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The food industry saw a major change way back with the introduction of what became a sector in itself which was called as ‘Desserts’. Be it shakes, milkshakes, cakes, cookies, frozen desserts, etc., have won the heart of many Indian citizens, especially the teenage generation with their taste. When the word ‘milkshake’ turns up, the first brand that comes to the mind of the Indian foodies is the milkshakes served by the Keventers brand. Keventers is a brand that has its presence for more than a century and it keeps on fulfilling the taste of its customers.

From what started as a business driving its sales from dairy products way back in 1900’s, has now became a brand that offers enticing and mouth-watering milkshakes to its customers. In a manner, Keventers is a century-old brand that started as a dairy and then recently entered into the milkshakes category. It is thanks to Keventers that the Indian customers, especially the young ones have a fancy for the milkshakes. It is not just the quality and the different flavors of the milkshakes which have attracted the brand’s customers but also the manner in which they serve.

The brand serves its milkshakes in small glass bottles which have its name engraved on the bottle. This not only displays its professionalism, but also the personalization and branding which seems to have pulled many customers. The idea of serving milkshakes in retro bottles makes it look like a lost antiquity, giving it a vintage feel, thereby surprising the young ones and making it nostalgic for the old ones. The customers are also free to reuse the personalized type of retro bottles after finishing their milkshakes, this further promotes and adds as one of the important unique selling points for the brand.


Advantages of Starting

A century year old brand already has a lot of benefits in itself to offer to all its unitholders. Although Keventers totally stands out in the market, there are various advantages that the unitholders can enjoy by being a part of the brand. The various USP’s of Keventers band are mentioned as follows.

  • One of the important USP of Keventers brand is the quick service that it provides to its customers. For every customer, the service that is provided by a brand makes a lasting impression, one which could be a double-edged sword if not done well. In the case of Keventers, it has always kept its customers happy by providing their milkshakes within a very short span of time from the order. Within a few minutes, customers are offered with a delicious tasting milkshake.

  • The variety of flavours that the brand has to offer to its customers is another advantage of starting a Keventers unit. The ideal surprise is that almost all the flavours of the brand are preferred and loved by the customer. The quality of the milkshake is never compromised at any point. Even the taste, although it varies in a manner for all the different flavours, it is still enjoyable and savoured by all the customers. This makes it easy for a unitholder to make sales.

  • As a unitholder, an individual is always concerned about the marketing of the brand. Keventers, being a century-old brand in the market, has made an indisputable brand name in its sector. With the high quality of services and training that is being given by the brand, it becomes easy for the unitholders to gain knowledge and awareness about how to run their business smoothly. The brand also provides constant support to its unitholder in all the events, whenever it is necessary.

  • The most standing-out USP of Keventers is the retro bottles in which they serve the milkshakes to its customers. The retro bottles concept is something that catches the eye of young ones as well as the old ones. It gives a vintage feeling to the customers and also raises the curiosity in their minds. The brand has always made it a point to invest in personalization and making its own way towards developing its brand value.

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Investment Required

It would be fair to declare that Keventers being just a brand offering milkshakes, almost has the monopoly in its sector. The total investment that is required by an interested candidate to pay for acquiring the Franchise of Keventers ranges between 25 to 30 Lakhs INR. This investment includes 9 lakhs INR being the franchise fee of Keventers, the cost of contractor being 8 lakhs INR, and the marketing and miscellaneous expenses summing up to the rest of the amount.

The return on investment period is said to be around 12 months for most of the Franchise units. It is said to be a profitable business with a market size of 1,500 Crore INR in milkshakes and flavoured milk with an annual growth rate of 25%.

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Requirements for Starting

To acquire the franchise of Keventers, you, as a potential unitholder are expected to meet their criterions and obliged to follow them. A few of the requirements necessary for every unitholder are mentioned as follows.

  • The minimum area required for starting a unit of keventers brand should range between 120 to 150 sq. ft. If you can use or offer a bigger space, then that is even better as that would offer space for your customers to have a seat and enjoy their milkshakes.

  • There is no specific mention regarding experience of the individual. However, you are expected to have general knowledge about how Franchise business works. People with previous experience would be giving first preference by the brand.

  • The minimum employees required in every Keventers outlet should be around 2 to 3. All the employees would be trained by the representatives of the brand and they are expected to be courteous with the customers.
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Application Process

There are various modes through which you can apply for Keventers Franchise. You can email them, visit their office directly, or visit the website of the brand. The recommended and the easiest way is to apply through the website of the brand. Upon visiting the website, click on ‘Franchise’ option, you would be required to fill an enquiry form. After entering all the details, you would be contacted by the representatives of the brand and the process would move further. The official website of the brand is mentioned as


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