How to Start MRF Tyres Dealership in India ?


For a new business to be commenced from scratch and survive the overwhelming competition in the market becomes a difficult reality. This is a major reason why business owners look forward to the Franchise model or acquiring the dealership of well-known and established brands in the market. In all types of industries, there are always the big players who offer their Franchise and dealership to the interested candidates who look forward to take advantage of the brand value which the brand has built for years. One of the renowned brands in the market that has been booming for decades is MRF tyres.

The name needs no introduction, MRF is a company that was established in the year 1946. Initially, it operated as a small toy balloon unit, later on, it became the most renowned and most used tyres brand in India. Today, the majority of the vehicles run with tyres of MRF, the brand has almost taken a monopoly in the said industry and is the first choice of millions of people on the basis of goodwill and trust. The success story of MRF tyres dealership has brought a huge change in the automobile industry as well. Any new car-owner would look out for MRF tyres as his/her first choice.

MRF produces the largest number of tyres in India, but in the bigger picture, it also ranks in the 14th position as the largest manufacturer of tyres in the world. However, most of us only regard MRF for its tyres, the company also produces various other ancillaries in the market and dominates in almost all of them. Apart from tyres, MRF also deals in conveyer belts, toys, tubes, treads, industrial paints, cricket accessories, and so on.

Advantages of Acquiring MRF Tyres Dealership

It is quite obvious, that you would benefit immensely from the dealership of MRF Tyres due to its brand value in the market. MRF has been a huge player in the market for many decades and hence it is India’s most trusted brand. Which gives dealers a clear advantage. The various other benefits are mentioned as follows.

  • As a Franchise or a dealership owner, you are expected to allocate a few of your funds in the marketing and awareness of your brand even if it is a known company. However, in the case of MRF Tyres dealership you do not require to do even small-scale marketing for your business. The brand has already survived decades and created huge trust as well as goodwill in the minds of people.

  • As we already discussed above, MRF Tyres is the most used tyre on which lakhs of vehicles run on the road. It is the first choice of every new car owner and hence it becomes very easy for you to acquire a customer base. It is only in the case of a few brands where the customers come looking for your services on their own.

  • MRF Tyres is not just limited to one variant, in fact, MRF provides the widest range of Tyres to all the different types of segments which are out there. In terms of manufacturing, they deal with different segments that include vehicles such as heavy-duty trucks and buses, light commercial vehicles, earthmovers, forklifts, tractors, trailers, cars, motorcycles, and scooters, as well as auto-rickshaws.

  • Every MRF tyre is said to last for a period of two to four years depending on the usage of the vehicle. This gives every dealer an opportunity to acquire repetitive customers in a short period of time. MRF Tyres is also in the manufacturing of various other segments such as conveyer belts, tubes, treads, and so on. This again offers dealers a wide range of segments through which they can earn profits.

Investment Required

Usually, a brand having such an established value and goodwill in the market comes at a very high price. MRF has been the biggest player in the Tyres segment since the 1980’s and is the largest producer of Tyres in the country. However, the brand offers dealerships at a low-price high-profit model, considering all the benefits that are derived from acquiring the dealership.

The initial investment goes for around 10 Lakhs INR to acquire the dealership. However, your investment amount can extend up to 23 lakhs INR which is usually spent on the equipment and the machinery which would be necessary for commencing your business. Hence, compared to the established brand value in the market, the investment amount goes quite less.

Requirements for Starting

To have a dealership of such a renowned brand, there are certain eligibility criterions that one has to fulfil in order to maintain the standard of the brand as a dealership owner. The various requirements are mentioned as follows.

  • Every Franchise unit or dealership unit requires a certain area to commence the business. MRF Tyres recommends and lists the minimum area requirement to be at least 4000 sq. ft. of the total area in a given location.
  • There is no precise mention of the minimum number of employees that are necessary at every dealership unit. You can hire employees that are suitable to cover an area of around 4000 sq. ft. All the employees receive training from the brand which helps you to scale your business.
  •  Although it is not a compulsion, however, the brand prefers having the interested candidate to have experience in the Tyre industry.

Application Process

The best manner to apply for MRF Dealership and avoiding any hassle work is to visit their official website and fill the application form. Once you visit the website and fill up the form, you would be asked for various details which include your name, address, information, etc. You would also be asked to submit certain documents with regard to your financial information. Once it is reviewed by the staff of MRF Tyres, you are contacted by them. The official website of MRF Tyres is mentioned as follows,

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