How to Start Baskin Robbins Franchise ?

Baskin Robbins Overview

When thinking about mint chocolates chip ice cream, I get that pink-blue “BR” logo jump right in front of eyes and I’m not just thinking anymore rather caught eating it.Having more than 725+ stores in India, the largest any ice cream stores have managed to establish and being ranked 12th among the 100 top franchises in India, Baskin Robbins has made india’s sweet tooth sweeter & it’s here, to give you a taste of it.

Baskin Robbins is an American chain of wide and trendy flavours of ice creams and cake speciality shop restaurants.

  • It was a merger of two ice cream junkies ivy Robbins who owned the snowbird ice cream and another Burton Baskin who had his own ice cream shop burton’s ice cream shop, in Glendale, California.

  • Merging it into one, giving rise to Baskin Robbins in 1945.

  • This ice cream store goes by its 31 flavours philosophy even in it’s logo, incorporating 31 flavours for one each day of a month.

  • It’s parent company now is Dunkin’ brands.

  • It has nearly 7000 stores in over 50 countries outside the USA.

  • It offers fun treats to 190 of cities of India with over 725+ stores currently since its emergence in 1993.
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Unique selling point (USP): The unique selling point this franchise is likely to get to you against its competitors is that:

  • It’s has more than just 31 premium and international flavours and toppings.
  • It is 100% vegetarian.
  • It’s made with cow milk.
  • It’s the largest retail chain.

Business model of Baskin Robbins

The business model of Baskin Robbins can be defined using these four variants

i.  Value proposition: The value which this franchise is likely to get to you is:

  •  Loyal customers because of its pre-existing brand reputation.

  • Wide range of products like waffles, ice creams, winter desserts thereby bringing a wider target consumers base.

  • Assistance by basking Robbins in setting up the franchise and huge profit margin.

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The target consumers for this ice cream franchise are:

  • Shopping malls
  • Cinema multiplexes
  • Kids
  • Teenagers
  • Parties, occasions, events
  • Canteens of commercial offices

Ice cream francs hue is surely an aggressive business so it’s important to pick the most favourite one of these. The few key competitors are

  • Naturals ice cream
  • Cream stone
  • Havmor
  • Huber and holly
  • Scoops
  • Kwality walls
  • Hagen Diaz
  • Amul

Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy implemented by Baskin Robbins is as follows:

Social media: Making use of memes and animations to attract the millennial and baby boomer generations.

Print media: making use to digital billboards, hoardings with catchy tag lines.

Sales promotion: By making all the 31 fall out available for sample testing.

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Brand familiarity: Because of its existence in India since 26 years and its extensive line of 31 flavours and few always in-demand flavours and wide range of products from ice creams to cakes. This brand has been familiar amazing many consumers giving you the benefit of enjoying brand reputation and loyal customers

Large target customer base: The target consumers which this ice cream franchise is likely to get to you is unlike other franchise it’s because of the range of products like: cakes, sundaes, brownies, waffles etc and flavours like plum nuts, mint chocolate chip, almond fudge, available. It caters to the need of every consumer

Higher scope for expansion: The franchise model of Baskin Robbins and its various options of franchise as kiosks, parlours etc can be easily expanded from one form to another with minimal additional capital and precise investment

Competitive advantage: Baskin Robbins has a competitive advantage in terms of its sample tasting option made available for all 31 of its flavours, ice cream made with pure cow milk and of premium quality and having a global presence. Giving you all the more reason to stay in this business

Low investment: The Baskin Robbins franchise model comes with numerous franchise options which have an accurate investment cost and promises higher profit margins too.

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Baskin Robbins kiosk
Baskin Robbins parlours
Baskin Robbins lounge

Area requirements:  150 sq fr
Area requirements: 500 sq ft

Frontage: 10 feet
Frontage: 12 feet
Frontage: 15 feet


The qualifications as per documentation I.

  •  Standard franchise agreement
  • Rental/lease agreement
  • GST registration
  • PAN/Aadhar card

 The qualifications as per skills and required are as follows

  • Sufficient capitalisation and financial stability to develop a network of multiple stores over a period of time.

  • A long term, strategic vision for developing the Baskin Robbins.

  • Financial credibility.

  • Enthusiasm and commitment towards business.

Investment required & Profit made

Franchise option Investment Fee Security deposit

  • Baskin Robbins kiosks  ₹4 lakh    ₹ 50000
  • Baskin Robbins parlour  ₹ 13 lakhs  ₹ 4 lakhs  ₹ 50000
  • Baskin Robbins lounge  ₹ 18 lakhs  ₹ 4 lakhs  ₹ 50000
  • Baskin Robbins kiosk     : 50%
  • Baskin Robbins parlour : 46-48%
  • Baskin Robbins lounge :  52%
gst 28

Application Process

One can apply for a Baskin Robbins franchise:

  • Either by visiting their official website, filling the primary detail and waiting for a follow up form the Baskin Robbins officially.

  • Or by contact Baskin Robbins through theory official contact number and email address and filing their request for a franchise.

Assistance by Baskin-Robbins :

In setting up supply chain.

  •  Ongoing business consultation.
  • Extraordinary training programs.
  • Support in terms of design and construction.
  • Marketing plan for brand’s individual stores.

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Why don’t you worry about picking a flavour up, while we give you details as to why you should take up this franchise

  • Firstly, to be a part of the largest retail chain which attracts 3 million consumers and is the household brand for ice cream in India is an opportunity of it self.

  •   Secondly, low cost investment and higher profit margins with minimal operational work covers all the aspects of a good franchise.

  • Lastly, with variety of flavours in ice cream, variety offered in products you have a large target base to cater to.

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