5 Best Profitable Momo Franchises In India 

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Over the past decade, one of the only industries that have seen a boom or rather have been in a major demand is the fast-food industry. Indians have a knack for trying out different fast-food items and savour the taste that it gives. One such fast-food item that topped the list is Momos. Momos were introduced recently in India and since then it has become the most favored fast-food item for the masses. For a fast-food item that has topped the list, there are many different brands that are known to be the best Momo franchise in the country

Advantages of Acquiring a Momo Franchise

As we are aware, Momos is just another item in the fast-food industry that has been in the spotlight. However, there are various advantages of starting a Momo Franchise rather than another fast-food item. All such advantages are listed as follows.

  • As compared to other fast-food items, Momos is still seen to be a new type of fast-food item by the people. Various flavours of Momos have won the acknowledgement of many people and have urged them to consume it.

  • Starting a Momo Franchise of a well-established brand would grant an individual a head starts in the business. With the credibility and experience that would be gained by running a franchise business, the individual would have a better insight about the market.

  •  Momos is one of the best fast-food items that offers a high profit low-cost business model. The cost required for making and serving the Momos is very less as there is very less management required. However, on the other hand, the profit that could be earned from such a venture is on a greater scale.

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Top 5 Momo Franchises

Setting up your own business of Momos would not turn out to be as successful as it would be by acquiring the franchise of one of the popular brands that are known for Momos. An individual, by being a unitholder can take the advantage of the brand value that has been developed by the Franchise over the years.

However, with such a tough hustle and competition in the market, it becomes very difficult to choose the right brand that has less investment and high returns for its unitholders. The fast-food sector, especially for Momos, holds great potential in the market, however, the same cannot be achieved by an individual unless he/she has acquired the Franchise of one of the best brands in the market.

The top 5 Momo Franchises are as follows:

1. Wow! Momo Franchise

Established in the year 2008, the quality of Momos served by this fast-food restaurant has been savoured than ever by the Indian population, which made it establish more than 300 + outlets in over 16 cities in India, valued at ₹ 860 crores.

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Wow! Momo is one of the fastest growing brands in the market. Wow momo has a vibrant menu for each of its types of consumers from gluten-free, vegetarian to non-vegetarian, so the demand is always met and rising A few crucial details about Wow! Momo brand with regard to the Franchise is as follows.

Investment Required: 8 to 20 Lakhs INR

Area Required: 200- 250 sq. ft.

Official Website:www.wowmomo.com

2. Momomia Franchise

The second in list is the Momomia brand that aims at targeting the Youth of our nation and serving them with the best possible Momos with different tastes, flavours, and at an affordable price. It offers low investment and high-profit concept for Franchise owners

The brand assists individuals with the design and layout of the store, with the site selection, the purchase of in-store fixtures, the additional supply of the merchandise which is required, and even with the launch of the store. A few crucial points are as follows.

Investment Required: 3 to 8 Lakhs INR

Area Required: 150 sq. ft.

Official Website: www.momomiafood.com

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3. Nainital Momos

Nainital Momos is known for serving proper and authentic Nepali Momos which is enjoyed by its customer. Over the years, the brand has been said to reach a success where they are serving more than 10 lakh customers every day.

They serve 100+ types of Momos along with 50+ Shakes and Mocktails. The journey started with roadside stall, and then finally in the year 2013, the brand had opened its first store. Ever since, it has seen a good success rate as compared to the other brands in the industry. A few significant points about the brand and its franchise are as follows.

Investment Required: 10 to 30 Lakhs INR

Area Required: 200 to 800 sq. ft.

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4. House of Momos

If you are from the state of Maharashtra, then House of Momos would be a familiar name for you. This brand has focused majorly in the state of Maharashtra and has been looking to expand its reach through all the other locations.

The brand rose up the ranks because of its strict usage of high-quality ingredients and raw materials for their Momos. Apart from that, it has also won the hearts of the people due to its strict zero wastage policy. A few crucial points with regard to the brand are as follows.

Investment Required: 5 to 10 Lakhs INR

Area Required: 200 to 300 sq. ft.

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5. Momo Station

As crafty as the name sounds, so is the brand as well. Momo Station is brand based in Gujarat and it serves delicious and mouth-watering flavours of Momos. One of the reasons why this brand has gained a lot of attention in Gujarat is because of the variety that it gives to its customers unlike other Momo brands in the market.

Apart from the variety of menu that it offers, the brand also gives an advantage to the candidates who are interested to acquire its franchise by giving them different Franchise model options to choose from. A few significant points about the brand and its Franchise are as follows.

Investment Required: 3 to 10 Lakhs INR (depending on the model chosen)

Area Required: 100 to 500 sq. ft

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