What is LinkedIn? How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing?

Overview of LinkedIn

The primary aim of every business owner is to create brand value for their small or large-scale business. One of the effective ways to develop the brand value of a business and reach a vast, targeted audience is through the use of social media platforms. There are various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc, through which businesses are creating their brand’s presence and making optimum usage of the given platform. One of the professional and widely used platforms among the above is LinkedIn.

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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is considered to have the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. This platform is majorly used to find internships, jobs, connect, and get acquainted with professionals and similar audiences where you can learn from them and strengthen the relationship. It helps you to showcase your skills, your brand’s products, your talent, and so on.

Why Should you use LinkedIn for Marketing? 

As we read above, there are many platforms available to market and promote your brand, many different alternatives that one can go for instead of LinkedIn. Below mentioned are a few of the reasons why you should consider using LinkedIn for marketing.

No budget 
New businesses and Start-ups Companies avoid marketing due to a lack of capital or budget. If their campaign fails then they may lose their much-needed capital. However, in the case of LinkedIn, you do not need any setup fees, it is very easy to create an account on LinkedIn, understand its basics, and start creating your brand name on the platform.

Helps to boost your business 
This social media platform helps people to grow their connections and business. It also exposes your business to millions of people which helps to build a professional relationship and boost your brand value. It gives you an opportunity to promote your business among the ones who have similar interests with regard to your brand.

Professional Connections  
Ever searched for a platform where you can build and connect with professionals in a particular field? LinkedIn is known for its ability to help you connect with people who are professional or people who match the criteria which you are looking for. You cannot find and build professional connections on other platforms.

Tips for Effective Marketing Ideas through LinkedIn 

After realizing the importance and the advantages of using LinkedIn as a social media platform to promote your business, the next step is to understand the various ways and tricks through which you can market your business. There are various ways through which you can attract an audience on LinkedIn, the few of the effective ways are mentioned as follows.

Use Hashtags 

To reach a wide and relevant audience, it is important that you use hashtags in all the content that you post. When it comes to LinkedIn, it is recommended to use hashtags up to 5 or 7, anything more than that may disrupt the algorithm that works. Using hashtags would help the algorithm to understand the type of audience that would find your post interesting.

Growing your Email List

If you are promoting your business on social media platforms then you would have already realized the importance of having your own Email list. Since LinkedIn offers only professional contacts, you can use it to your advantage by drafting a good message which explains your business and where you can get the Email Id of the other person. This can help you to generate leads through your Email List.

High-Quality Content Creation

The easiest way to build a professional connection on LinkedIn and stand out among others is by uploading high-quality content on LinkedIn. Your content does not have to be focused on your business but also something which would be of help to the people. In a nutshell, the content you post should be useful for people and it should also have quality.

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LinkedIn Stories

If you have heard about Instagram stories, it is generally to create an engagement with your followers. In the same manner, you can use LinkedIn stories to create an engagement with your audience and interact with them on a professional as well as a personal basis. LinkedIn stories can also be used to share high-quality images that are related to your brand and which would catch the eye of your LinkedIn connections.

Joining LinkedIn Groups

This is an important tactic that can help you to build easy and instant connections with people who are related to your field and who match your interests. You can join relevant LinkedIn groups and stay active on such groups by sharing your viewpoint which should be unique and also helpful for other people. The major advantage of being a part of LinkedIn groups is collaborating with other LinkedIn users who may assist you in growing.

Using Sponsored Updates  

One of the paid advertisements on LinkedIn is the use of Sponsored updates. There are many businesses that use these advertisements to push their post on the feeds of the relevant audiences. You can either go for pay-per-click or pay-per-1000 impressions. Either way, this tactic and the results it offers, help you to reach a relevant and serious audience on LinkedIn.

Keep Adding Connections and Build Relations

This is the most organic way to market on LinkedIn. You need to stay active on the platform and keep building new connections and maintain good relations with them over time. You should not be too clingy or fast on selling or marketing your brand, go slow and build the relations smoothly. Even if you have a huge audience, keep up the pace and keep building more connections.


LinkedIn is considered to be the world’s largest platform to connect with professionals. A few tips for using LinkedIn to market your business are using Hashtags, building your Email List, high-quality content creation, using LinkedIn stories, joining LinkedIn groups, using sponsored updates, and making new connections & building relations with them.

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