How To Start Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise ?


When it comes to tea, the consumption volume of tea in India during 2021 was 1.1 billion kilograms. This hot beverage is mostly preferred in India. In order to satisfy the need of this hot beverage, Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise has started its business in India by selecting tea as its main product. Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise is a chain of tea outlets offering best quality tea.

Their focus is on providing hygienic, tasty, and best quality tea all over India. It’s one of the fastest growing tea franchises in India. Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise provides all kinds of tea flavour and healthy life marketing. This Indian based franchise company has been experienced as one of the fastest growing businesses in India. 

The story of “Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise” started in 2019 by Bhausaheb Pawar. At present Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise has a network of over 30 outlets, operating in many different parts of India.

  • In Maharashtra Its outlets can be seen in Nashik, Vani, Dindori, Sinnar, Naphad, Pimpalgaon B, Nandgaon, Naydongari, Satana and Ojhar Mig.
  • In Madhya Pradesh it’s outlet is located in Dhamnod 
  • In Haryana it’s location is in Rewari 
  • In Rajasthan it’s location is situated in Hanumangarh Jn
  • And in Tamilnadu it’s operating from Madurai.

With a rapid growth in business its founder is working hard to achieve a target of 100 locations in coming years. In 2020 they found a need to introduce corporate culture in traditional tea making culture. And they started their first outlet with the name of, “Me on Tea“, they got an overwhelming response from tea lovers. They witnessed people asking them regarding its franchise and they came up with a model of Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise. At present their private limited Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise is leading in India with its headquarters in SK Open Mall, Near Sharda Petrol Pump, College Road, Nashik.

Unique Selling Point (USP)

  • Karmveer Amruttulyas USP is jaggery Tea and Masala selling brand
  • Their main USP is to provide best quality tea, with best taste service and hygiene. 
  • Tea price is relatively very low starting from rupees 10 and is affordable for all sets of community. 
  • Recently they introduced an idea of  adding a mixture of Ayurvedic pure powder to create a Sugar less Sulphur tea. The rich flavour of the tea has left the consumers totally blank. 
  • They have created a unique standard by mixing a particular amount of Sugar, Jaggery Powder, Spices and have kept a fixed boiling point to provide the same authentic taste of tea in all outlets. 
  • The only brand that serves Jaggery lassi (fine mixture of water and Yogurt)   in whole india. 

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To open a Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise you need an area of 80 sq ft for rural location and 100 sq ft for urban Location. Its investment varies from rural to urban locations, You can invest according to the format chosen. The investment for rural to urban locations ranges from 3.52 lack to 4.19 lack. 

Rural Location: 3.51 lack 

Urban Location: 4.19 lack

They give a relaxation in fee for rural areas because of the low earning and low standard of life of the people.

Rural Location 

Steel Material 90,000
Board and Flex40,000
Bhande 20,000
Initial Stock18,000
Franchise Fee100,000

Urban Location

Steel Material 120,000
Board and Flex 50,000
Bhande (crockary)20,000
Deep-Freezer 25,000
Billing Machine 10,000
Interior and others50,000
Scrolling Board20,000
Initial Stock 12,000
Franchise Fee100,000
  • The franchise owner needs to look after other expenses like interior plumbing and electric work. 
  • The above mentioned costs are approximate and depend on location.
  • Usage of company suggested material and rules are mandatory.
  •  You need to clear the booking fee of Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise before opening an outlet.
  • For a location visit you need to send an advanced amount of 21k.
  • Initial investment is non refundable.
  • Firstly they will provide training only after one can start its location.

Kitchen Equipments

Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise uses best tools in tea making procedure including SS material till 1.20 lack.

  • Steel Material, ranging from 90k – 120k
  • Board and Flex, ranging from 40k – 50k
  • Crockery, range 20k
  • Freezer, range 25k
  • Initial Stock, ranging from 12k – 18k


Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise is a profitable Business, with a franchise term of 5 years. It’s estimated that in a month an outlet can generate a profitable income of 15,000 – 1lack, almost 40 – 45% of profit margin in tea selling. The profit varies per cup tea and it’s service quality. Its  profit also depends on the location, the size and other services to be offered. The investment return is profitable. The owner of the Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise outlet can earn 20k – 1 lakh per month. 

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The success of the company lies in its Menu. Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise offers many different teas and keeps on focusing on the ways to make its Menu strong and attractive. Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise provides a wide variety of authentic beverages within changing seasons for consumption. They also provide bakery items like cream roll, donut, cookies, cup cake, biscuit and water bottle.  In future they are also thinking of adding cold drinks in their Menu list.  Their menu offers:

  • Healthy Jaggery Tea
  • Spicy Tea 
  • Black tea
  • Lemon tea 
  • Hot coffee 
  • Black Coffee
  • Jaggery Coffee 
  • Jaggery Lassi 
  • Masala Chaachh
  • Lemon water

In addition to this you can reach out to them via mobile number +91 8014146363


Quick expansion of Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise speaks about its success in the industry. Its outlets are consistently growing and its tea and other services are attracting rural as well as urban youths. Their training module of how to serve costumes, how to act in peak hours and ways to make locations successful is interesting and a safe investment. Their objective of providing franchise and making youths employed is satisfactory. Its expansion and objectives is attracting customers and turning it into a leading place.

Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise  is accessible by clearing initial investment and costs before setting up. Its net profit is growing continuously and its Franchise model ensures the success of outlets. Their concept of traditional, rural and urban location fee is helping them in dominating in India. They are giving tough competition to their competitors. In this era of changing landscape Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise is working endlessly. Therefore starting Karmveer Amruttulya Franchise in India is profitable and worth investing in.

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