How to Start LINQ Store Franchise in India ?


In this digital age, there are various businesses of different industries and segments carrying on and booming in the market. It becomes difficult for an individual to select the right segment and the right business model when it comes to starting a new venture. Even in the Franchise model, business owners no longer look just at the brand value but also at various other factors before acquiring the Franchise of a brand. But what if a Franchise offers you to partner up with huge companies like Amazon? LINQ store franchise offers a franchise model where businesses can be a one-stop solution when it comes to E-commerce.

As we read above, LINQ Store offers the franchise unitholders to be a one-stop solution for all the customers when it comes to purchasing from E-commerce websites. LINQ store covers various segments under one roof such as travel, money transfer, insurance, matrimony, retail, healthcare, and various other sectors as well. This becomes helpful for all types of customers who prefer having their shopping done at an offline store instead of buying from online websites.

The concept of the LINQ store is to have all the major brand’s services and products in one place and give customers an offline experience for the same products which they buy from E-commerce stores. They also provide a display of a few sample products, so that the customers can have a feel and experience of the product they wish to have. Once a customer steps up in the store, he/she is greeted by a LINQ store assistant who helps them to browse through all the websites and get the best deal for the customer.


As we discussed above, almost every Franchise offers the benefit of the brand value to the unitholder, however, business owners now look for even more benefits for the scaling of their business. LINQ store being a one-stop solution offers multiple benefits to individuals, most of the benefits are mentioned as follows.

  •  The primary benefit which the business owners get an advantage over is the different segments and tie-ups which the brand has with other huge brands. This includes giant companies like Amazon, NetMeds, Hitachi, etc. Having your brand associated with such huge brand names and the various products and services which they offer, helps you to build a huge customer base in a short time.
  •  One of the important concerns for business owners, especially in Franchise is the inventory management or the storage facilities which would be required. However, despite being associated and tied-up with so many brands under one store, you are not required to maintain any major inventory or store products in the store. You just need to display a few of the sample products for display, the product reaches your store as per the customer’s demand.
  •  In most of the rural areas and for a population range that does not prefer online shopping but rather the feels of an offline experience, the LINQ store offers a promising future in the digital world. Such a concept, not only helps the giant companies to reach the developing parts of the country but it also helps to reach the population who are not well-versed with how online shopping works.
  •  One of the crucial points of starting a business is the profit that can be earned by acquiring the Franchise. Luckily, the LINQ store offers a huge diversity of portfolios where business owners can offer and earn through a wide range of products. The commission rate which is offered by the brand to its unitholders is also a good percentage of the profit which ensures that they reach their break-even point within 5 to 6 months.

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Investment Required

Every opportunity has a price to pay for. LINQ Store Franchise being a unique concept in the market, which acts as an aggregate of all the major brands and sectors has various benefits to offer to the interested individuals. LINQ store offers a high profit low-cost model to its Franchise holders and compared to the benefits which are being received, the investment amount is quite less. The total investment required for acquiring the LINQ store franchise is around 2.5 Lakhs INR. The brand fee includes 60000 INR and the rest of the capital is considered for other miscellaneous expenses. In return, the brand provides a royalty commission of around 10 % profit to the franchise unitholder.


As you are the business owner of a unit that deals as an aggregator, there are certain conditions which have to be fulfilled by you as a unitholder. LINQ Store does not ask for any special requirements, the major ones are mentioned as follows.

  • The minimum area required for having a LINQ store franchise outlet in a region is around 150 sq. ft. to 250 sq. ft. The unit has to be situated in a commercial area and not a residential place. The preferred location is any type of main market region which ensures good business.
  • There is no specific mention of the number of staff members which would be required for starting this business. The training to the staff members is provided by the representatives of the brand. However, there should always be one member available to assist in the shop at all times.

Application Process

The easiest way to apply for LINQ store Franchise would be to visit its official website and browse through the various details that are mentioned. On visiting the website, you would also find the structure in depth and get more detail on how the framework works and how you earn the commission. The other method is to directly download their app and follow the simple details which are mentioned there. The official website of the LINQ store is mentioned as follows.

Official Website:

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