10 Best Ways to Use WhatsApp to Grow Your Business


How to Use WhatsApp to Grow Your Business

Over the years, be it a small business or a large organization, every business owner has realized and acknowledged the significance of building a network and customer relationship management. In the traditional market or the traditional ways of marketing, it is difficult to maintain either of those things. However, modern problems require modern solutions, now businesses can build customer networks and maintain decent relations through various social media platforms and mediums. One such popular medium, which everyone makes use of is WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Business?

You must have come across at least one WhatsApp contact of yours that would have a business profile and a professional WhatsApp account. The themes and changes that you see on that chat are because that person has installed and is a user of the WhatsApp Business application. Most of the businesses who plan to grow their business with WhatsApp, make use of this application which offers them unique features, thereby assisting them in their business. If you have plans for promoting your business with WhatsApp, downloading this application is a must.

10 Ways to Grow Your Business with WhatsApp 

Apart from WhatsApp Business API, which may charge you minimum amounts after 24 hours, you can also take advantage of the free WhatsApp version used by everyone and consume it in your favour. All it takes to take optimum advantage of WhatsApp for the growth of your business are creative ideas and strategies. We shall discuss about the same in this article, along with the regular updates that can help you to create a network and maintain good relations.  
1. Creating Specific-Target Groups 
We are all added to tons of groups, they are either family groups, friends’ groups, school-batch groups, office groups, and so on. How about creating a targeted group and pitching them about your products periodically? This does not mean that you should add everyone and spam the group with messages and photos. It means periodically updating them with your products, benefits, etc. Remember, you should only add people who would be interested in your product, adding to just increase the numbers may result in spam.  
2. Creating Broadcast Lists 
This is one of the coolest and most useful features of WhatsApp which you can use to your advantage. This would be effective on your existing customers and even on your potential customers. You can create 2 broadcasts, one for each of them, and post the content accordingly. For existing customers, you can talk about your other products and your other services, and for potential customers, you can talk about why they should resort to your products or services. 
3. Uploading Status 
Images and short videos can be a great way to attract customers and promote your business. With WhatsApp’s feature related to uploading Status, you can upload attractive images, posts, short videos that are related to your business or that may help you to close a sale. However, you should not spam your WhatsApp status with too many updates, go slow and maintain consistency.

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 4. Taking Feedbacks 
With WhatsApp, it becomes quite easy to ask one of your customers to write short feedback of their experience regarding your product or services. This attempt would not just gain you more feedbacks but you can also take screenshots of these feedbacks on post it on your WhatsApp status, thereby promoting your business. 
5. Maintaining Interactions 
One of the main reasons why businesses lose existing or loyal customers is because of a lack of interaction or communication gap. With WhatsApp as a medium, you can now communicate or interact with all of your customers with a simple message. Interacting does not mean to just promote your business, it also means to develop strong and long-term relations, this in turn would drive your sales automatically.  
6. Using WhatsApp for Giveaway 
This is a good business tactic to be used if you are using WhatsApp as your medium. Remember the Broadcast List and Target-specific groups that we discussed earlier? You can throw giveaways related to your products or services, and create massive interaction with your customers and the people added to your group. This would tempt the non-winners to at least try out your product or services once. It is a really effective strategy that one should adopt.  
7. Demos of your Product

Another way to effectively use your WhatsApp status and groups is to share a few videos that reflect some effective demo of your product. Demos create a really good impact on the customers and with the help of WhatsApp and its features you can use this opportunity to its fullest and possibly attract some consumers, creating some buzz and sealing a deal or a sale for your business.  
8. Offering Discounts and Deals 
You can try out this tactic only after it has been a few weeks or a month since you are in touch with your customers or have created some group. First, you need to build relations, and only then you should start offering good discounts or some good deal to your customers. Offering the same to random people or contacts in the group would not get you many results. Hence you should play the game of patience for this tactic. 
9. Collaborating with Other Businesses 
If you feel the use of WhatsApp is quite new for you or if it is not providing you with the desired results, then it would be best to collaborate with other businesses that have recently set up their business on WhatsApp. However, make sure that their business is not totally different from you, or the planning may fail. 
10. Real-Time Service 
Through WhatsApp, you are not just giving a personal touch to your business but you are also able to offer Real-Time service to your customer. You can solve their doubts, guide them over the product, and so on. It’s the biggest advantage of using WhatsApp.


Along with other Social media platforms, WhatsApp can be used to promote and grow your business well. You can use WhatsApp to your advantage by Creating Specific-target groups, broadcast lists, uploading status, taking feedbacks, creating interactions, giveaways, demos of your product, offering discounts and deals, collaborating with businesses, and Real-time service.

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