How to Start Chai Point Franchise ?

Chai Point Franchise Overview

Chai has been the most famous beverage that is preferred by many Chai lovers. It has been the most savoured beverage which is enjoyed in the morning as well as between office work hours or during break time. It is the taste and the right ingredients of Tea that make this beverage so special. You must have seen many new businesses that are based on Tea and other beverages. Starting a new business that sells or deals with Tea and other substitutes is difficult, however, starting a Franchise of well-known brands that deal with Tea is an option that is worthy to choose. Chai Point Franchise is one of the leading Tea brands that one should definitely consider.

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It is prominent to know the background of a brand whose Franchise you wish to acquire. If we talk about Chai Point Franchise, it is an Indian brand that started its operations in the year 2010 in Bangalore. In the following years, Chai Point had various progress made in their venture, from having an increasing number of outlets, introducing Vada Pao in their menu, manufacturing their own exclusive Chai Point Glasses, and also have a 24 x 7 electric chai outlet at airports. Again, the brand became so famous and known for its unique taste that Chai Point started selling their teas even on Amazon. 

Chai Point is considered to be India’s largest retailer of Chai, they acquire Tea leaves and other ingredients from areas like Darjeeling and Assam. The brand also started dealing in consumable packed goods, that act as a complementary along with Chai and are totally enjoyed by the Chai lovers. In fact, the brand has also facilitated their services from outlets to deliveries under ‘Chai-on-call’. This has helped the brand develop a customer base of more than 3 lakhs customers a day across 8 cities and different regions.

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Benefits of acquiring a Chai Point Franchise in India

Being a well-known brand, Chai Point Franchise would give you a one-side advantage as a Franchise owner as compared to other businesses. However, there are also various other benefits that one needs to be aware of before acquiring the Franchise, they are mentioned as follows. 

  • Franchises are usually acquired by business owners for having the benefit of the brand name and acquiring an already built customer base. By the above information related to Chai Point Franchise, it is crystal clear about the brand value that you would be getting a benefit of. Having such a branded name to back your business would also grant you a good social standing. 
  • One of the uniqueness of Chai Point Franchise outlets is that these outlets are served with a service by the brand itself. The Garden to Glass serving of vacuum-packed tea leaves in biodegradable packets, which makes the experience the same as to enjoying it like the ones at home. 

  •  Another important aspect for a Franchise owner to have his/her business successful is the extensive or good training of their employees or staff. In that regard, Chai Point Franchise has partnered with Mountain Trail Academy that provides services by having the staff members experience good training on how to brew authentic tea and deal with the customers. Hence, the interests of the brand and that of the Franchise owner are maintained and well looked after. 
  • The brand also allows the Franchise owners to have their tie-ups with all the local and nearby stores, as well as offices. This helps outlets to have good business and regular customers for the same. Other than that, this tactic also helps the outlets to have their word spread by their regular customers and ensure a regular flow of income.

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Chai Point Menu

Chai point is famous for its classy chai and serves the best beverage and other items in India. There menu are classified into Hot Chai With Milk, Hot Chai Without Milk, Cold Chai, Combos, Coffee, Shakes & Poppers, All-Day Breakfast, Lassi, Snacks for Chai & Coffee, Peppy Parathas, Maggie & Buns, Quick Meals, Packaged Teas & Snacks. Chai point is famous for serving the best tea in India, it’s menu is further divided into following items.

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Chai Point Franchise Cost

The Amount of investment is always a major concern in a business owner’s mind while thinking to acquire a particular Franchise. Chai Point has many pros or advantages to offer as a Franchise brand to a business owner and compared to the advantages the investment amount goes quite fair. The investment amount for acquiring the Franchise ranges between 25 to 30 Lakhs INR, depending on the type of area and location. This 25 lakh to 30 lakh INR is the ongoing range of chai point franchise cost in india. This is a one-time fee that has to be paid for having Chai Point Franchise. The best part is that irrespective of the location the price of all the items served by Chai Point outlets, remains the same, and hence you can expect to earn your share accordingly.

Requirements for Acquiring Chai Point Franchise in India

The brand offers you its items and various services to ensure that your outlet and your business becomes successful. However, in return, you have to follow or fulfil certain types of requirements in order to maintain the quality and brand value of Chai Point Franchise. The requirements are mentioned as follows. 

  • For having your Chai Point outlet, you require a minimum area of 600 to 800 sq. ft. The location for your outlet should be near the office area, high streets, and tech parks. This ensures that you attract more customers to your outlet. 
  • There is no specific experience required for acquiring the Franchise. However, the brand does expect the Franchise owner and the staff to have the basic and common skills for running the outlet. 
  • In every outlet, the minimum number of staff that is required is at least 4 to 5 members. Apart from the staff requirement, the outlet is also expected to have them trained with MTA (Mountain Trail Academy) and deliver a quality service to the customers. This training is compulsory for the staff members to go for.

Application Process for Chai Point Franchise

There are two ways for applying or enquiring about Chai Point Franchise. One is that you directly visit their head office and do the enquiry. The other method is to visit their official website and go through the contact us page, fill all the information, and wait for their response. Their official website is as follows.


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