How To Start Zaxby’s Franchise In the USA?

Culinary Triumph : Zaxby’s Franchise in the USA

Zaxby’s is a private chain of casual Southern-style chicken fast food in the United States. This premium quick-service fast-food industry is famous for serving chicken fingers, wings, sandwiches, legendary Zax Sauce, and salads. In Order to deliver more than expected they embrace change which helps them in improving their quality and achieving excellence. 

In 1990 Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley started their journey from Statesboro, Georgia. They expanded outside of the Southeastern United States in Utah in 2013. In 1994 they started franchising and today they are operating 900+ stores. It’s a growing business with its headquarters located in Athens, Georgia. 

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Zaxby’s Franchise Benefits

Following are Zaxby’s franchise benefits which are attracting investors to this growing brand. 

Proven Brand: Zaxby’s is a proven Brand and is known for its customer loyalty. They have been preserving the personality of the company very carefully over the years.

Exceptional Culture: the brand revolves around its culture making it the soul of the business. They have been known for their food and hospitality for years and are preserving their culture with their services.

Strong Investment: its franchisees are achieving financial independence and that is what they promise. Some have started a legacy that can be handed over to the next generation. Their constant support is helping its franchisees to achieve successful results.

Brand Expansion: the brand is expanding and at present, they are targeting new places and providing hundreds of opportunities to new investors. Currently, they are operational in more than 900 stores and are constantly striving to expand its footprints.

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Zaxby’s Franchise Requirements

They are actively seeking qualified investors with high spirits and motivation. Candidates with experience and a successful track record can meet its criteria. Following are the requirements of Zaxby’s franchise that need to be kept in view.

  • The net worth of at least $1,000,000.
  • Liquid assets greater than $500,000.
  • Initial Franchise Fee $35,000.
  • 6% of Royalty Fee.
  • 3 to 4.5% of Ad Royalty Fee. 
  • 10 years of Term Agreement. 

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Zaxby’s Franchise Cost

The estimated cost of Zaxby’s Franchise ranges from $501,700 to $950,200. The following list shows the types of investments and their related costs for opening a Zaxby franchise. 

  • Initial FranchiseFee $35,000
  • Lease Deposit and Payment of $10,000 to $19,000
  • Utility Deposits of $0 to $9,000
  • Initial Inventory $5,000 to $22,000
  • Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment $330,000 to $399,000
  • Technology System $67,200 to $92,200
  • Signage $23,000 to $134,000
  • Initial Marketing Contribution $5,200 to $10,000
  • Insurance $1,000 to $17,000
  • Permits and Licences $2,000 to $24,000
  • Accounting and Legal Fees $500 to $25,000
  • Printing/Business Supplies $300 to $1,000
  • Uniforms $1,500 to $4,000
  • Training Expenses are $10,000 to $25,000.
  • Pre-Opening Payroll $10,000 to $37,000
  • Additional Funds for 3 months $1,000 to $96,000
  • TOTAL of $501,700 to $950,200

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Zaxby’s Franchise Profit

It’s a profitable business, till its last FDD reports of 727 restaurants, they were able to make a profile in the following areas.

  • Zaxby’s was able to generate Average Gross Revenues of $2,544,354.
  • 344 of its Restaurants were above Average gross revenues.
  • 47.3% of its restaurants were above average Gross Revenue.
  • They were able to generate Median Gross Revenues of $2,497,295.
  • Highest Gross Revenues:  $5,331,733

Its total revenue and net income from the recent year are mentioned below:


  • Franchise royalties $115,234,028
  • Franchise fees $1,508,999
  • Incentive payment fees of $8,324,765
  • Advertising and conference fund revenue $37,686,590
  • Other fees of $169,457,321

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Total revenues 0f $169,457,321

  • Other income, net $530,413
  • Net income of $55,455,604
  • Net loss attributable to non-controlling interests $(2,552,740)

Net income attributable to ZFL and Subsidiaries/ Cash flow from operating activities $58,008,344

  • At an average of 15% profit margin, it will take 3.5 years for Zaxby’s franchise owners to recoup its investment. 
  • At an average of 20% profit margin, it will take 2.5 years for Zaxby’s franchise owners to recoup its investment. 
  • At 15% profile margin it yields $337,000 estimated annual profits and at 20% profit margin it yields $448,000.

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Zaxby’s Menu

Its menu is famous for Specials, Fingerz & Wing, Sandwich, Big Zalads, Sides, Fingerz, Wings, and much more.

Specials: Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries (With Chicken), Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries (Without Chicken). 

Fingerz & Wing: Chicken Finger Plate (Regular), Chicken Finger Plate (Sauced), Great 8 Boneless Wings Meal, Big Zax Snak Meal (Regular), Big Zax Snak Meal (Sauced), Boneless Wings Meal, Traditional Wings Meal, Wings & Things Meal (Regular Fingerz), Wings & Things Meal (Sauced Fingerz)

Sandwich: Kickin Chicken Sandwich, Zaxby’s Signature Sandwich, Zaxby’s Spicy Signature Sandwich, Zaxby’s Signature Club Sandwich, Zaxby’s Spicy Signature Club Sandwich, 3 Nibblerz Sandwich, Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

Big Zalads: The Cobb Zalad, The House Zalad.

Zax Kidz: Kiddie Fingerz, Kiddie Cheese.

