How to Start Tibbs Frankie Franchise ?

Tibbs Frankie Franchise A Step by Step Overview

Choosing the right industry and the sector within the industry is an important decision to take as the success of your venture would depend on the potential and the future of the industry. Out of the many industries and sectors, the fast-food sector has seen a good demand in the market due to its popularity and varieties. The fast-food sector comprises of various items, be it Frankie, sandwiches, pizzas, and so on. If we focus specifically on Frankie, the scope of it in Indian markets is huge and the brand standing on the top in this field is Tibbs Frankie.

Having its origins right from the year 1969, Tibbs Frankie has made a huge name for itself in the Indian market by understanding the taste that people expected. The brand has more than 300 + outlets in more than 15 + major cities in India. The brand also has international expansion plans and has its presence in countries like Dubai, UK, and so on. Despite being an international player, although on a small scale, the company has not given up on its traditional or domestic taste that is savoured by the Indian food lovers.

The USP of Tibbs Frankie is the unique and secret masala formula that is being used by the brand in the Frankie that they offer. This secret masala was developed by the late founder and his wife and now remains the main and the special ingredient of the brand. They offer both veg and non-veg Frankie and hence they have a wide range of Frankie to sell to their customers as per the demand. The brand has a big vision where they are looking for expansions on national and even international levels. For every mall that you visit in the major cities of India, you would find Tibbs Frankie.

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Advantages of Starting Tibbs Frankie Franchise

As a potential Franchise unitholder of a brand you should be aware about the various advantages that can be derived from the company. The various advantages of starting Tibbs Frankie franchise is mentioned as follows.

  • The foremost advantage is the variety of Frankie that is being provided by the brand to all its customers. For the best reasons and outcome, Tibbs Frankie offers both veg and non-veg Frankie, which clearly speaks about how they understand the Indian markets and its taste preference. With such a wide range of menu, it makes a customer only drool about which Frankie he/she should go for. Thus, a wide range of menu helps you to secure more customers and make more business thereby resulting in good profits.

  • The significant USP that has been keeping the brand going on since almost three or more decades in the Indian markets, and now even in the international markets is its secret masala. Anyone who has ever tried Tibbs Frankie is aware of the Tibbs Frankie secret masala, the recipe of which is strictly confidential and unknown. It is the masala that has won the hearts of many customers that prefer savouring the Frankie of Tibbs Frankie. In all types of Frankie, the masala prepared by them remains the constant attraction for its customers, something that can never be competed with.

  •  For every brand it is not just the brand value or a wide range of menu that would help them gain customers. They also have to consider the affordability range, especially in Indian markets where most of the people are from a middle-class family. However, Tibbs Frankie, although unique in itself, are priced at a very affordable and competitive price. Having such a delicious Frankie at such an affordable price is what makes it more popular among the customers.

  • The support system that is being provided by the company to its franchise unitholders is really a blessing for all the individuals. Be it training, guidance, pre-franchise support, post-operations support, the brand is always ready to help. They offer a high profit low investment model which is one of the crucial factors that an individual is looking for while selecting a brand.

Investment Required 

At the moment, Tibbs Frankie offers only one type of Franchise model and it is also very specific about the locations. The total investment required for starting Tibbs Franchise is between 3 to 5 Lakhs INR. This investment covers everything, be it the franchise fee, the equipment, training, etc. As compared to the investment amount of other fast-food brands, the investment is very less.

The expected return on investment for Tibbs Frankie franchise is within 6 to 12 months. The profit percentage is disclosed while you are signing the franchise agreement.

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To become a unitholder of a brand, you are expected to follow the guidelines mentioned by them and also fulfil the requirements that are listed by the brand to become a part of them. The various requirements for starting a Tibbs Frankie franchise are mentioned as follows.

  • The minimum area required for starting Tibbs Frankie Franchise ranges between 50 to 150 sq. ft. of area. However, two franchise outlets of Tibbs Frankie cannot be within a close range. Furthermore, it is also expected that the said location is at a mall, high-street market, or a crowded place.
  • You need previous experience in the Franchise business to be eligible for acquiring Tibbs Frankie franchise. If you don’t have prior experience, the brand expects that you would have at least the basic knowledge with regard to the management, marketing skills, and so on.
  • There is no specific mention about the minimum number of employees, however, you would require at least 2 to 3 employees at every outlet and all of them should take the adequate training that is provided by the brand.

Application Process

There are various ways through which one can contact the brand for Franchise, such as visiting the head office or the official website. The easiest way is to head to their official website and fill the Franchise form. You would be later contacted by the representatives of the brand and the process would scale further. The official website of the brand is as follows.

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