How to Start Jockey Franchise

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How to Start Jockey Franchise


Starting a Franchise business has been the ideal choice for many new entrepreneurs and individuals who realize and take advantage of the brand value created by a company. However, acquiring the franchise business of the right brand is also equally crucial for attaining success. Currently, out of all the industry, the Fashion and the Retail sector has been gaining a lot of popularity due to advertisement, trends, endorsements, and so on. Jockey is an international brand that is a manufacturer and also a retailer of innerwear, loungewear, and activewear for men, women, and even children.


About Jockey Franchise


Jockey is a known brand in the market. If we’re talking about just the innerwear segment, people prefer wearing Jockey over all the other brands in the market. The journey of Jockey started way back in 1876 under the name of S.T. Cooper & Sons which was in hosiery business. Later on, renamed as ‘Cooper Underwear Company’ in the year 1971, and finally, it was named as ‘Jockey International, Inc’ in the year 1972. Over all these years, the brand gained enough experience in its sector and meticulously understood the trend and the requirement of the market, thereby marking its name.

Jockey has it presence in more than 120 + countries worldwide, which makes it the only brand as a manufacturer and retailer of innerwear to make it to this stage. The primary USP of Jockey is that it prioritizes quality, comfort, and innovation over everything. Page industries are the exclusive licensee of Jockey in India and the brand has its distribution since more than 20 years in the Indian markets. Apart from that, Jockey, through Page industries has more than 500 + exclusive outlets in various states of the country. To open a franchise of Jockey, one has to go through the Page Industries’ approval as well.


Advantages of Starting Jockey Franchise in India


It is not just the profit but also the future and the continuity of a business that an individual is concerned of. This is when it becomes very important for an individual to contemplate all the benefits and USP’s of a brand before acquiring its Franchise. The various advantages of starting Jockey Franchise is mentioned as follows.


  • Most of the company of brands in the market deals with only one sector of clothing or so. However, when it comes to Jockey, it deals as a manufacturer and also as a distributor of Innerwear, loungewear, and even active wear. If that isn’t enough, it provides all these types of fashion for all categories, i.e., men, women, and even children. Hence, as a unitholder, you have a wide range of audiences to target and deal with, thereby making good profits.


  • The support system and guidance that is being given by the brand to all its unitholders is one of the important USP’s of Jockey. Right from the inception of your unit, you are provided with a handbook that contains all the instructions, guidance, and training with regard to running a Jockey store. Apart from that, the company has ensured the opening of its offices at various locations through which it can assists all of its outlets in the hour of need.


  • Being a part of Jockey brand, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product. As Jockey manufactures its own products, they ensure that the quality of all its clothing is top notch. They also have its own attractive and premium packaging which makes it very desirable for its customers to trust the brand and try out its products. With their timely innovations and understanding of the market, there is always something in the trend for the unitholders to pitch their customers.


  • The credibility of the brand is something that is very commendable and noteworthy in itself. The entire operations of Jockey in India are exclusively done and backed by Page Industries. Page Industries is a known name in many countries and is also an exclusive licensee of many well-known international brands in the world. Hence, be it support, quality, guidance, trendy innovations, the brand is always a step ahead which in turn also benefits all its unitholders.


Investment Required for Starting Jockey Franchise in India



The total investment required for acquiring a brand’s franchise accounts as a crucial decision making factor for an individual. The total investment required for starting Jockey Franchise in India ranges between 45 to 50 Lakhs INR. This investment involves all types of costs and fortunately, the brand does not even charge any franchise fee. Apart from this, the unitholder is NOT required to pay any royalty fees to the brand, this results in a quick return on investment.

The Return on investment period is likely to be between 12 to 20 months. The profit margin is undisclosed at the moment and can only be enquired by getting in touch with the brand.


Requirements for Starting Jockey Franchise in India



As a unitholder, you are required to follow certain obligations and guidelines that are set by the brand itself. The various requirements for starting Jockey Franchise are mentioned as follows.


  • The minimum area required for starting an outlet of Jockey brand is between 1000 to 1400 square feet area. Apart from this, it also should have a frontage of almost 40 to 50 feet. The company also specifies the height and breadth of the franchise space, which should be nearly 10 to 12 ft. and 25 to 30 ft.


  • The minimum employees required ranges between 4 to 6 employees. The brand suggests that all the employees are exposed to the training provided by Jockey and have a knack for all the guidance mentioned in the handbook.


  • It would be beneficial for an individual if he/she has any previous experience in the industry, but he/she is expected to have entrepreneurship knowledge.


How to Apply for Jockey Franchise


There are various ways through which one can contact the brand for Franchise, such as visiting the head office or the official website. The easiest way is to head to their official website and fill the Franchise form. You would be later contacted by the representatives of the brand and the process would scale further. The official website of the brand is as follows.


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