitholders.

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Investment Required

As we read above, the brand has almost survived more than 100 years and has many outlets across the country. This has helped them to develop a huge brand value in the market and acquire many customers over the period of time from generation to generation. The investment cost in return for all the above benefits ranges between 30 Lakhs INR to 1 Crore INR. The investment would depend on the type of Franchise that you choose to go for. As mentioned above, the brand offers around 13 types of Franchise models and hence the investment range would depend on the type of model you go for.


To be a part of such a known brand, you are expected to maintain the decorum of their brand value and hence you need to fulfil certain eligibility criterions to acquire the Franchise. The various requirements for starting Moti Mahal Delux Franchise are mentioned as follows.

  •  The minimum area required for acquiring any type of Franchise of Moti Mahal Delux ranges between 1500 sq. ft to 5000 sq. ft. As discussed above, the brand offers 13 different types of Franchise models and hence the minimum area necessary would differ according to the type of Franchise model you choose.
  •  There is no specific mention of the minimum number of employees required at every unit, however, the same would be mentioned as you get in touch with the representatives of the brand. All the staff members are provided proper training by the brand for how to provide the best hospitality and all the other necessary obligations.

Application Process

The best and the easiest way to apply for the Franchise would be to visit the official website of the brand. Once you open the website, click on the ‘Franchise’ tab, you would be presented with the details of all the 13 types of Franchise models that are available. Upon filling the application form, you would be contacted by the brand representatives and the process would move further. The official website of the brand is mentioned as follows,


How long is the Franchise term agreement?

Does the brand provide on-field assistance?

What is the ROI for Moti Mahal Delux Franchise?

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