How to Start Jagwonder Franchise in India ?

Jagwonder Franchise Overview

There are various aspects in a business that an entrepreneur has to consider before starting his or her own venture. There are various Franchise opportunities available to choose from, however, there are very few brands and industries that amount to a successful business. However, what about a business opportunity that provides you an evergreen success throughout time and change of trends? Most businesses fail because of their lack of ability to sustain in the changing environment. Jagwonder Franchise deals in the business of Jaggery which gives you the advantage to maintain your sales graph even with the changing business world.

Jagwonder brand is a part of Sangola Agro Pvt ltd, which has its headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra. The brand had its forming in the year 2005 by Mr. Bandu Pawar who has 16 years of professional experience in the said field. Mr. Bandu Pawar is a known entrepreneur who scaled down the processing cost of Jaggery making by Rs. 750 per ton of sugar can be processed. Jagwonder Franchise being backed up by the same personality offers Franchise owners with various opportunities and scope for success.

One of the unique features of Jagwonder Franchise is that they offer and sell Jaggery in the form of cubes. Unlike other Jaggery brands, Jagwonder Franchise offers Jaggery in cube form which maintains the taste and the quality of their product. It is the only brand which has focused more and developed their own brand value in the market. Jagwonder Franchise deals with four different types of Jaggery packaging, 40 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1 kg. Their jaggery has a shelf life of around 1 year, which is the highest seen shelf life for any type of Jaggery in the market.

Advantages of Acquiring Jagwonder Franchise in India

Apart from the quality of the product, there are various factors that come into play for the success and sustainability of the Jagwonder Franchise. Franchise owners are exposed to various benefits when they deal with Jagwonder Franchise. The various advantages which one may get are mentioned as follows.

  • The brand value of Jagwonder Franchise has all the credits since it is the only well-known brand in the jaggery market. A major reason behind the brand developing its value is getting backed by the two patents which Mr. Bandu Pawar holds. These patents are with regard to the automatic jaggery making system or the process.

  • Jagwonder Franchise offers its jaggery in different packaging which we discussed above. The jaggery available is in a cubic form which is natural and chemical-free when compared to other jaggeries which are available in the market. Apart from that it is also 100% edible, free from impurities, and easy to store and use.

  • Another advantage that the Franchise owners can benefit from is the shelf life of the Jaggery cubes. It is said that Jagwonder Franchise‚Äôs Jaggery has a shelf life of around one year. This helps the franchise owners to store or stock the goods in bulk without worrying about the diminishing quality of their Jaggery. This also helps them to develop repetitive customers who would gladly purchase jaggery which has a good quality and taste to offer.

  • Usually in the Franchise business, Franchise holders are expected to stock and hold the goods or products as well as deliver them to the customers. In Jagwonder Franchise, you do not require to hold any stock or engage in inventory management, the company directly delivers the products to the customer upon receiving your request. Hence, you require no warehouse, no transportation, and no inventory management.

Investment required

As we discussed above, Jagwonder Franchise is backed with 2 patents with regard to the Jaggery making process, this makes one wonder about the Franchise cost which would be required. Jagwonder Franchise offers a low investment high-profit model to the interested business owners. The Franchise fee is around 50,000 INR + GST, which sums the Franchise fee to around 59,000 INR. Along with the Franchise fee, the business owners are also required to have an initial purchase of around 1 lakhs worth of Jaggery from the brand. To sum up, the investment which you would require is around 1.5 Lakhs INR along with the usual expenses.

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For being eligible to acquire a Franchise of a particular brand, you are required to fulfil certain requirements. In the case of the Jagwonder Franchise there are no special criteria to be fulfilled, a few of the requirements are mentioned as follows.

  • The required area for setting up a unit of Jagwonder Franchise around 100 sq. ft. Since the business does not require you to hold or deal in inventory management, even 100 sq. ft. of area suffice. The place where you set up the unit can be your own or rented.

  • The brand has the condition that for every district only one Franchise is allotted. Hence, you need to ensure that the area where you plan to set up your unit does not have any other Franchise holder. This gives you an advantage as you hold a monopoly in a particular district.

  • There is no specific mention of the necessary staff members which are needed in a particular unit. However, the company provides all the support and training which the franchise holders or the staff members require for starting their business and scaling their profits.

Application Process

The next part is the procedure to apply for the Jagwonder Franchise. The process is very simple, one may go to their official website and check the mentioned details. In one of the many tabs, you would find a Franchise form, once you fill the form and mention all your details, the representatives of the brand would contact you and take the process further. The website of the brand also recommends business owners to read the book by Mr. Bandu Pawar which is related to Jaggery. The official website of Jagwonder Franchise is mentioned as follows,

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