How to Start Vakrangee Franchise in India ?


Any Venture which is undertaken by an entrepreneur or an individual involves huge capital, time, planning, dedication, hard work, and many such qualities. The primary benefit which arrives from acquiring a Franchise of a brand is the brand value that is associated with the brand over the years. However, selecting the right brand for taking its Franchise is also an important decision to make. Vakrangee Franchise is one such brand that offers almost all the services and constituents of different fields or industries under one roof. Let us have a glance at the details of the Vakrangee Franchise.

The Company was founded in the year 1990 and operates with all the latest and ongoing Technological advances. One of their unique selling points is that the brand operates or provides multiple types of services under one roof making things easier for the customer at large. Apart from being a logistics company, the brand also offers various other services such as ATM, E-Commerce services, BFSI, etc. Apart from such services, they offer digital Franchise which gives business owners the opportunity to sell multilevel products to the customers and earn commissions.

They cover more than 6000 Postal Codes in the country and have their presence maintained in more than 30 states. The brand claims to have more than 10000 + Kendra’s all across the country and all are technology-driven units that are updated and advanced. Their goal is to set up more than 25000 + Kendra’s in the coming time and keeps expanding their business. One of the unique benefits which are offered by Vakrangee Franchise is that the Franchise owners have nothing to worry about the inventory part of the business. The business model operates on the basis of the ‘No inventory’ model and hence the Franchise owners don’t need any additional space for storing any inventory. 

Types of Kendras

Vakrangee Franchise offers the interested candidate with different types of Kendras or rather different types of Franchise models which they can choose from. The different Kendras offered are mentioned as follows.

1. Gold Kendra

The most beneficial and the type of model which would require more capital compared to the other models is Gold Kendra. Compared to other Kendras, Gold Kendra has 4 counters in the unit and also one owner’s desk. These are the mandatory requirements or the constituents for every unit that is a Gold Kendra. The four counters include Banking related Equipment, E-Governance & other services, E-Commerce & Logistics Kit, Insurance & Logistics Kit, Insurance & Financial Services, and Common Infrastructure. The minimum area required for having a Gold Kendra is around 300 sq. ft.

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2. Silver Kendra 

The next type of Franchise or model which is offered by the brand after Gold Kendra is Silver Kendra. Compared to Gold Kendra, Silver Kendra offers less benefits but it can also be initiated with less capital than Gold Kendra. A Silver Kendra has two counters and ATM, these two counters are related to Banking related equipment, and the 2nd counter consists of all the other services that come under the wing of Silver Kendra. Thus, in Silver Kendra it lowers the scope of profits and commissions that can be earned by the business owner but it also lowers the amount of investment and the risk taken by the individual.

3. Bronze Kendra 

A Bronze Kendra is the last type of Franchise or model which is being offered by the Vakrangee brand. This type of Franchise offers the least type of benefits when compared with Gold and Silver Kendra. However, the upside is that the investment amount which is required for Bronze Kendra is very less and can be initiated easily. A Bronze Kendra has just one counter and ATM in its unit and all the services which come under the wing of Bronze Kendra are provided through that specific counter. The minimum area requirement for setting up a Bronze Kendra is just 65 sq. ft.

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Investment Required

Vakrangee Franchise offers multiple services under one roof, making the venture successful and profitable for both, the Franchise owners as well as the customers. As we discussed above, the brand offers interested candidates with three different models or different types of Franchise which are Gold Kendra, Silver, and Bronze Kendra. Hence, the investment amount would differ for every individual according to the type of Franchise he/she wishes to go for. However, considering an average investment, the capital required would lay between 4 Lakhs INR to 6.5 Lakhs INR. The investment amount ranges as per the location and the type of model you choose.


  • As the brand offers three different types of models for all the individuals that wish to acquire the Franchise, the requirements also differ for the same. Most of the models have the same type of requirements, the most common of them are mentioned as follows. 

  • One of the common questions is if the unit would require additional space for the storage of inventory. However, in the case of Vakrangee Franchise, you do not require any additional type of storage, as the brand deals in zero inventory concept.  

  • Depending on the type of model that you select, the minimum area required for your unit would vary. For example, if you plan for Gold Kendra, the minimum area required is 300 sq. ft, for Silver Kendra, it is 150 sq. ft, and lastly, for Bronze Kendra, the minimum area required goes for 65 sq. ft.

  • There is no specific mention of any prior experience which is to be required by business owners for acquiring the Franchise of Vakrangee, however, the staff members should be trained thoroughly.

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Application Process

The process to apply for Vakrangee Franchise is very simple, one can just visit their official website and fill in the application form which is being mentioned on their page with the appropriate details. Once the application form is submitted, you are contacted by the representatives of the brand. The official website of Vakrangee is as follows

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