How to Start 3Meds Franchise in India ?


After the emergence of pandemic and lockdown, the healthcare sector received an incredible significance and demand altogether. People began to opt for the method of buying the required medicines through an online process or rather through websites that offered them good prices and free delivery offers at their doorstep. Stepping out of the house and buying the prescribed medicines over the counter had decreased gradually. This led to a boost for businesses dealing in the health industry, especially in medicines. One of the well-known and emerging companies, launched in recent years is 3Meds Franchise. The details and the benefits of acquiring a 3Meds Franchise are given below.

As we already discussed, 3Meds Franchise is a new brand that was established recently, in the year 2021. Although it was incorporated recently, 3Meds has already developed a huge customer base, compared to other brands in the same industry during their initial years. The system of 3Meds, especially the online portal and the buying pattern is well-supported and a smooth process for the customers, which makes it more reliable and consumer-friendly at the same time. The main objective of the company is to act as a one-stop solution for all the customers when it comes to the health sector.  

The brand acts as an intermediary between the pharmacy stores all across the nation and the customers at large. The best part about 3Meds is that all the pharmacies that have partnered with the brand or all the medicines that are channelled through the brand come only from licensed pharmacists. With their motto of ‘Meds @ Doorstep’, the brand provides free delivery of the medicines purchased through their portal at the doorstep of every customer, with all the efficient tracking system and good customer service support.

Benefits of Acquiring 3Meds Franchise

  • For a business owner to go for a brand that has been newly established in the market is a tough decision to go for. However, the very benefits of a particular brand help an individual to clear the doubt and confusion shrouded in their mind regarding the brand. The various benefits of acquiring the same are as follows. 

  • One of the significant benefits of associating with the brand or acquiring its Franchise is that it is a growing operation or to put it in simple words, it is a newly established brand that promises a good future and progress. This gives a business owner an opportunity to be one of the early associates of the brand and ripe the benefits in the future if the brand goes big. 

  • Usually, every Franchise requires of you to have a minimum investment amount of 2 lakhs INR. However, for 3Meds, a person can acquire the Franchise for as low as 3999 INR. That is one of the best and noteworthy benefits that is provided by the brand to business owners. This strategy enables many business owners who are short on capital to start this business. 

  • For a business owner, the convenience of their customer base is the primary objective to get the business running. Through partner code, which is provided to the Franchise owners, a customer can avail a discount of as high as 23 %, if we also include E-payments/ Furthermore, the Franchise owners do not have to spend anything on maintaining the stocks. 

  • Lastly, in the case of 3Meds Franchise, the business owners do not have any upper limit or a maximum number which they can earn. The Franchise owners in fact have a right to deliver and sell the products in any part of the country, thereby giving them the opportunity to expand their business in the country.

Investment Required

As we already discussed above, the Franchise of the 3Meds brand can be started for as low as 3999 INR. The commission rates depend on the type of partner plans that is chosen by the business owner. For an investment plan of 3999, the commission rate is 3%, for 4999, the commission rate is 5%, and for a partner plan of 5999, the commission offered is 6% by the brand. 

Let us further understand how 3Meds operates or how the Franchise works in a nutshell. 

  • The first step is the customer visiting the website of 3Meds and looking for some medicines. Once they select their medicines, they are required to upload their prescription, the brand does not let the customer checkout if the prescription is not uploaded. 

  • Once the customer has selected all the medicines, they can add the ‘Partner code’ which is provided to a Franchise owner and which can be shared, this allows them to get more discount.

  • Once the partner code is entered, the customer receives an OTP and the payment is made on the website and finally, the order is placed. Once the order is delivered, the Franchise partner gets paid their commission for the same. 

  •  In fact, the brand also allows the Franchise partner to track and view the details of the order and check the progress. This allows the Franchise owner to have their business running smoothly without having to worry about the holding of the stock of medicines. The stock is maintained by the brand itself and delivered by them to the customer.

Application Process

The process of applying for the 3Meds Franchise is simple than the other brands. One has to simply visit the official website of the brand and look out for a tab which says contact us or partner with us. Once clicked on the tab, the viewer would be provided with a form that would ask for his/her details. Once the details are filled in and the application is submitted, one has to wait patiently for any response from the brand. The representatives of the brand would be contacting the individual and the process moves on further as per the directions from the representatives of the brand. The official website of 3Meds is as follows.

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