How to Start Domino’s Franchise In India ?

Domino’s Franchise Overview

The Franchise model is one of the best business models and favourable options for business owners looking to acquire the IP and the name of a brand and taking advantage of their already built-up brand value. There are more than thousands of Franchise options that are available out there to acquire, all belonging to different industries and segments. One of the fastest-moving segments is the industry of Fast-food, and within the said segment, one of the most savoured items by Food lovers is Pizza. Let us dive into the Franchise details of India’s No. 1 Pizza brand, Domino’s.

The brand name requires no introduction, Domino’s franchise is currently the No. 1 Pizza brand in India as per the record sales of 2018. Every Pizza lovers, has once in his/her life savored the taste of the Pizzas that are offered by the Domino’s. Domino’s ranks at No. 1 for the best Pizza chain in the world with an annual sale of more than 6 billion; and is currently on the 9th Rank in the world’s top 10 Restaurant companies. Not just that, the brand also has more than 17000 + units in around 90 countries.

Be it Veg Pizza or Non-veg Pizza, Pizza Mania, and all the sides and beverages, it makes the Domino’s menu filled with different variants and hence a lot of options to choose from for the customers. Another unique feature of Domino’s which has captured the attention of many pizza lovers is their ‘Guaranteed 30 minutes delivery or Free’ offer. Apart from Domino’s, there is no other Pizza brand that can fulfil such an offer and live up to the expectations of Pizza Lovers. With so many Franchise units opening each day, there is a huge scope for Domino’s Franchise units in India.

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Advantages of Acquiring Domino’s Franchise

What more benefits can be greater than being the part of a No. 1 Pizza brand in the world? A Franchisee always looks for opportunities and benefits which can be exploited further to their advantage. The various advantages of acquiring Domino’s Pizza are mentioned as follows.

  • As we discussed above, Domino’s has more than 17000 + units all across the world. The sales records of the past few years have clearly outlined India being one of the biggest and hotspot markets for Domino’s. The number of Franchise units has also increased over the past few years due to the above reason. This becomes a perfect opportunity for new Franchisees to take advantage of the demand and be a part of the same.

  • The ‘Guaranteed Delivery within 30 minutes or Free’ scheme has been a complete hit amongst the Pizza lovers in India. With the introduction of such schemes, having a Franchise unit of Domino’s nearby entices the customer to prefer ordering Pizza from your unit rather than preferring some other brand. With such schemes, it’s only a guess for how many more schemes and offers would be introduced by Domino’s.

  • One of the USP’s of Domino’s is their fast adaptive nature as per the market and the tastes of the people. During the pandemic, Domino’s was one of the first companies to introduce the ‘No contact Delivery’ which had evoked the confidence in the minds of the customers and driven the sales of the company. It is also one of the early companies to take the complete advantage of the online system present in India.

  • The crust, the toppings that are added on the top of Domino’s Pizza are on a different scale than its competitors which is another reason why it holds the No. 1 position in India. Furthermore, with the frequent Commercial done by the brand on various platforms, it becomes easier for Franchise units to attract customers and scale their business.
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Investment Required for Domino’s Franchise

To acquire the Franchise of the No.1 Pizza Brand in the world, one surely has to consider all the benefits and keep in mind the brand value that Domino’s has developed over the years. The investment amount for acquiring Domino’s franchise would depend on the type of unit you acquire. If it is a traditional store, the investment amount goes around 30,00,000 INR. However, if it is a non-traditional store, it goes around 50,00,000 INR.

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Requirements for Starting the Domino’s Franchise

To acquire the Franchise of Domino’s, you need to pass a few of the criterions to be eligible and have your approval process go at a rapid pace. The various requirements are mentioned as follows.

  • There are four types of Outlets that one can open, namely, Traditional stores, non-traditional stores, transitional stores, and license issuing. The investment amount required for acquiring the Franchise of Domino’s would also depend on the type of outlet that you choose.
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  • The minimum area required to be eligible for acquiring Domino’s Franchise also depends on the type of outlet that you choose to open. For example, a Non-traditional store would require a larger area as compared to a traditional store, and so on. The precise area requirement can be discussed with the representatives of the brand.

  • You are required to take the appropriate training which is provided by the brand itself. To maintain the brand value, all the staff members should be familiar with the training, the skills, the art, etc, while commencing the business.

  • You are also required to have experience in the fast-food business before acquiring Domino’s Franchise. This helps you to speed up your approval process.
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Application Process for Domino’s Franchise

To apply for Domino’s Franchise, the only official route to do so is by visiting the official website of ‘Jubilant Food works’. They are the holder of Master Franchise of Domino’s in India. Once you visit the website and surf for ‘Domino’s Franchise’, you would be presented with a form. Once your application is approved, you would be contacted by the concerned team. The official website of Jubilant Food Works is mentioned as follows,


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