How to Start Jeera Powder Manufacturing Business 


India is known for its spices and is often regarded as the ‘King of Spices’. India is also known to be the largest exporter of all spices in the world. No dish or food is complete without the addition of the most famous spices, the demand and craze for spices have increased among the people over the years. Businesses have started to turn their attention to settle themselves in this field by dealing and manufacturing some of the great spices. One such business is the Jeera Powder Manufacturing Business..

Jeera powder Manufacturing Business or commonly known as Cumin is one of the commonly used spices in almost every food dish in India. The Spices have their history and influence in the Indian culture way back to the early centuries. In fact, there have also been various mentions of spices in various holy books such as those of the Ramayana. Some sources claim that the ancestors used camels to move Spices regularly from Calicut, Goa, and the Orient. They even transport these spices to distant locations such as Carthage, Alexandria, and Rome. 
If we talk about the present scenario and numbers, the report of the fiscal year 2019 claims that the export value of Spices from India went to a rise of more than 231 billion INR. The Spices were exported to various countries such as Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, UAE, and so on. Jeera or rather Cumin was one of the contributing spices in the overall figure. Jeera Powder Manufacturing Business is consumed or used in almost every household, hotel, and so on, which generates massive demand in the market. 
A few instances where Jeera Powder Manufacturing Business is being used regularly in households would be as an addition in Buttermilk, various chat recipes, curd, and so on. These are items which are almost consumed on daily basis and hence the demand for the same is immense in the market. Some people also add Jeera powder in their Tea for health benefits and to reduce their weight. Let us understand the manufacturing of Jeera powder Manufacturing Business in detail. 

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Licenses Required

  • FSSAI License 
  • Firm Registration  
  • Current Bank Account 
  • Trade Mark 
  • GST Registration 
  • Trade License 
  • Business Pan Card 
  • AGMARK certification 
  • BIS certification 

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Equipment Required 

Depending on the scale of your business, that is if it is on small or large-scale, the equipment would vary. As for Raw materials you do not need any special or a long list of items, the main component would just be Jeera. However, for equipment, you would need various machines. The various equipment required is mentioned as follows. 

  • Magnetic Separator 
  • Spice Grinder 
  • Hot Air Dryer 
  • Vibratory Pre-Cleaner 
  • Bins 
  • Storage Tanks  
  • Packing Machine 
  • Sieving Machine 
  • Conveyors  
  • Miscellaneous Equipment  
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Investment Required 

There is not a major difference between a small and a medium-scale Jeera Making Business. The only difference in number would be due to the Machinery that is purchased. The total investment that would be required for starting your Jeera Powder Making Business in India is as follows.

Small Scale 50,000 to 4 lakhs
Large Scale 5 to 12 lakhs

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It is all about the machinery and the smooth process through which you can manufacture Jeera Powder Manufacturing Business at its best quality. The process generally differs according to the type of machine you use; however, the most effective process is mentioned as follows. 
Cleaning Process

That’s the basic step that you would find in most of the manufacturing processes when it comes to Spices. For Jeera Powder, you need to remove or separate all the substances or unwanted hindrances such as small pebbles, dust, sand, etc. This process can be time-consuming depending on your method. 
The next step is to get them washed, once you are done with that you need to let them dry under sunlight. The longer you let it dry, the better the quality of Jeera Powder, however, if you continue the drying process without a proper cleaning process, then it may lead to an increase in bacteria which will disrupt the process. 
Roasting and Grinding Process 
Once you have ensured that the proper amount of time has been passed in the drying process, the next step is to get them roasted. This is a crucial step where extra caution has to be taken, it is the roasting process that decides the aroma, colour, and taste of the powder. Once the process is complete, you can use a grinding machine to grind the Jeera into powder form. 
Grading and Sieving  
Your Jeera Powder is ready by this stage, the next step is the inclusion of all the details, proportions, the flavour, colour, density, shape, size, etc. This leads us to the next step which is the sieving process. It is to ensure through this step that the Mesh size of Jeera powder is uniform. 
Packaging Process 

Usually, there is no need to mention about the packaging process, however, for your Jeera Powder to be fresh and have its quality maintained you need to use packaging materials that are the most suitable for every band. You can explore options such as gas release valves, hang holes, heavy-duty zipper tops, and so on. Once you have your required quantity of Jeera powder you can pack them in a polythene bag and use the sealing machine to seal the deal.  

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Jeera Powder is one of the most commonly consumed and exported Spices all across the world. India is the leading exporter when it comes to spices and hence it is a profitable business opportunity. The process of manufacturing Jeera powder includes the Cleaning process, drying process, roasting & grinding process, grading & sieving, and the packaging process.

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