How to start The UPS Store Franchise in USA

Complete Guide to Start The UPS Store Franchise in USA 



When it comes to packaging, shipping, printing and business services franchising, UPS Store manages it all. UPS Store Franchise provides all logistical and practical marketing needs for businesses. Their scope of services includes packing and shipping, bookkeeping and accounting, and much more.


They provide a wide range of authorized products and services, opportunities for small- business ownerships, home office workers and busy consumers. This American based franchise company has been experienced as, most rewarding business decision with a First hand franchising experience from the past 40 years and managing a network of 5,000 locations across the U.S as well as in other countries.


The story of the UPS Store started in 1980 under the name, Mailboxes Etc. With a rapid growth in business its founders sold their first franchise and later they changed its location and opened it in San, Diego, California. The UPS store franchise hit 5000 score count in 2017. From that the business showed an unexpected pace and Entrepreneur Magazine rated the UPS Store in top 25 fastest-growing franchise brands. Its headquarter is in San Diego, California and is led by Tim Davis currently. 


The UPS Store Franchise Benefits


The UPS Store Franchise is full of benefits, they will benefit your business in many ways. It’s not only about starting a business they provide essential business products & services. 


  • Its National Advertising and Marketing campaign benefits business awareness. 


  • Their 10 day training program focuses on providing world-class training to new franchisees.


  • They provide dedicated support and tools to operate and grow your business.


  • They focus on Corporate Retail Solutions in order to bring more business inside the franchise.


  • They offer a reduction in fee and top training to help you expand.


Once you are in, the brand provides world-class training and helps you successfully launch a new location. In order to make development in the store they provide the best tools and come up with new ideas and procedures to drive your traffic. Apart from this they train their newcomers and support them fully.


The UPS Store Franchise Requirements


To open the UPS Store Franchise you need to keep certain requirements in consideration. To start up costs with The UPS Store Franchise you need to have at least liquid assets that range from $75,000 -$125,000. A co-worker will also assist you in case of trouble in requirement and financing.


Liquid capital $75,000 – $125,000
Initial Franchise Free $9,950 – $29,950

The UPS Store Franchise Opportunities



With over 40 years of experience, The UPS Store Franchise has provided thousands of owners with the best opportunity that will fit your personality and profession. From new to experienced owners, small towns to large cities locations, every franchise owner has experienced The UPS Store Franchise opportunity. 


  • Traditional Centers of The UPS Store Franchise focus on bringing many services to small businesses and consumers. They come with an offer of multi-unit ownership opportunities. 


  • The UPS Store Franchise provides excellent opportunities in Rural centers. They make sure that rural centers are also enjoying the best services that are provided in large cities. They also provide fee relaxation in rural areas due to lower cost living.


  • They also launched a store in store module to establish centers within other businesses. 


  • To monitor and track packages The UPS Store set up centers on college campuses also.


  • They provide opportunities of mailing and shipping on Military Bases with a view of staying in touch with loved ones. 


  • They have opportunities for retired employees, minority sections, and for women as well.


The UPS Store Franchise Cost


To open a The UPS Store Franchise, the upfront fee that needs to get cleared before opening a store is $29,950. You can  invest according to the format chosen. 


  • Traditional Location: $240,959 – $508,472


  • Rural Location: $206,423 – $459,136


  • Store in Store Locations: $80,357 – $216,148 


They give a relaxation in fee and reduce it to $19,950 for second and subsequent franchise locations. In the free relaxation process, the fee is further reduced to $14950 for, “Underserved Groups”. UPS stores have two basic designs, Blue Horizon and TUPSS 2000.


