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The only services which are required comparatively more during economic, political and other instabilities, have been proven more than just essential during this global pandemic and still remains unaffected to keep up with the documentation demand of the commercial and governmental spaces and the important exchanges among the nation’s population is the courier service.

And there’s this one logistics company who has managed to meet all these needs and become India’s largest logistics and supply chain company delivering 10 million a month to 3800+ pin codes which goes by the name Ekart.

About Ekart


Ekart was initially established as an in-house logistic arm to one of the largest online shopping platform, Flipkart. It is an Indian courier delivery service which delivers shipments, packages, documents and couriers.

Ekart has shipped 85% of the products ordered on Flipkart and has empowered the growth of Flipkart through innovations like cash-on-delivery and in-a-day guarantee (50 cities), same day guarantee (13 cities)


Facts about Ekart


Industry:  Courier


Founder:  2009


Founded:  Flipkart


Headquarters: Bangalore, India


Area served: 3800+ pin codes

Key people: Neeraj Aggarwal and Kalyan Krishnamurthy

Products: Delivery, express mail, third-party logistics

Revenue: ₹ 4422.2 crores

Everything you need to know about Ekart franchise


Unique selling point (USP) : The unique selling point of taking up an Ekart franchise is:

  • It’s affiliation with Flipkart
  • The nature of courier service industry which remains unaffected by any sort of economic and political anomaly

Business model of Ekart:

The business model of Ekart can be defined using these 4 variants

Value proposition: The value proposition which an Ekart franchise is likely to get you is:

  • The brand name and reputation which comes with it’s operations with Flipkart
  • The scale and frequency of operations which are not region specific but country specific, thereby helping you cater a larger to a larger customer base with a minimal investment


Target consumers:  The target consumers for this Ekart franchise would be :

  •  Commercial and governmental offices
  •  Students
  • Entrepreneurs and other working class population
  •  Households
  • Business and law firms
  • Storage and warehouse companies
  • E-commerce platforms


Competitor review: There are barriers to entry in the courier service industry because of the in depth capital and management involved in logistics and supply change management operations. However the main competitors would be:

  • Blue dart
  •  DHL
  • Amazon
  • FedEx


Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy that can be additionally implemented by your Ekart franchise braised the support offered by Ekart could be:

  • Advertising: Paid advertisements on the flight booking pages, e-commerce shopping platforms, billboards etc
  • Sales promotion : Through free shipping charged etc


Benefits of starting an Ekart franchise:


Reputed Tie-ups: With it’s innovation in improving the delivery services for Flipkart users it has recently tied-up with Tata CliQ and Voonik to support the developing courier needs, thereby instilling trust among the consumers

Wider target customer base: Exchange of documents, packages and online shopping  are becoming a routine transaction among consumers backed by ease in delivery services: same day delivery, cash on delivery, digital payment options exercised by companies like Ekart, thereby opening a market to many consumers

Minimal operations: Since Ekart is a logistic and supply chain delivery company with advent of technology tracking the orders, inventory management softwares have made the operations less time consuming and easy to deal with

Easy investment: The franchise of Ekart comes with low investment in terms of capital as well as management with simple terms and conditions to adhere to.

Requirements and qualifications




  • A space requirement of approximately of 400-600 sq ft for storage purpose 


A documentation requirement of the following :

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar card
  • Property papers for owner verification
  • Rental agreement
  • Standard franchise agreement ( which lasts for 4-5 years) 


Also read :




  • To qualify as an Ekart franchise owner required documentation regarding the educational and entrepreneurship status must be provided with
  • For the franchise to qualify as one, proper training to employees by the training facility and support provided by Ekart must be ensured
  • Other accessories in terms of shipping label, barcode scanners, internet connection, printers must be made available.


Investment required to run an Ekart franchise

An Ekart franchise requires an initial investment between ₹50000-1 lakh.

Profits made from Ekart franchise

An Ekart franchise is likely to yield you a reasonable profits which comes from delivering as many as 10 million orders per month.

How to apply for an Ekart franchise


One can apply to the Ekart franchise by the way of putting in a request for the application procedure PDF on their official email address and follow up with them on it if you agree with their terms and conditions



If you are still second guessing yourself as to whether or not to take up this  franchise we’ve got some facts delivered at your door step, here:

  • Firstly, Ekart covers around 6500 pin codes at present having added 300 codes recently thereby providing you the benefit of wider target market
  • Secondly, Ekart’s operations are mostly computerised and thus systematically maintained thereby easing the management while keeping track of the deliveries
  •  Lastly, a minimal security deposit is all what is required to take up this franchise which also fosters high returns from every transaction made.

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