How to Start RealMe Franchise In India ?


It is already an obvious fact to everyone about how the mobile industry has brought a tremendous change in the economy and also in the market. With the age of digitalization, every person holds a desire to own a smartphone in this generation and make use of the latest technologies that are offered by them. Business owners have been seen evolving their business or driving them more towards the tech world, however, having or forming a new brand of their own is a difficult task to go for. However, there have been many brands that belong to the mobile industry and also offer their Franchise for business looking for the same. One such well-known brand is RealMe Franchise.

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About RealMe Franchise

With the origin of the company in China, RealMe was founded by Mr. Sky Li in the year 2018. As soon as the announcement of the product launch was released in the news and social media it became an instant hit among people, especially the younger generation. RealMe phones came with all the unique and the recent features that were needed and expected by the customers at a price that was affordable to them. In fact, data from the company suggests that in India, during the festival of Diwali and the ongoing offers, RealMe mobiles were sold in huge quantities, the number going up to 1 million smartphones within just 3 days of the festival.  

The brand has not just scaled the ranks of competition in the Indian market but many other foreign markets as well. For instance, the company also accounts for a record-breaking sale in Lazada, Southeast Asia. With such an overwhelming response, the company has also extended its operations in various other countries such as Thailand, Pakistan, Egypt, Malaysia, and so on. To ease up the business of Franchise owners, RealMe also offers them with various types of Franchise options to go with, and hence business owners can select a particular according to their capacity or potential.

Benefits of Acquiring

RealMe has been a well-known sensation in the mobile world with its huge success in countries like India and entrance into other foreign markets. However, apart from their many USPs, RealMe also has some benefits which are in favour of the Franchise owners looking to promote the brand.

  • The first benefit that should be considered by business owners on account of acquiring the Franchise of RealMe is their brand value. RealMe, as discussed above, has become one of the most top-selling mobiles in India and has received a global recognition and acknowledgement amongst all the people. This factor is enough to convince almost any person about the credibility of the brand. 

  • The survival or rather the success of a brand depends more upon the planning of a brand related to its products, features, developments, and any expansions. RealMe, with its continuous and fabulous facilities and research, keep on increasing the features of their phones, which keeps on attracting the younger generation and increase their sales.  
  • The Return on Investment or rather the profit which can be earned through the RealMe franchise is quite fast and reliable for Franchise owners. It is said that the yearly growth of RealMe goes for around 157% of the rate, this number is huge enough to suffice that the brand promises a great future for all those who are associated with it. 

  • Lastly, you do not have to worry about any marketing or promotion. RealMe being a renowned brand takes care of all the promotional activities by itself. With various awards or titles such as ‘Best Smartphone Design”, “Most Loved Brand” and “No.1 Emerging Smartphone” etc, the brand speaks for itself.

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Investment Required for Acquiring

For a brand which such a renowned name and huge sales number to display, the probable thought would be that the investment amount is higher as compared to other brands. However, RealMe offers different types of Franchise, which suits the need or liking of all the Franchise owners. Hence, the investment amount varies on the type of Franchise that is chosen by an individual. RealMe offers four types of options which are RealMe Stores, RealMe distributors, RealMe Dealers, and RealMe Service Centres. To sum it up in a bottom-line, it can be said that the investment amount would range between 2 Lakhs INR to 20 Lakhs INR depending on the type of Franchise that is chosen.

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Requirements to Start

If we talk about the eligibility criteria for acquiring the Franchise of the RealMe brand, then there are not many points or obligations to look for. Apart from the minimum staff requirement, and the area requirement (which depends on the type of Franchise that you choose), the rest of the requirements are as follows. 

  • This point may not imply any type of specific requirement, however, while acquiring Franchise, most of the Franchise owners are required to have some experience in the field. But, for RealMe Franchise there is no requirement to have any previous experience in the field, in case any individual does, it would help you to acquire it sooner. 

  • There is no mention of the minimum requirement of staff members at the outlet, however, all staff members are required to attend the training module which is provided by the representatives of the RealMe brand. These training help you to carry your business efficiently.

Application Process

 Having all your formalities up to the mark, it is then time to apply for the Franchise and take the process further. To have a smooth process of applying, it would be recommended to visit their official website and fill the application form. Once your form is submitted with the crucial details, it would be reviewed by the team of RealMe. If they find your eligible and suitable for the Franchise, they would then have a telephonic conversation with you and then an official meet at your store. The official website of RealMe is as follows.

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