How to Start NIIT Franchise in India ?


Franchise Business has been every entrepreneur’s first choice when thinking to start a business of their own. The primary intention to start a Franchise business is to acquire and take advantage of the brand value or the goodwill of an already-established brand in the market. A few of the industries where Franchisee always has their eyes on is the Fast-food industry, medical industry, Food industry, etc. One of the ever-growing and lasting industries in the market that many entrepreneurs are turning towards is the education sector. And when we talk about the education sector, the first brand which shines over the others is NIIT Limited.

Established in the year 1981, NIIT Limited has become the top-notch brand in the Skills and Development sector. The company offers Franchise unitholders and its customers with a network of more than 3500 + centres which flourishes across more than 40 + countries in the world. It is considered as India’s Leading Global Talent Development corporation, whose main focus is to facilitate the growth and understand the needs of an individual’s and corporate’s digital transformation segment. As per the recent data, the company has touched more than 45 million Learners or users on a global basis.

The various aspects where the company has its primary focus is IT, Finance and Insurance, Banking, Vocational skills, Business process management, Professional Life skills, and so on. All of these aspects are very crucial for corporate giants, especially for their employees and that is how the company has developed many corporate clients over the years. Their operations can be channeled into three different sectors, Skills and Careers Group, Corporate Learning Group, and the School Learning group. It offers its services and programs to both, small and large-scale enterprises.

Advantages of NIIT Franchise

The biggest advantage of acquiring NIIT Franchise is that the brand belongs to one of the fastest-growing industries in the market, i.e., the education sector. However, apart from the above benefit, there are various other benefits that the unitholders can benefit from and are mentioned as follows.

  •  The primary advantage of having an NIIT Franchise is the aftereffects of the goodwill that the brand has developed over these years. It was ranked as India’s Most Trusted Education Brand by Economic Times Brand Equity survey in 2011. Following that milestone, it also received the Best franchisor award by Franchise India and was also awarded as Best Education Company to Work with. Another milestone reached by the brand was Franchisor of the Year in Education: Information Technology by Franchise Plus Magazine in 2010.

  •  One of the essential aspects that a brand can have to strengthen the growth and sales of its own and also benefit its Franchise unitholders is the network that it has. NIIT Franchise has more than 3500 + centres in more than 40 + countries in the world. Such a strong network makes it easy for the unitholders to bolster themselves in the hour of need and scale their business very easily.

  •  As a Franchise unitholder, in most cases, you do not require to market your business on a huge scale as the brand value of the company suffices for that part. However, NIIT Limited provides you all the assistance and advertisement support that even extends to national as well as international levels of marketing. This helps you to understand the core working and scaling of a company as a unitholder.

  •  The future of the country in the Education sector is something of a national interest and the point of focus. With the advancement in the technology, more and more innovations and revised courses are required. NIIT Limited has always been a step ahead in all the fields and hence it becomes the first preference for many students.

Investment Required

Being the leading brand in the Skills and development sector and has been awarded with these many awards, the investment amount required for starting NIIT Franchise is quite less as compared to the benefits that are received in return. The investment amount would vary upon the unitholder’s choice of Franchise. The usual amount required to start the business is around 15 to 20 Lakhs INR. However, the same amount can also extend up to 40 Lakhs INR if a wider area is used for the unit and the number of students that are enrolled in the unit.

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As a Franchise unitholder of the brand, you are required to follow certain guidelines and pass the various eligibility criterions to qualify. The various requirements necessary for acquiring NIIT Franchise are mentioned as follows.

  •  As discussed above, the investment amount necessary for starting the business would vary upon the campus, or the area that has been set up by the unitholder. NIIT Limited recommends having an area that ranges between 1500 to 3000 sq. ft. A wider area gives you more opportunity to engage in different courses and enrol more students.

  •  The interested candidate should at the very least be a graduate and have the capacity to invest 50% to 60% of the total project cost. The individual should also have a minimum of 1 year of experience in the middle-level management, be a first-time entrepreneur, and be self-employed in his/her business.

  •  NIIT Limited keeps its unitholders updated with all the recent training, they organize free programs and training with regard to marketing, counselling, etc. NIIT Limited also provides all the necessary marketing support that is necessary.

Application Process

The official and easiest way of applying for NIIT Franchise is to visit the official website of the brand. The website would provide all the necessary details that are necessary for the interested candidates to understand. You would be presented with an application form, on the filing of the form, you would be contacted by the representatives of the brand and the process of acquiring NIIT Franchise would move further. The official website of NIIT Franchise is mentioned as follows.


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