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About Wheat Flour :

Wheat Flour is a type of powder that prepared from grinding of wheat which is used for consumption by humans. Is a Wheat Flour Manufacturing Unit a Good Business Idea is the major doubt for every business person who wants to start their own business. Starting and running the Wheat Flour Business is not an easy task. But StartupYo helps you to guide about Wheat Flour Manufacturing business information of the following: Raw materials, how do I get a food license for a wheat milling flour business in the India market, manufacturing process, How do I sell my wheat flour product when there are other big names like Ashirwad already in market and many more. 

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Different Types of Wheat Flour.

Many different various types of wheat flours are available in different countries. Some of the names of wheat flours consist of the same names with the same meanings but the region is different. 

The following are the different types of wheat flours: 

In India: 

In India, the wheat flour is categorized based on the grain which is peeled away and they are of the following: 

·         Firstly, Atta Flour 

·         Secondly, Sooji Flour 

·         Thirdly, Wheat Flour 

·         After that, Corn Flour 

·         Then after, Gram Flour 

·         Also, Bran 

·         Lastly, Maida Flour 

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The above wheat flour is categorized based on the grain which is peeled away can be explained briefly in the following:

Atta Flour :

·         The Atta Flour contains the mixture of the following: bran and endosperm.

Sooji Flour :

·         The Sooji Flour is also known as “Rava” which is the endosperm of coarse – ground. 

Wheat Flour :

·         Wheat Flour is also known as “Wheat Powder” that is the whole grain contains the mixture of the following: bran, endosperm, and also germ. 

Maida Flour :

·         Maida Flour is very white flour which is similar to the American bleached flour which contain the following: endosperm and bleached.

In Canada :

The following are the wheat flours that are available in Canada: 

·         Firstly, whole grain flour 

·         Secondly, whole wheat flour 

In Fiji :

The following are the wheat flours that are available in Fiji: 

·         Firstly, Sharp Flour 

In Southeast Asia :

The following are the wheat flours that are available in Southeast Asia: 

·         Firstly, wheat starch or tang flour.

In United States :

·         The following are the wheat flours that are available in the United States: 

·         Firstly, Bread Flour or Strong Flour 

·         Secondly, Durum Flour 

·         Thirdly, Instant Flour 

·         After that, Whole Wheat Flour 

·         Then after, Enriched Flour 

·         Also, Bromated Flour 

·         Additionally, Plain Flour or All-Purpose Flour 

·         Furthermore, Cake Flour 

·         Graham Flour 

·         Cracker Flour or Cookie Flour or Pastry Flour 

·         Refined Flour or White Flour 

·         Bleached Flour 

·         Lastly, Self-raising Flour or Self-rising Flour 

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Is a Wheat Flour Manufacturing Unit a Good Business Idea? 

Yes starting a Wheat Flour manufacturing business is a good idea. You can start this business at both the following places like rural areas and also urban area. There are many different types of flour as mentioned above and you can start with low investment. 

You can start the Wheat Flour manufacturing business in two ways which contain the different investment and also infrastructure. They are explained in the following: 

First Way of Wheat Flour Business 

Initially, this type of wheat flour business demands a moderate capital investment. 

·         Firstly, you need to set up an integrated flour mill 

·         Secondly, offer the packaged wheat flour products to the customers 

·         Thirdly, you need to have the strategic planning for the distribution of wheat flour and marketing 

Second Way of Wheat Flour Business :

This type of business requires a small retail space which requires low investment. 

·         Firstly, install an atta chakki in that particular space 

·         Secondly, allow the customers to come along with their grains 

·         Thirdly, charge the customers for grinding those grains 

How do I get a Food License for Wheat Milling Flour Business in the India Market? 

The Wheat Milling Flour Business comes under the category of Food Processing Industry. So before launching the wheat flour business, it demands specific licenses, permissions and registration process. The following are the licenses and permissions that require for starting the wheat milling flour business: 

·         Firstly, you need to apply for the Trade License from the local municipal authority 

·         Secondly, you must apply for the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) registration 

·         Thirdly, you should apply for BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Certification 

·         After that, this type of business does not require a pollution clearance. 

·         However, check it with the state pollution control board in your place or area 

·         Then after, determine the organization form 

·         Also, register your wheat milling flour business with ROC 

·         Additionally, you need to apply for Udyog Aadhaar MSME Online Registration 

·         Furthermore, you must apply for AGMARK (Agricultural Marketing) 

·         Lastly, check for the liabilities of tax.

How do I sell my wheat flour product when there are other big names like Ashirwad already in the market? 

There are many different types of brands that are available in the market which are very famous and consumed by customers regularly. The few of them are the following: 

·         Firstly, Aashirvad Atta 

·         Secondly, Shakti Bhog Atta 

·         Thirdly, Patanjali Atta 

·         After that, Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta 

·         Then after, Dinesh Flour Mills MP Atta 

·         Also, Nature Fresh Sampoorna Chakki Atta 

·         Additionally, Rajdhani Chakki Atta 

·         Furthermore, Annapurna Farm Fresh Atta 

·         Samrat India Atta 

·         Lastly, Hathi Atta 

 So, if you want to sell your wheat flour product with the brand name StartupYo designed a simple and an easy ways which can follow by everyone. Then follow the easy and simple ways in the following: 

Firstly, you need to realize that a brand new name of your particular product will take time to known by the customers 

Secondly, you need to produce a quality product rather than the quantity because the customers prefer quality rather than quantity 

Thirdly, you need to do the promotions for your wheat flour product to be known to the customers by using the following methods: 

Firstly, advertise on the following: 

·         Firstly Television 

·         Secondly, Distribute Pamphlets 

·         Thirdly, News Papers 

·         After that, use digital technology 

·         Lastly, Provide Banners at hoardings at the roadside 

After that, Market your product to the following: 

·         Firstly, local suppliers 

·         Secondly, retailers 

·         Thirdly, wholesalers 

·         After that, shopkeepers 

·         Then after, distributors 

·         Also, general stores 

·         Lastly, many more 

Machinery Production and Manufacturing Unit that requires setup the Wheat Flour Milling Business :

The following are the Machinery Production and Manufacturing Unit that requires setup the Wheat Flour Milling Business: 

·         Firstly, Reel machine (three segments) 

·         Secondly, Scourer machine with aspiration channel 

·         Thirdly, Rotometer 

·         After that, indent cylinder 

·         Then after, V-Groove 

·         Also, Dust cyclone 

·         Additionally, Magnate 

·         Furthermore, Roller Mill body 

·         Purifier 

·         Bucket elevator 

·         Rotary separator with aspiration channel 

·         Intensive dampener 

·         De-Stoner 

·         Screw conveyor 

·         Pulleys 

·         Weighing scale 

·         L.P fan for cleaning 

·         Silogate 

·         Roll Grooving 

·         Supper cyclone 

·         Couplings 

·         Spindle cutting 

·         Lastly, V-Belts 

Along with the above Machinery Production and Manufacturing Unit you need to secure a place for the operation of manufacturing about the area of about 3000 square feet. Also, you need to check the following facilities: 

·         Firstly, Electricity Facility 

·         Secondly, Semi-Skilled Manpower Facility 

·         Thirdly, Transportation Facility 

·         After that, Water Facility 

·         Then after, Drainage Facility 

Depending upon your investment you must install the Machinery Production and Manufacturing Unit. Also, requires packaging machinery and equipment for testing the wheat flour. 

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