Best business ideas after the lockdown

Overview of Best business ideas after lockdown

Okay, let’s be honest, guessing we can all agree to the fact that this COVID-19 has been as annoying as those credit card sales calls. They’re unwanted and uncalled for and it’s keeping our business’s line on hold.

Moreover, The Purchasing Manager Index PMI of the service sector crashed to an all-time low of 5.4 from 49.3 and the PMI of the manufacturing sector to 27.4 from a booming 51.8. Even worse, amid the coronavirus pandemic about 121.5 million Indians have lost their jobs. We know and we resonate with you.

And that’s why we are going to do the best of our bit for you to recover from everything you’ve been through so that you are able to do everything you’d planned to. We at startupYo have got these ideas for you so that you get all started up and about.

Take a look at these business ideas, how they get along with your pre-existing knowledge, and pick up your target consumers to cater to once this lockdown is done locking us down.

Best business ideas after lockdown

1. Corrugated cartons and boxes

All the delivery-oriented platforms like e-commerce: amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. courier services FedEx, DTDC, etc. have been able to survive for a long and especially now amid the coronavirus when safety and precautions to contain its spread is of immense importance, boxes in which the parcels are shipped, dispatched and delivered which are the cardboard cartons and boxes play a crucial role.

Deliveries involve:

  • Documents
  •  Clothes and apparel
  • Toys
  • Household equipment etc

These boxes not only help in the safekeeping of the parcel but is a profitable business to enter into because of the convenience it provides in making a no-contact delivery where the box could just be left on the doorstep of the consumers.

Investment: 1 lakh – 1.5 lakh

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2. Health-friendly snacks business

The need of consumers amid the pandemic to pass their time led them to have an active lifestyle of working out, exercising, maintaining a diet, etc, and of others to others to quit snacking on junk.

Either way, the market for health-friendly snacks like those below, is huge because of the demand from those who prefer maintaining their physique as well as those who want to make a physique.

  • Baked chips
  • Puffed snacks
  • Nut based snacks
  • Low-fat-based snacks
  • Fiber-based cookies and biscuits

Moreover, the emergence of Westernization and shifting consumption patterns of consumers also contribute to this market.

Investment: 10 lakhs

3. FRP ( Fiberglass reinforced plastics ) boxes or Food delivery boxes

This virus has surely put a lock on us enjoying that restaurant vibe for fancy luncheons and dinner evenings but the restaurant and food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, etc

These are seen doing their least yet best when it comes to letting us enjoy the food of our favorite spaces we crave which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible without those FRP boxes which help in keeping the food warm, safe, and fresh

These boxes are used in the delivery of

  • Pizzas
  • Cakes
  • Vegetables
  • Sushi
  • Meat
  • Fish

The market for food delivery has become so vast that Swiggy, which once used to deliver 700000 orders per day in 2019 now delivers 1,4 million orders per day and these FRP boxes made that happen

Investment: 20 lakhs-30 lakhs

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4. Sanitizers making business

The need for this product in this particular has been more than ever and will be so in the coming years. Because of sanitizer’s capability to kill the virus-spread germs within as less as 30 seconds and contain the virus from spreading this product has become a must-have for every individual like their mobile phones, can’t do without.

The sanitizer market can be captured in the form of manufacturing

  • Pocket-sized sanitizer bottles
  • Shelf size bottles
  • Area sanitizing liquid
  • Spray based sanitizers

In fact, the sanitizing market of India is expected to witness a growth of 405 million dollars between 2020-2025.

Investment: 1 lakh – 5 lakh

5. Face masks making business

Confused about which face mask now? Well, blame covid-19 for that. But the face masks we are talking about are beauty-oriented, skin-hydrating face masks.

Because of the growing need for the no-make-up look, free time on hands, and the desire to adopt healthy-looking and glowing skin the demand for these face masks have been actively spreading out in both the male and female population, Beauty has no gender, does it?

This market is vast because of westernization in the skin care standards, always popping beauty trends and are likely to exist for a while now.

The types of face masks that can be manufactured are:

  • Cream face masks
  • Gel face masks
  • Sheet face masks
  • Clay face masks
  • Exfoliating face masks
  • Serum face masks
  • Essence face masks
  • Oil-based face masks

In fact, the global face mask market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.2%, and its market value is estimated to hit a high of 11.37 billion dollars by 2025

Investment: 10 lakhs – 20 lakhs

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This pandemic did put you on hold but now it’s the time for you to pull up your socks and start small, start from here.

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