Sides, Fingerz, Wings & Extras: Fried White Cheddar Bites, Fried Pickles, Chicken Fingerz (5 Regular), Chicken Fingerz (5 Sauced), 5 Boneless Wings, 10 Boneless Wings, 20 Boneless Wings, 5 Traditional Wings, 10 Traditional Wings, 20 Traditional Wings, Crinkle Fries (Regular), Crinkle Fries (Large), Coleslaw – Cup, Basket Of Texas Toast, Extra Chicken Finger, Extra Sauced Chicken Finger, The Nibbler, Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries (With Chicken), Chicken Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries (Without Chicken).

Desserts: Chocolate Chip Cookie – One, Chocolate Chip Cookies – Three.

Drinks: Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Minute Maid Lemonade, Fanta Cherry, Hi-C Fruit Punch, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Fanta Strawberry, Fanta Cherry, Barq’s Root Beer, Minute Maid Strawberry Lemonade, Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea.Gallon Of Tea (Sweet), Gallon Of Tea (Unsweet), Kidz Drink, Milk (Regular), Milk (Chocolate), Apple Juice.

Extra Sauce: Zax Sauce, Spicy Zax Sauce, Ranch, Honey Mustard, BBQ, Tongue Torch, Wimpy, Sweet & Spicy, Teriyaki, Buffalo Garlic Blaze, Hot Honey Mustard, Nuclear.

Extra Dressing: Ranch, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Lite Vinaigrette.

Zax Family Packs: Fingerz Family Pack (Regular), Fingerz Family Pack (Sauced), Boneless Wings Family Pack.

Platterz: Chicken Fingerz Platter (Regular – 40 Fingers), Chicken Fingerz Platter (Large – 60 Fingers), Buffalo Fingerz Platter, Boneless Wings Platter, Traditional Wings Platter, Chicken Fingerz And Traditional Wings Zampler Platter (Regular), Chicken Fingerz And Traditional Wings Zampler Platter (Large), Chicken Fingerz And Boneless Wings Zampler Platter (Regular), Chicken Fingerz And Boneless Wings Zampler Platter (Large), Nibblerz Platter, Tater Chips Platter, Texas Toast Platter.

Zalad Platterz: House Zalad Platter, Cobb Zalad Platter, Garden Zalad Platter.

Boxed Lunches: Zaxby’s Signature Sandwich Boxed Lunch, Grilled Chicken Sandwich Boxed Lunch, 2 Fingerz Boxed Lunch, 3 Fingerz Boxed Lunch, 4 Fingerz Boxed Lunch, 5 Fingerz Boxed Lunch, Nibbler Boxed Lunch, Boneless Wings Boxed Lunch, House Zalad Boxed Lunch (Fried), House Zalad Boxed Lunch (Grilled) , House Zalad Boxed Lunch (Garden), Cobb Zalad Boxed Lunch (Fried), Cobb Zalad Boxed Lunch (Grilled) , Cobb Zalad Boxed Lunch (Garden)

Sides, Desserts, Sauces & Drinks: Tater Chips Platter, Texas Toast Platter, Cookie Platter (Regular), Cookie Platter (Large), Coleslaw (Small), Coleslaw (Large), Gallon Of Sweet Tea, Gallon Of Unsweet Tea.

Extra Sauce – 8 OZ: Zax Sauce, Spicy Zax Sauce, Ranch Sauce, Honey Mustard, Wimpy, Tongue Torch, Nuclear, Hot Honey Mustard, Sweet & Spicy, Teriyaki, Barbecue.

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Zaxby’s Locations

It’s a growing business and at present, they are operating with 900+ locations. Top USA states with the most number of Zaxby’s locations.

  • Georgia with 243 stores for every 43,691 people, which is about 26% of its total locations. 
  • North Carolina with 118 stores for every 88,881 people, which is about 13% of its total locations. 
  • Florida with 112 stores for every 191,768 people, which is about 12% of its total locations.
  • South Carolina with 96 stores for every 5.15 Million people, which is about 10% of its total locations
  • Alabama with 92 stores for every 4.90 Million people, which is about 10% of its total locations.

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Zaxby’s Application

This mentioned process is a road to Zaxby’s franchise. 

Franchise Information: you need to fill out the basic form to get started with its franchise. Fill in the details listed in the form and submit it. 

Pre-qualification: here what you have to do is to submit an inquiry, select your area of interest, complete its franchise application, and sign and return your FDD.

What they will do is, they will verify your area of interest, and they will review your application and your background report. Then they will issue FDD.

Discovery Day: attend its discovery day to get a clear understanding of its franchise system. 

Zaxby’s Brand Joining: they will prepare a franchisee agreement for you and will hold a meeting for your pre-opening.

Site Selection: in this what you need to simply need is to complete the site selection process and can get connected with its real estate team.

Construction: they will review your plans and will visit your construction site.

Pre-opening: here you will hire a team for your business and they will approve the Grand Opening Plan.

Building Business: you are now ready to operate your own business and can provide opportunities to others and Zaxby’s will provide you support at every point of your operation.

For more information Visit Zaxby’s franchise official website

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Zaxby’s is a growing company and is providing opportunities for newcomers. Its overall revenues are increasing reflecting its profitable growth rate in the food and beverage sector. It’s a good business option for owners who have potential and can collect profitable revenue from this business.

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