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Monginis franchise- A piece of cake

With the growing trend to celebrate an occasion as small as your dog’s birthday the Indian bakery industry has come very far by providing cakes for every of these occasions.

The one shop stop that considers all of these needs and is  likely to provide you with the best cake in innumerable flavours, and right contrast between the moist and sweetness with a hint of an Egyptian essence is the most trusted India based bakery, Monginis.


About Monginis


Monginis is an Indian Pastries and bakery chain based in Mumbai, India.  This bakery offers variety of cakes, pastries and cupcakes for all sorts of occasions

Along with other Indian and western delicacies like samosas, puffs and donuts etc

Monginis has 1000+ outlets in total and at least one production centre in each of 38 cities. It offers as many as 50 varieties of fast food snacks and produces more than 30 cakes


Facts about Monginis


  • It was founded by two Italian brothers in the 20th century then taken over by the khorakiwala family in 1958 and be some Monginis food pvt. Ltd.
  • This bakery sells ready-made as well as order-made cakes for catering or carry-out
  • It has its headquarters based in Mumbai and emphasised on catering to the local taste of Indians when it was first established.
  • It was founded by Hussein khorakiwala and was worth around 920 million rupees by 2012


Menu of Monginis

Everything you need to know about Monginis


Unique selling point (USP) : The unique selling point of the Monginis franchise is that:

  • It offers its products at a price which are a value-for-money with its quality meeting the needs of every class of the country


Business model of Monginis

The business model of Monginis can be defined using these 4 variants:


Value proposition: The value a Monginis franchise is likely to bring to you is:

  • Because of its years of experience since 1958, and it’s policy of designing its own machinery and thus a uniform tastein its cakes across all of its Indian franchises, consumer demand is easily made and captured
  • Existence of both Dine-in outlets and take-away services and products besides just cakes helps you cater a wider target audience


Target consumers: The consumers who are and could be the potential target customers for the products offered by your Monginis franchise are:

  • Canteens and cafeterias
  • Local residents


Event organisers : Birthdays , anniversaries, weddings


Supermarkets and retail chains : selling cookies and cupcakes under Monginis’s brand

  • Middle and upper income level consumers
  • French based restaurants


Competitor review: The competition in the Indian bakery  industry is fierce because of the existence of both Indian based traditional sweet shops and bakery based retail chains. However the main competitors to Monginis are:

  • Karachi bakery
  • Café Niloufer
  • Swiss castle
  • Subhan bakery


Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy that’s implemented by the the Monginis bakery are:

  • Tv, print and web hoardings
  • Offers on festive occasions and theme based cakes


Introducing cakes for specific occasions like : 10th examination passing out cake, gender reveal cakes etc


Benefits of starting a Monginis franchise


Wider target audience: Taking up a Monginis franchise is likely to get you a large target audience to cater to. It’s dine-in option attracts office goers and working class, Carry-out service attracts home delivery and its other products like cookies are sold in supermarkets like Spencer’s capturing another niche


Brand loyalty and familiarity: Because of the already exiting brand reputation acquired by Monginis since 60 years and expansion into 1000+ outlets across the nation with a uniform taste and affordable price you can carry forward the brand name without any extra efforts


Minimal investment: The Monginis franchise can be taken up at an investment as reasonable as ₹10 lakhs and since it’s machinery is self designed there’s a breakdown in costs while acquiring it


Dynamic products: The Monginis franchise develops a taste in the products keeping in mind the change in concerns and preferences of the Indian consumers. For Eg. it has a special line of cakes for diabetic consumers. So, it always stocks up on the latest trends giving you the advantage of increasing sales


Requirements and qualifications for starting a Monginis franchise




Space/Area requirement: It takes an area of 250 sq ft in a prime location to set up a Monginis franchise


Documentation requirement: The documents required to set up a Monginis franchise are as follows:

  • Standard franchise agreement
  • Rental agreement
  •  GST registration
  • Trademark agreement
  • PAN and Aadhar card details
  • Copy of FSSAI certificate granted to Monginis 




  • To  qualify as a franchise owner you must have documented backing the required educational and entrepreneurial skills
  • An employee count of 5-6 members with adequate training in terms of sales, customer interactions, baking etc


Investment required to run a Monginis franchise

1. Total investment₹ 10 lakhs-20 lakhs
2. Franchise fee₹ 3 lakhs
3. Royalty/commission20%


Profits made from Monginis franchise


1) Profit margin20%
2) Return on investment15%


How to apply for a Monginis franchise


  • You can either leave your personal details stating your wish to take up a Monginis franchise on the official website on Monginis or
  •   You can contact Monginis at their registered contact number or email address and request information about the franchise details




The only thing you should be confused about is the flavour of cake to handle while we help you make a decision as to whether or not to take up a this franchise :

  • Firstly, In the Indian  bakery industry, Monginis has a market share of 40% in the retail segment. Giving you the advantage of brand name and massive sales
  • Secondly, Because it deals in other products than in just cakes it helps you achieve your sales goal even in an off season
  • Lastly, The distribution network for this type of business is wide and lets you capture a larger customer base. Moreover the inventory turn over ratio is high because of the product being edible in nature so profits are high with every transaction

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