How to Start a Custom Made Chocolate Making Business in India? 


If you want to start a Chocolate Manufacturing Business at home then follow this article till end so that StartupYo will guide you about the following details like is chocolate business Chocolate is profitable in India or not, what are the raw materials required, how much does it cost to start a chocolate business, manufacturing process of chocolate business, can I sell my homemade chocolate online and many more details.

Chocolate is produced from the Cacao tree seed. It is prepared from various flavors, colors. So to prepare a bar of chocolate you can create a different combination of products of food. The following are the raw materials required for chocolate business:

  • Firstly, Chocolate Flavors
  • Secondly, Chocolate Colors

The above raw materials required for Chocolate making courses can explain briefly in the following:

Chocolate Flavors :

 Chocolate Flavors is the first raw materials required for the chocolate business. There are many different types of favors that are available in the market which helps the chocolate more delicious. The different types of flavors are of the following:

  • Firstly, Spicy Flavor
  • Secondly, Sweet Flavor
  • Thirdly, Fruity Flavor

You can select any one of the above flavors and make sure that it should be accepted by your customers. With the help of research (like StartupYo) if you know to make different types of innovative flavors which favors your market in the chocolate-making industry

Chocolate Colors :
The raw materials required for chocolate business the second is the chocolate colors. To attract the customers the color makes an important role in the chocolate-making business. There are different types of colors available in the market which have a natural part & human being’s behavior like red shows love, relationship and brown shows own charm passion and many more colors. So if you add orange flavor then you need to add orange color to it. You can add different color combinations and shades also.


It does not cost much amount to start a chocolate business other than that you need to follow few instructions and they are of the following:

  • Firstly, as you’re selling consumable food product you need to maintain hygiene and be careful about your area or place or location hygiene and surroundings
  • Secondly, if you’re going to start homemade chocolate-making business then make sure that you do not cook any other food items except the chocolates
  • Thirdly, better to select commercial kitchen that registered online and one more benefit by registering as commercial kitchen is you can use that area as a restaurant during off-hours.

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Machinery required

To make chocolate business effective you need to acquire a lot of machinery. So if you don’t have enough money to purchase a lot of machinery then you no need to worry because few companies are offering an EMI option so better to choose good quality machines that favor you to get a good quality food product. The following is the machinery required for the Homemade Chocolate Making Business:

  • Firstly, Hand tools
  • Secondly, Panning
  • Thirdly, Bean bar equipment
  • After that, Chocolate refrigeration
  • Then after, Enrobing
  • Also, Refrigerator
  •  Furthermore, Weighing and Finishing
  •  Additionally, Cutters
  • Then, Melting
  • After, Tempering
  •  And, Cheese waxing machines
  • Depositing
  • Molding
  • Spinning
  • Lastly, Packing materials

Packaging your Chocolates

 The following are the important points to know about packaging your chocolates:

  • Firstly, the 01st appearance of your brand to the customer is the packaging.
  • Secondly, because customer will buy the chocolates based on chocolate external appearance.
  • Thirdly, to grow marketing of your homemade chocolate business an attractive packaging and quality of the product will favor your business .
  • After that, to increase customer base design your chocolate packaging pouch that attracts your customers.
  •  Lastly, buy the good chocolate packing machine that you can be packed which identifies your chocolate and brand.

Manufacturing Process 

The manufacturing process of chocolate is simple and easy. The following are the simple steps for the manufacturing process of chocolate:

Step – 1: Firstly, Cleaning

 Step – 2: Secondly, Roasting

Step – 3: Thirdly, Shell Removal

Step – 4: After that, Grounding Nibs

 Step – 5: Then after, Separation of Cocoa Butter

Step – 6: Also, Adding ingredients

Step – 7: Furthermore, Conching & Refining

 Step – 8: Additionally, Cooling and Reheating

Step – 9: And, Storing temporarily

Step – 10: Lastly, Shipping

The above simple steps for the manufacturing process of chocolate can be explained briefly in the following:

Cleaning is the first step in the simple steps for the manufacturing process of chocolate. In this step, to remove the following: pod pieces, other extraneous materials, and dried cocoa pulp the cocoa beans are transferred through the machine so that all the foreign materials and impurities will be extracted through vacuum.

The simple steps for the manufacturing process of chocolate the second step is the roasting. In this step, the cocoa beans are roasted at 120°C for about 01 – 02 hours which favors for the extraction of valuable component called chocolate.

Shell Removal
Shell Removal is the third step in the simple steps for the manufacturing process of chocolate. In this step, after roasting the cocoa beans are cooled immediately so that the shell of cocoa bean is removed easily.

Grounding Nibs 
The simple steps for the manufacturing process of chocolate the fourth step is grounding nibs. In this step, to make the cocoa beans paste the nibs are grounded in the grinder and transferred through the mill machine. To get cocoa butter the cocoa paste is transferred through the hydraulic pressure. The cocoa butter is melted by the generation of heat and their forms a liquid called “Chocolate Liquor”. To get bitter chocolate the chocolate liquor is poured into molds and allows it to become solid which is known as unsweetened cake of chocolate.

Separation of Cocoa Butter
The Separation of Cocoa Butter is the fifth step in the simple steps for the manufacturing process of chocolate. In this step, 80% of cocoa butter is removed by melting it at 30°C to 33 °C in room temperature so that it can be used for a long time. By the Dutch process that is the chocolate liquor of about 25 tons of weight is pumped into hydraulic press. The removed chocolate butter is used for further purposes.

Adding ingredients
The simple steps for the manufacturing process of chocolate the sixth step are adding the ingredients. In this step, the different types of ingredients are mixed with the mixer so that the homogeneous paste is formed with a pleasant taste and it is added depending upon the requirement of the customers.

Conching & Refining 
Conching & Refining is the seventh step in the simple steps for the manufacturing process of chocolate. In this step, the refining process helps the ingredients to mix well and it develops the flavors and also changes the color texture at a controlled temperature.

Cooling and Reheating 
The simple steps for the manufacturing process of chocolate the eighth step is cooling and reheating. In this step, the chocolate is slowly cooled by pouring it into the tempering machine. The chocolate uniform structure is maintained which favors in the increasing of storage life and also it helps in the prevention of separation of chocolates together.

Storing temporarily 
Storing temporarily is the ninth step in the simple steps for the manufacturing process of chocolate. In this step, using the molding machine the chocolate paste is converted into solid chocolate products or chocolate blocks for storage.

The simple steps for the manufacturing process of chocolate the last step is the shipping. In this step, the chocolate is shipped into liquid form. If they want to sell solid blocks then it should be reheated for further purpose of shipping.

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