How to Start Teas and Wishes Franchise in India ?


A cup of hot tea is every Indian’s start-off beverage right from the beginning of the day to the end of it. It is said that after Water, Tea is the most consumed beverage, all across the world. Be it office breaks, lecture bunks, outings, etc, the consumption of tea remains a constant choice among many people. It is considered as a magical drink that is a stress buster, mood enhancer, and also an immunity booster. Today, we can see many known Franchise which deals with this beverage, one of the well-known brands is the Teas and Wishes Franchise.

Teas and Wishes brand provide different types of Teas and flavours which helps them to cover all the different age groups. Their speciality is to have a variety of flavours which make up even with the changing seasons and taste. With understanding the tropical climate of India, they have catered their menu and their servings which would scale the business in any region of our country. You can always find them adding up new flavours and variants which adds up to their ability to constantly serving their customers and matching up their expectations.

Apart from matching the taste of all the age groups, the Teas and Wishes brand also focuses on reaching all the classes of society. Their menu ranges from items that cost as low as Rs.10, this becomes affordable for even people who range in the lower class. The brand strictly believes in the policy of “Everything Made Fresh & Live” this helps them to build a loyal customer base and serve them a unique experience. They deal with teas, freshers, coolers, milkshakes, along with various usual snacks as an add-on.

Advantages of Acquiring Teas and Wishes Franchise

It is the benefits and the pros of a brand that attracts the customers as well as the unitholders to acquire its Franchise. Apart from the different flavours and a wide range of menu, Teas and Wishes also offers various other benefits which are mentioned as follows.

  • The Start-up kit which is provided by the brand to its Franchise holders covers almost all the necessary equipment and items required for branding and marketing your unit. Their Start-up kit includes all the marketing and decorative boards, all the necessary plastic materials, and steel items that are required while engaging in the business.

  • The brand also provides all the electrical appliances which are costly and also crucial for running your business. The important thing to note for is that they provide all the branded and well-known electrical appliances such as deep freezer, induction stove, refrigerator, fruit mixer, and so on.

  • The brand has seen itself developing a loyal customer base by dealing with Tea and beverages made out naturally. They do not believe in adding premix and essence-based powders which have helped them to develop their brand value as with their natural tea they focus more on the health of the customers rather than the profits.

  • As we discussed above, with such a wide range of menus ranging from flavoured teas, coolers, milkshakes, and so on, it reaches every type of customer. Even the menu becomes budget-friendly for people belonging to all types of classes. This helps the Franchise holders to reach and develop a huge customer base without any hassle.

Investment Required

Teas and Wishes brand provide a low-cost high-profit Franchise model for individuals who wish to acquire its Franchise. The Franchise fee which they charge covers all the aspects right from brand fee, marketing fee, and the cost of all the various equipment which are provided by them in the start-up kit such as branded refrigerator, induction stove, deep freezer, and so on. The total investment which is required for starting the Tea and Wishes Franchise goes around 3,25,000 INR + GST. However, franchise owners would have to bear the rest of the cost such as the interior decoration and all the other necessary expenses which are not covered in the start-up kit by the brand.

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The brand provides for various equipment, ingredients, and items in the start-up kit, however, to qualify for setting up a unit franchise, one must fulfil a few of the requirements which are mentioned by the brand. The necessary requirements are as follows.

  • Every unit must have 2 or 3 staff members who would look after the unit and serve the customers with enthusiasm. The brand offers training programs to train all the staff members. They have 2 training programs; one is where all the staff members travel to their head office and get training for free or the other where a representative would travel to their unit and train for 10000 INR.

  • The minimum area required for starting Teas and Wishes Franchise is around 150 sq. ft. but the brand recommends having a unit that has a minimum of 180 sq. ft to 200 sq. ft of area. This gives you enough space to work on for a better interior design.

  • The brand also expects the Franchise owner to work on all the painting, furniture, design, and interior of the unit. This is excluded from the Franchise fee and is to be handled by the Franchise owner. The interior design of the unit may range between 50,000 INR to 1,00,000 INR.

Application process

To apply and reach out to the representatives of the Teas and Wishes brand, Please visit their official facebook account and contact them for more details

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