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How to Start Face mask making business

Best moments happen when they’re unplanned” this quote did stand true untill recently. Fooling around the airport premises, planning a fancy dinner, making spontaneous movie and shopping plans have become more plan-oriented than they were a no brainer.

No doubt you can still do all of this but to imagine to have a face mask on every time you think of it, that’s how cautious this COVID-19 pandemic has made us. Even worse, this virus has claimed to be an airborne disease as well.

But did you realise? It’s because of you that this pandemic hasn’t vanished the entire population in a snap? It’s because you did you bit, you’ve tKen up all the measures. It’s because you’ve put a face mask on.

From high end brands like Gucci, LVHM etc to street vendors, everyone has shifted their business towards what’s necessary and what’s being sold the more than the mouth freshener we Indians need after every meal.

So if you want to make this world a better place to live while making a  living out of it. Here’s how

Market potential and uses


The market for this face mask making business is vast considering we won’t get rid of this easy and not untill the next summer.

Since this coronavirus attacks our lungs showing symptoms of communicable diseases as routine as cold, cough, fever etc it has become necessary to protect its place of origin I.e the mouth

The potential for this face mask making business is increasing at an increasing rate because it is required by every living human being possible from kids to older population, from the homeless to the CEOs, from the street vendors to the huge restaurant chains etc

The market potential for face mask making business can be defined on the basis of the protection its provides and on the basis of the purpose it  serves to the different segments and demographics of consumers.

On the basis of types of face masks/ of the purpose it serves

  • Professional respirators
  • Procedural and Surgical masks
  • Cloth or paper masks


This face mask is used  to protect :

  • Used to protect the staff
  • To protect the consumers, audience and customers
  • To protect the health workers
  • To protect the employees, labours and workers
  • To protect the households


Licenses required


The license required to run this face mask making business are

  • CE certificate
  • GMP certificate
  • FDA certificate
  • Trade license
  • GST registration


Investment required


The investment required to set up this business is ₹10 lakhs – ₹ 15 lakhs


Profits made


The profits made from this face masks making business is ₹3 lakh per month


Target consumers


The target consumers for this face mask making business is the entire global, domestic and regional population of your masks meet the quality standards.


Restaurants, hotels and fast food  chains: These require face Maslow for the purpose of ensuring safe and interaction among the staff and the customers of the restaurants and hotels


Airport staff: These requires high-quality face masks for the purpose of protecting the staff to get infected by the arrivals and departures who could be the most prone to this novel corona virus


Retail stores and supermarkets: These require face masks for the purpose of using to curb the spread of the virus at crowded places like theirs and also stock up on those for the purpose of selling it to the customers


Healthcare workers: The procedural and surgical are the masks that  are required by all the healthcare workers involving nurses, community workers, doctors, ambulance drivers etc to ensure minimum spread and contact of virus while being able to deal with it.


Labours, workers and suppliers: The labours, workers of a construction, factory, warehouses etc require face masks to protect themselves from the spread of the coronavirus while keeping up with their productivity


Commercial and industrial spaces: like the offices, institutes, private laboratories etc also require the face masks for the purpose of maintaining their safety against the airborne impact of the coronavirus


E-commerce platforms: The workers of the e-commerce platforms like ZOMATO, Amazon, swiggy etc  require a face mask for the purpose of ensuring contactless delivery and safety of the customers


Area required


The area required to set up this business is 1500 sq ft


Raw materials required


The raw materials required to set up this face mask making machine is

  • Cotton fabric
  • Fabric scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pins and clips
  • Sewing machine
  • Polypropylene


Machinery required


The types of machinery required to set up this business is as follows

  • Face mask machine
  • Mask inner loop welding machine
  • Non-woven mask blank making machine


Manpower required


The manpower required to set up this face mask making business

  • 2-skilled workers
  • 2-unskilled workers


Moreover ample trading to these workers in terms of the following must also be provide with

  • Machinery usage
  • Equipment handling
  • Safety and precautions


Business model and growth


The business model of a face mask making business can be defined using these 4 variants:


Value proposition: The value which this business is likely to provide to you is

  • Low production and investment cost, easily available raw material and massive sales
  • Wider target audience


Target consumers:

The target consumers that this face mask making business is likely to provide to you is:

  • Health care workers
  • Restaurants, fast food and retail chains
  • MSMEs
  • Labours, workers
  • Airport staff
  • Retail stores and supermarkets

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Competitor review


The competition in this face mask making business is not as aggressive because of the wider target audience so easier to pick a niche and cater to their needs. However few key competitors are

  • The large unorganised sector
  • Nike
  • Puma
  • Adidas
  • Fabindia
  • Johnson and Johnson etc


Marketing strategy:


The marketing strategy that can be implemented by your face mask making business is:

  • Advertising: Through social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, facebook etc
  • Sales promotion: 1 + 1 offers, cash backs, referral discounts etc




The face mask making business has witnessed and has the potential of the following growth prospects

  • The Global respiratory masks has grown from $2,860 million in 2019 to $12,115 million in 2020
  • This face mask making business is expected to grape at CAGR of 23.5% till 2023


Profit margin


The profit margin which this business is likely to yield to you is 20%-50%




Get your face mask on help other get one to and this is why

  • Firstly, with the widespread awareness regarding protection for oneself and others through face masks this business is likely to meet the essential needs of every consumer
  • Secondly, the production costs and large availability of raw materials have made this business get you a massive turnover
  • Lastly, with the ups and down across all the global  economic activities this business will meet more than just your survival needs and is the best time to get started with

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