Initial Franchise Fee29,950

Initial Marketing Plan 

Digital Fee

Site Survey 




Center Development Fee

Initial Training Fees


6000 – 6,800

Travel & Living Expenses 3,000 – 4,000/ person
Site Rent & Security Deposits 4,500 -18,000
Leasehold improvements, construction costs, Signage, Furniture & Decor Items104,741 – 265,838



8,460 – 11,163
Optional Locker Fixture 0 – 12,616
Optional Locker Annual Subscription Arrangement0 – 1,428
Digital Media3,200 – 6,452
Optional Keyless Entry 0 – 845
Annual technology Development & Support fee2,304


Printer Lease 

3,489 – 5,489

1,248 – 3,096

Other Equipment 9,887 – 37,236
Start-up supplies 6,180 – 9,155
Utility Deposits900 – 3,000
Insurance 1,000 – 5,000
Subtotal 200,959 – 438472
Additional Funds -3 months40,000 – 70,000
Total240,959 – 580,472


The UPS Store Franchise Profit



The UPS Store Franchise is a profitable Business. It’s estimated that in 2021 the company was able to generate a net income of $12.89 billion. The profit varies depending on the location, the size and other services to be offered. The investment return is profitable, the more franchises you own, the more profit you gain.


Income Statement

Revenue                                                                                                  97,287

Operating Expenses:

Compensation & Benefits 46,707
Repairs & Amortization 2,443
Depreciation and amortization 2,953
Purchases Transportation 19,058
Other Occupancy 1,698
Other Expenses 7,771
Total operating expenses 84,477
Operating profit12,810

Other Income and Expenses:

Investment income & others4,479
Interest Expense (694)
Total other income & Expense3,785
Income Before income tax 16,595
Income tax expense 3,705
Net income 12,890


The UPS Store Franchise Complaints


With a network of 5000 stores, it’s not easy to manage everything, so many times UPS Store has faced many complaints from the store owners. 


  • Money Making: The Franchise Owners have complaints against The UPS Store, that they haven’t been able to make money because they were undermined by the company. The owners further added that UPS Store Franchise were forcing the owners. A case has also been filed against The UPS Store Franchise in district court Los Angeles.


  • Business Model: The Franchise Owners claimed that the business model of UPS Store Franchise is good for nothing. It turned out to be a great disaster for franchisees. 


  • UPS Website: they claimed that their website permits customers to pay online, and drop packages for free. The customers pay directly and the store depends on UPA for those free packages. 


  • Profit: The UPA has reduced stores profitability, they blamed that they are not able to meet the ends. They only want to get some money from their initial investment. 


  • Investment: the owners claim that their investment should be refunded because they have lost everything in this business. 


  • Shipping: the owners are very upset with the shipping because they were losing money. They are very disappointed with over billing shipping rates.


The UPS Store Franchise Application


You need to complete the online form Inorder to apply for The UPS Store Franchise Franchise. 


  • Fill your details in the form provided by The UPS Store Franchise. After adding your details, submit it.


  • They will first fix an interview.


  • They will complete franchise disclosure.


  • They will give you validation and due diligence.


  • Then Financial Submitted.


  • Executive interview.


In addition to this you can email them on  




Quick expansion of The UPS Store Franchise speaks everything about its success in the industry. Its outlets are consistently growing and its mailing and shipping service is attracting new as well as white collar investors. Their objective to bring cities, countries and families closer, is a very interesting and always a safe investment. Its endless expansion and objectives is attracting customers and turning it into a leading place. Franchise owners are satisfied as well as have complaints about services. Despite that, it is one of the leading store markets. 


The UPS Store Franchise is accessible by clearing initial investment and costs before setting up. Its net profit is growing continuously and its Franchise model ensures the success of outlets. Their concept of traditional, rural and store in store location fee is helping them in dominating each corner. They are giving tough competition to their competitors. In this era of changing landscape The UPS Store Franchise is working endlessly. In this competitive world their leadership is steady and it’s hard to reach their crown. Therefore starting The UPS Store Franchise in the USA is profitable and worth investing.


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

The UPS Store Franchise is a profitable investment, your investment return is profitable.

The UPS Store is a good franchise opportunity, because they help you in every possible way to grow.

The UPS Store Franchise is a profitable business, In 2021 it’s net income was $12.89 billion.

The initial UPS Store Franchise cost is $29950, but this cost vary from Traditional to Rural and Store in Store locations.

The UPS Store Owner makes a national average of below 36% per year which is $50,000 but It vary, depending on location and the range of dollars per parcel. Reach out to the owners to know the exact figure.