How to Start Momomia Franchise In India ?


Over the years, one of the booming sectors in the market is that of the fast-food chains. No matter what the season, time, crisis, people’s love for fast-food items has never receded, in fact with the innovative and new flavours brought up by brands in their respective fields, the people’s taste and love have developed further for the same. If we talk about the Franchise business, most of the Franchise which is acquired in recent years are related to brands that deal in Fast-food. When it comes to Momos, Momomia Franchise has been one of the most growing and well-known brands in India.

Momomia aims at targeting the Youth of our nation and serving them with the best possible Momos with different tastes, flavours, and at an affordable price. One of their dedicated mindsets can be observed with their efforts in creating special types of flavours at an affordable rate that would match the taste of all the youths, be it teenagers, college-goers, etc. Despite their major segmentation being concentrated on Youth, the brand also claims that they have received a huge response even among the elders who have developed a taste for their Momos.

The primary vision of Momomia Franchise is to become one of the largest chains of Momos in India, along with that, the brand also aims at creating and providing many job opportunities in the country through achieving the former goal. The brand is not only focused to target Youth as an audience for business but it is also indulged in providing the same youth with job opportunities in the future. The reason behind their growing operation is the different flavours they introduce and the ways of innovating their product which is instantly liked by the people at large.

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Advantages of Momomia Franchise

Every brand has its own unique advantages to offer to the potential candidates wishing to acquire the Franchise. If we talk about Momomia Franchise, despite being new in the industry, the brand offers various pros and also additional support, the same is mentioned as follows. 

  • The assistance which is offered by the brand to new Franchise owners is one of the greatest advantages that an individual has. The brand assists individuals with the design and layout of the store, with the site selection, the purchase of in-store fixtures, the additional supply of the merchandise which is required, and even with the launch of the store.

  • The brand also provides the unit owner with additional support such as the training which is required to run the unit, with the purchase and usage of various computer software and terminal. It also assists the Franchise owner with all the inventory management issues and how to deal with the same effectively. 

  • Another advantage which an individual may consider while or before acquiring the Franchise of Momomia is the brand value which it has developed in such a short period of time. You can find various positive reviews and feedbacks from customers on social media for their experience with Momomia, this all adds up to the brand value. 

  •  It offers low investment and high-profit concept for Franchise owners. As compared to other brands dealing in the same industry, Momomia offers the interested candidates with their Franchise at a nominal investment and in return provides good returns in the long run.

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Investment Required

Investment is the primary concern for all business owners before acquiring a Franchise. As for Momomia Franchise, there is no specific mention about the investment amount required by an individual who is wishing to acquire its Franchise. You can only figure out the exact investment amount which is required by getting in contact with the representatives of the brand. However, the average investment which is necessary is around 3 to 8 lakhs INR, depending on the type of Franchise that you acquire. They offer two types of models which are the dine-in model and takeaway Franchise. The Franchise fee goes for around 2 Lakhs INR and the royalty fees are around 5% of the total sales that you make.

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Certain conditions are required to be met with by a business owner who wishes to acquire the Franchise of Momomia. The major requirements which one should be aware of are mentioned as follows. 

  • If we talk about the minimum area that is required for a business owner to have for starting a Momomia Unit, it is at least 120 sq. ft. It is unclear if the same area mentioned is allowed for both the models, i.e., the dine-in model and the takeaway model. However, the required area should at least range between 120 sq. ft to 150 sq. ft. 

  • There is no precise mention from the brand regarding the expertise or any experience which is required by the interested individual to have in the field of fast-food items. Even if you have no knowledge in the concerned industry, you can still acquire their Franchise.

  • If you are planning to have a dine-in model or a restaurant model of Momomia Franchise then you are required to invest or spend for the restaurant setup cost. The recommended Restaurant setup cost by the brand is at least 4 lakhs INR, where the brand takes care of all the things.

  • There is no mention about the minimum staff which is required at each unit, however, it is compulsory for all of them to take training from the representatives of the brand and implement accordingly.

Application Process

To apply for Momomia Franchise, one may directly visit the official website of the brand. It is the easiest way to acquire their Franchise and quicken the process, you can also visit their office. Once you visit their website, you will find various ways to contact them, either through phone or email. The official website of Momomia Franchise is mentioned as follows,

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