How to Start Super 99 Franchise ?

Unlocking Success with Super 99: Franchise Insights

Let’s face it, the main reason why entrepreneurs or business owners hesitate to launch a start-up or a business is because of no brand value. Their fear lies in the difficulty faced while building up their brand’s value from scratch and make a name in the market. However, this has also increased the adopting of Franchise business models. Here, the brand value is already built, giving a good advantage to the individual. How about a Franchise that offers you to sell almost all sorts of demanding products? Let us talk about the Super 99 Franchise in detail.

  • One of the noteworthy advantages of having a Super 99 Franchise is the wide range of products that they offer for their customers. This gives businesses an edge and a variety of products to promote and sell. A few of the background detail concerning the brand Super 99 is as follows.

  • Super 99 offers a huge range of products, which keeps on adding to the list within every fortnight. Their products are mostly branded or sourced with the tag of ‘Make/Made in India’. Although, they also claim that some of their products are also sourced from China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Turkey.

  • Their products are more focused on the category of ‘Everyday products’. The range includes products such as Health & Beauty, Kitchen & Dining, Food & Beverages, Gaming, Gift & décor, and so on. With so many stocks in their arsenal, their business profits and sales are good. Taking a rough count, they have more than 2500 products.

  •  Another unique feature to highlight regarding Super 99 store, is that they have adopted the Four Price point, that is Rs.29, Rs.49, Rs.79, and Rs.99. This helps them to create a customer base that is repetitive and loyal to their brand, who in return receive a very fun-filled family shopping experience at more than 75 outlets in India.

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Investment Required

This part gets more interesting for businesses looking to take the Franchise of Super 99. Super 99 is a brand that has been incorporated and commenced its operation in the year 2004, it has been almost 17 years. In reality, Super 99 does not ask you for any type of investment that is related to their Franchise Fees. The only investment that you would make is for the setup of your business and the products. However, the minimum investment that is required here for availing the Franchise of Super 99 is between 15 lakhs to 20 Lakhs.

Property Details and Area Requirement

As every Franchise has certain criteria to be met with, Super 99 also has some conditions that you would need to follow. For Super 99 Franchise, you need to have your business place at a high street place, or preferably at malls. Almost all stores of Super 99 across India are in shopping malls. Another requirement is that Super 99 only allows Franchise for businesses that would be set up at a district level. The Minimum requirement of the area is 1000 sq. feet of carpet. Other conditions are that the minimum width of a shop should be 15-16 ft, there should be Air conditioners and Cameras, etc.

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Profit Percentage

Since the investment for acquiring the Franchise of Super 99 is a little higher, the percentage of profits expected should also be the same. Fortunately, Super 99 has a good profit ratio to offer, it gives every business owner an opportunity to earn around 35% of profits.

Steps to Start Super 99 Franchise

After acquiring all the significant details regarding Super 99, now let us have a glance at the necessary steps to acquire the Franchise of Super 99 and start your business in a given period of time. 

Find an eligible Location 
 In other Franchises, normally the representatives of the Brand and the Franchise holder together discuss and search for the location. However, in the case of Super 99, it would be recommended to find 2 or 3 potential locations at a district level and at a high-street market or malls. This would help you to escalate the process of acquiring the Franchise and also give you an estimate of your investment that would be necessary.

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Contacting and Applying for the Franchise  
 There are two ways of contacting and applying in Super 99 Franchise which is as follows. 

  • Contacting them through their website,, here you can find options of chatting online with customer support, or you can even find a WhatsApp number to connect with the representative of Super 99.

  •  Another approach of contacting them directly is to visit their website, click on the ‘Franchise’ tab, and fill up a form which would ask a few of your details such as Name, Mobile number, Investment capacity, district, etc. You have to fill this form and wait for the representatives to contact you and discuss the eligibility and the further process.

In India, you have to acquire all the necessary licenses that are related to your business, especially in the Retail industry. Once you are certain about your decision of starting a Franchise of Super 99 and selecting 2 or 3 potential locations, you should start acquiring the necessary licenses related to Franchise business such as GST Registration, VAT Registration, Fire License, etc. To avoid any legal trouble, it would be recommended to acquire all of these licenses before starting your business.

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You would have a huge store to operate, a well-known brand value to back you, and a high-street location to act as your principal business location. However, this would not bring you sales by themselves, you would need to carry out a good marketing campaign for promoting your new business.

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Super 99 Franchise is only available to businesses that choose a high-street location and on a district level. It requires a minimum investment of 15 to 20 lakhs, to apply for the Franchise of Super 99 you need to find an eligible location, contact them through their website, acquire licenses, and do the marketing.

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