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MBA Chai Wala Franchise :

Chai is not only the favourite drink of every Indian citizen, but it is also the first beverage that is consumed by the masses as the first thing in the morning. With various new flavours and increasing demand for Chai, there have been many new ventures that have circled around this beverage and have generated huge profits for the entrepreneurs that have pursued their venture with Chai or rather Tea as their primary beverage. Starting a Tea Franchise outlet in India can be a very profitable opportunity for an individual, and if you are talking about Tea, one of the famous names that come to the mind is the MBA Chai Wala .

About MBA Chai Wala Franchise

The name itself is very intriguing for people who come to have a sip of tea in their daily routine. MBA Chai Wala was first started in the streets of Ahmedabad in 2017, by an MBA dropout and young student called Praful Billare. The said venture was started with just 8000 INR and in just a matter of few years, the business has made its own brand value with innovative techniques and ideas that helped them to attract customers and build a huge customer base easily with the assistance of social media and the word of mouth.

With such a huge success in almost all parts of the country, the brand has also started to maintain its presence in the international markets. MBA Chai wala started with a very small menu but now it covers almost all different flavours and types of beverages, coolers, food items, events, and so on. In the small-scale tea industry or the beverage business, MBA Chai wala has been the fastest growing and the leading Tea-selling brand in India which caught everyone’s attention within a very short span of time.

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As an individual who is aware of the scale of business that MBA Chai wala has built, we can easily grasp the various benefits or pros of having a Franchise of the same brand. However, there are also various USP’s of the brand that can help you understand the way this industry works and how you can scale your business easily in a short span of time. The various advantages of starting MBA Chai Wala Franchise are mentioned as follows.

  • The primary advantage of starting MBA Chai wala franchise is the uniqueness and the innovative idea that the brand suggests and passes on to the Franchise holders. The original and the first outlet of MBA Chaiwala gained its success with the help of organizing events and applying the trending ideas which helped it to gain instant popularity across the world. Being a franchise unit holder of the same brand, you can easily benefit from the same.

  • As mentioned earlier, MBA Chai wala is the most leading and No. 1 Tea-seller in India. It has developed a huge brand value and a customer base within a few years. The brand value of a company plays a vital role in the success of its Franchise unitholders. Tea-selling is one such business where innovative ideas and significance is not bothered by the entrepreneurs, however, MBA Chai wala has taken that game to another level, thereby creating a momentum.

  • The brand value that MBA Chai wala has created in such a short time clearly benefits a Franchise unitholder very easily. You would already have Tea enthusiasts and a readymade customer base available in your area of operations. People are always delighted to have a Tea shop in their area, especially if the one opening is a well-known and favoured brand among the tea lovers in the country as a whole.

  •  Another advantage of having a Franchise unit of MBA Chai wala is the wide range of menu that it offers to its customers. They are no longer just in the game of beverages but rather in different food items, flavours, coolers, milkshakes, and so on. This increases your target audience and helps you to earn profits not just as a Tea-seller but rather a wide range of menu.

Investment Required

Usually, the investment amount that is necessary for starting any Tea-business does not exceed more than 2 lakhs INR in today’s market. However, MBA Chai wala does not focus on the bare minimum, but rather innovative ideas and uniqueness with their brand name. It is the same reason why the investment amount required for starting MBA Chai wala Business is around 10 Lakhs INR. This amount includes the franchise fee, brand fee, the interior design fee, and also the amount necessary for renting the place where you have your own store. Although it exceeds the usual investment, it is one worth making for the profits of the future.

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Just how every contract or deal comes with certain terms and conditions, as well as rules and guidelines, there are certain requirements or rather eligibility criterions that are to be complied with by the interested candidate for acquiring the Franchise of MBA Chai wala. The various requirements for starting MBA Chai Wala Franchise are mentioned as follows.

  • For the required space to start your own operations as a Franchise unitholder of MBA Chai wala, you would need at least 200 sq. ft of area to commence your operations. As a tea-seller, the mentioned area is more than enough for starting your business, however, it also helps you to organize or hold events which have gained the brand a huge response from people.

  • Apart from the necessary points, there are no other mention of requirements by the brand officially. To know about the rest of the requirements, one would require to get in touch with the officials of the brand and get the entire detail.

Application Process

The recommended and the easiest way would be to visit the official website of MBA Chai wala and apply for the Franchise. Once you visit their website, you need to click on the ‘Franchise’ tab. On clicking the tab, you would be presented with an application form, you must fill the form with the details asked. On submitting the form, you would be contacted by the staff of MBA Chai wala within few days and if eligible the process would move further.


How many staff members are required?

What is the ideal location for MBA Chai wala Franchise unit?

Apart from the 10 Lakhs investment, are there any additional expenses?

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