How to Start Big mart retail franchise

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How to Start Big mart retail franchise



Big mart- Bigger franchise opportunity


Supermarket franchises are like the Parle-G of the Biscuit industry in India. The growth in supermarkets retail chains in India has been so astonishing and so fast paced that its number increased from just 500 in 2006 to 8500 supermarkets in 2016


One of such franchises is Big Mart. It is a super store based in LA, California. It it’s an online food and grocery store has over 22000 products with over 1200 brand in its catalogue to offer to its customers


How would you want to take advantage of this plush Grocery store franchise ?


About Big Mart


Big mart, is an international brand which started its journey from America in 2007. It’s a departmental and convenience store retail chain.

It entered India via franchise model in 2017 in Kolkata. It started its first franchising concept “shop from home” from Delhi NCR which is now an “outlet store”


Facts about Big mart (India)


  • Industry             : Retail
  • Headquarters   : Kolkata
  • Type                   : public company
  • Company size   : 201-500 employees


Products offered by Big Mart retail


  • Grocery products
  • Dairy products
  • Organic products
  • Bakery food
  • Frozen food
  • Free home delivery


Everything you need to know about Big mart retail franchise


Unique selling point (USP): The unique selling point of this franchise is as follows

  • Wide range of products from grocery to phone and mobile recharges
  • Attractive prices and high quality products
  • Availability of routine products which cause a routine demand


Business model of Big mart franchise


 Value proposition: The value which this retail chain franchise is likely to provide to you is

  • Perk of being an international brand
  • Wide range of variety from groceries to magazines mobile recharges
  • High profit margins


Target consumers: The target consumers of this franchise opportunity are:

  • Middle income level population
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Retail stores
  • Households
  •  Millennials


Competitor review: The competitors to your franchise model are

  • Spencer’s
  • Ratnadeep
  • Big bazar
  • 7 eleven


Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy that is implemented by big mart is

  • Hoardings
  • Billboards
  • Sponsorships
  • Festive discounts and offers


Benefits of starting a big mart franchise is


Benefit of an international franchise: By taking up this franchise you are likely to enjoy the benefit of being a part of an international brand


Brand name: Being a part of a Big mart franchise you are likely to enjoy the customer loyalty and trust this supermarket store has gained over the years getting you massive sales and demand


Benefits of essential commodity: This franchise opportunity is likely to get you an opportunity that deals you in essential commodity which is likely to remain unaffected irrespective of political, global instabilities


Large target customer base: This franchise opportunity brings you the demand from the majorly populated consumer base of India that is the middle and working class because of its wide range of products it offers


Assistance by Big mart: The assistance provided my big mart is another benefit and which is as follows

  • Company bears all the expenses related to the operational work
  • Company pays 1% minimum guaranteed income to the franchise on the total investment cost
  • Company will pay the operation bills : electricity, water bill etc
  • Marketing support etc


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What are the requirements and qualifications for the big mart franchise




  • Space requirement


Franchise typeSpace requirement ( in sq ft)
1. State1000
2. District1000
3. FOCO model based300
4. Delivery franchise100




  • People who have an ambition to be entrepreneurs
  • Have the ability to full-time invest in the venture
  • Are innovative and customer oriented
  • Standard franchise agreement
  • Rental/lease agreement
  • Franchise in a prime location


Investment required to set up a Big mart franchise


Franchise typeInvestment Brandfranchise fee RoyaltyCommission
1) FOCO model₹19 lakhs₹5 lakh10%
2) State vise₹50 lakh-₹1 crore₹10 lakh5%
3) City vise₹30 lakhs-₹50 lakh₹8 lakh3%
4) Delivery₹5 lakh  


Profits made from a big mart franchise


The profits one is likely to earn from a big mart franchise is as follows

  • Income on sale – ₹3 lakh per month
  • Fixed income on investment- ₹ 25000


How to apply for a Big mart franchise


One can apply for a big mart franchise

  • Either by visiting the official website of  Big mart and filing out the application for the franchise registration


  • Or by contacting big mart through it’s official contact number or email address and addressing the query to seek the procedure of a big mart franchise applicationText Here

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