How to Check GST Number?

Overview of How to Check GST Number

GST Number 

GST simply means Goods and Services Tax that is levied by the government of the country on the supply of different goods and services. This unique identification number or GST number is assigned to the businesses that are operating in the country for GST purposes. The GST number format varies from country to country, so it’s not important to have a similar GST system everywhere. 

In India, the GST number is simply known as the Goods and Services Tax Identification Number or GSTIN, the structure of this number is unique having a 15-digit alphanumeric identification number that is differently assigned to the businesses that are registered under the GST regime in India.

The Indian GST number or GSTIN structure is given below: 

  • The first two digits of the GSTIN represent the code of the state. 
  • The remaining ten digits are the taxpayer’s PAN of the Permanent Account Number. 
  • The thirteenth digit of the GSTIN is the state registration number for the same PAN. 
  • The digit fourteen in the GSTIN is “Z” by default. 
  • The digit fifteen can be a number or an alphabet that is a check code. 

How to Check GST Number 

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) number in India can be checked by following the mentioned below steps: 

  • The first thing is to visit the official GST website of the government of India which is created to check out anything related to GST in India. 
  • After clicking the mentioned website URL, you will be able to see in the menu list “Search Taxpayer” on the GST portal. Click “Search Taxpayer” to proceed with your process further. 
  • Now enter the unique 15-digit Goods and Services Tax Identification Number or GSTIN you want to verify. 
  • Enter the CAPTCHA code accurately that will be displayed on your screen. 
  • Once the CAPTCHA code verification is done, click on the “Search” button. 
  • Now you can check out the GST details of the Goods and Services Tax Identification Number if it’s valid but in case it’s not valid the GST system can not show its details so give the appropriate GSTIN that exists in the system of GST. The details like name of the taxpayer, date of registration, status, and other information will surface. Verify the GST system information with the details you have. 

In case you are facing difficulties or you are encouraging changes in the process as the GST portal layout keeps on updating then you can contact or refer to the GST official website of its helpdesk for the support or help you are in need of. 

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Benefits of GST Number Check 

Checking of GST Number is important for various purposes like confirmation of Business Legitimacy, ITC eligibility, Detecting fake business, Information Check, Avoid Penalties, Seamless Business Transactions, and more. It also helps to check the business authenticity and compliance in the transactions. 

Business Legitimacy Confirmation: checking or verifying the GST number helps in business justification and also confirming its business registration under the government regime, hence giving the government the authority to collect the GST of the business. 

ITC Eligibility: The GST number helps businesses to become eligible for Input Tax Credit which is to be claimed on input tax credit. This credit can only be given to businesses that have up-to-date GST numbers, so to remain updated one has to check the GST number. If the supplier’s GST number is updated then the business is eligible for ITC, hence helping the business in getting credits while avoiding any kind of portal loss. 

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Detecting Fake Business: with the help of a GST Number check one can easily spot the fake business-provided security against illegal and fake business entities. This can help in avoiding fraud and fake business in the market. 

Avoid Penalties and Issues: Checking GST can help in avoiding business trouble like penalties and other issues. The GST number verification can ensure that the business is following the text rules and regulations and is also maintaining other business records or filings. 

Information Check: with the help of GST number check the business can cross-check the details between the supplier or customer. The cross-checking Information can also reduce error risk and this checking process ensures that the business is aligned with the official GST database. 

Seamless Business Transactions: checking GST numbers ensures seamless business transactions which further establishes business trust and smooth relationships in the business. 


The GST number check is simply a means to ensure that your business is a legal or registered entity having a valid GSTIN. This checking process helps in keeping business transparency, preventing different types of illegal business activities, and helps in following the tax rules. The GST number check is facilitated by the government for businesses in order to keep transparency in the business. 


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