How to start Bojangles franchise in USA

Complete guide to start Bojangles franchise in USA





Bojangles is an American based fast-food chain of restaurants that specializes in Cajun fried chicken. It was ranked #1 chicken restaurant franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine. They specialize in a limited quantity menu of fast-food products. They offer a variety of chicken side items, biscuits and sandwiches all made-from-scratch. At present they have 780+ locations of chicken and biscuit mainly across the Southeast. Its headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. 


In 1977 Bojangles came into existence and started franchising in 1978. Its founders were Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas. In 1983, the company went public on NASDAQ under BOJA. By 2000 they had already set up over 300 restaurants throughout the United States. In 2005 the company unveiled its new logo and were successful in opening its 400th restaurant. At present with over 780+ locations in 14 States they have occupied fourth position in the chain of chicken restaurants in the United States.


Bojangles Franchise Benefits


Bojangles is renowned for its support and benefits, they are best known for its benefits when it comes to franchising. The benefits that Franchises will get are Brand Loyalty, Favorable Condition, Productive Restaurant Base, Diversified Daypart Mix, Healthy Franchisee System, Team Management, Training and much more.


Brand Loyalty: it’s famous for its ironic brand loyalty with a huge following base all over the world.


Favorable Condition: it has occupied fourth position in the fast-growing chicken QSR industry. The favorable conditions are beneficial for newcomers. 


Productive Restaurant Base: it’s highly productive in terms and is leading unit economics. It has a profitable business base in the fast-food sector.


Diversified Daypart Mix: it is leader in breakfast, when every other business group is sleeping its well ahead of them ready to serve its customers with breakfast. 


Healthy Franchisee System: its successful system dates back and has made a history in the healthy Franchisee System.


Team Management: it has a world class team management, inspiring every new talent in this field.


Training: they offer class room as well as on job training. It provides 520 to 1,040 hours On-The-Job training, and 30 hours classroom training.


Bojangles Franchise Requirements



In order to qualify for Bojangles Franchise you need to have a minimum net worth of $1 Million, net liquid assets of $500,000 and some ongoing fee Requirements. Also Check out its initial Franchise Fee in this Rundown.


Net Worth $1,000,000
Liquid assets $500,000
Initial Franchise Fee $20,000 – $35,000
Royalty 4%
Marketing fee3-4%
Renewal50% of Franchise fee


Apart from this you require development interest, successful operational background or you can also hire an operations partner.


Bojangles Franchise Opportunities


The Bojangles franchise came up with Fantastic opportunities. They provide ideal business opportunities for both single and multiple locations. They provide southern flavors in new markets throughout the southeast, Midwest, and Atlantic coast regions. Its business opportunities have created one of the most compelling models in the QSR regions.


Bojangles Franchise Cost


The beginning operation for Bojangles Franchise ranges from $1,906,400 to $3,020,750. The following is the estimated total investment including initial investment and one-time fees.


Expenditure Type LowHigh
Franchise Fee $35,000$35,000
Insurance $5,000$10,000
Pre-opening salaries, travel, living expenses during initial training $98,000$149,000
Site selection $100$10,000
Building $770,000$950,000
Site work $462,000$850,000
Soft costs $60,000$200,000
Equipment, furniture, signage and fixtures.$440,000$600,000
Initial Inventory $13,800$28,750
Utility Deposits & business licenses$2,500$13,000
Additional funds (3 months)$20,000$175,000
Total $1,906,400$3,020,750


Bojangles Franchise Profit


As per its FDD Bojangles franchise makes on average $425,719 in profits per year also a 24% profit margin is in line with the industry.


Profit – Loss Amount ($)% of sales 
COGS$ (560,129)31.1%
Labor$ (516,903)28.7%
Rent$ (118,200)6.5%
Royalty and marketing fees$ (180,106)10.0%





It’s a very profitable business, from 2020-2021 Bojangles showed a growth rate of 390%. As per 2020 reports Bojangles made a median franchise sales of $1,784,899 and in 2021 their median franchise sales were $1,972608. Revealing at an average of a 15% profit it will take around 11 years to recoup your investment.


Media Franchise Sales

Initial investment


%profit margin Estimated Profits



$2,463,57510%$178,48915 years
$2,463,57515%$267,73411 years 
$2,463,57520%$356,9798 years 

Bojangles Menu



Bojangles menu has a special selection of Chicken Sandwich, Biscuit Meals, Family Meals, Boneless chicken Favorites, Signature Bone-In Chicken Meals, Individual, Salads, Kid’s Meals, Fixins, Beverages, Sweets, Extras.


Chicken Sandwich 

Bo’s Chicken Sandwich Combo, 

Bo’s Chicken Sandwich,

Grilled chicken Sandwich Combo.

Biscuit Meals

Cajun Chicken Filet,

Sausage Egg & Cheese,

Bacon, Egg & Cheese 

Sausage & Egg


Egg & Cheese

Southern Gravy 

Family Meals 

8pc Chicken Meal

8pc chicken & 4 Biscuits 

12pc Chicken Meal

12pc Homestyle Tenders Meal

12pc 4 chicken & 8 Homestyle Tenders Meal

20pc 8 chicken & 12 Homestyle Tenders Meal

20pc Chicken Meal

Boneless chicken Favorites 4pc Homestyle Tenders Combo 
Signature Bon-In chicken meals

2pc leg & Thigh

3pc leg & 2 Thighs

2pc Breast & wing

3 wings


Cajun Chicken Filet 

Sausage Egg & Cheese

Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Sausage & Egg


Egg & Cheese

Southern Gravy

Pimento Cheese


Grilled chicken

Homestyle Tenders

Garden salad

Kids Meals

2pc Homestyle Tenders

Chicken leg

Mac n’ cheese kids


Seasoned fries

Bo-Tato Rounds

Dirty Rice

Macaroni & Cheese

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Cajun pintos

Green Beans

Cole Slaw

Pimento Cheese & Spread Tub


Legendary Iced Tea


Diet Pepsi

Mtn Dew

Diet Mtn Dew

Mtn Dew southern shock

Sierra Mist

Tropicana pink Lemonade

White Milk (low-fat)

Chocolate Milk (low-fat)

Simply orange

Premium Coffee





Bo’s special sauce

Honey Mustard


BBQ sauce 


Bojangles Locations


As per December 2022 the number of Bojangles locations are 789 in 14 States. They have franchised as well as company-owned locations, the franchised locations are 391 in number and 263 company-owned, their locations are mainly across the Southeast. 


  • North Carolina has 340 stores for every 30,847, which is about 43% of the total number of Stores.


  • South Carolina has 142 stores for every 36,261, which is about 18% of the total number of Stores.


  • Georgia has 104 stores for every 102,087, which is about 13% of total number of Stores.


Bojangles Franchise Application


Bojangles provide franchise after completing its online process, if you are interested in setting up a Bojangles store,


  • You need to complete its Franchise application.


  • Then you can submit your personal financials for evaluation.


  • Acknowledge receipt & review, complete paperwork of business plan for evaluation also complete Pro Forma for evaluation.


  • Complete a Market visit, at Bojangles support center  attend discovery day and make your future plans clear.


  • Sign & Submit your development agreement.


For further details visit 




Bojangles are looking for loyal owners in order to serve them in new markets. They have a long successful business history, and provide best support to its franchises on every step. They take people that have high gross annual sales. Their search stops near reliable franchisors that have mastered Cajun fried chicken.


The food and beverage industry is very vast and is expanding day by day, if you want to choose an ideal business then Bojangles is best for you. Their appetite for success and growth is all what you need, get started and brighten your business.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

Yes, Bojangles is a franchise, they started franchising in 1978.

The beginning operation for Bojangles Franchise ranges from $1,906,400 to $3,020,750

Jordan company durational Capital Management owns Bojangles. 

Yes it’s a profitable business, Bojangles franchise makes on average $425,719 in profits

A Bojangles Franchise owner nearly makes $78,349 per year.