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Jersey Mike’s Franchise is an American based Sandwich company. Jersey Mike’s Franchise provides a wide variety of authentic sub Sandwiches and other food and beverage products for on and off premises. Their business is based on a simple concept to prepare in front of the customers and satisfy them with the freshest, highest quality sub sandwiches with high enthusiasm.Their business is not only about preparing and serving but they also focus on creating an important bond with their customers. This American based Sandwich franchise company with 2000 units offers freshest and high quality lifestyle sandwiches from years.


Jersey Mike’s Franchise History


The story of “Jersey Mike’s” started back in 1956 under the name Mike’s Subs in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Mike introduced American society with a relatively new item – the submarine sandwich. In 1971, a 14 year worker of Mike’s Subs, Peter Cancro was deeply in love with his work. At 17, he became the owner of the same business after his master, Mike sold the business and Peter was able to buy the store with the help of his football coach at a very tender age.


In 1987, Peter Cancro started franchising and replaced the name from Mike’s Subs to Jersey Mike’s Subs, only to keep new things tied with its native traditional place where authentic sub Sandwich was born. At present Jersey Mike’s Franchise has over 2000 locations open and now the taste is available world wide. Today Peter Cancro is CEO of Jersey Mike’s Franchise but still jumps behind the counter, portraying his passion towards the work. 


Jersey Mike’s  Benefits


Jersey Mike’s Franchise is full of benefits, they will benefit your business in many ways. It’s not only about starting a business but they also help you in making it successful. They provide you opportunities to be a part of the community, you can make decisions to reach out and give back to the community. They help you to build relationships with customers and the fast-food community.


You can conduct programs for the welfare of kids and schools. Once you are in, the brand provides you a satisfactory lifestyle, visiting places and venues. With limited Menu they keep on testing it to drive your traffic. They give their franchise support and recognition in the community. They help you with many ideas to work like a family. They always keep in view how you will progress and make much profit.


Jersey Mike’s Franchise requirements



To open a Jersey Mike’s Franchise you need to keep certain requirements in consideration. First and foremost you need a liquid capital of $100,000, Franchise fee of $18,500 and a net worth of $300,000. They can change franchise fees and give a discount for veterans. As compared to other franchises, Jersey Mike’s Franchise is more affordable


Fees/ExpensesDollar Amount
Liquid capital$100,000
Net worth$300,000
Initial Franchise Free$18,500
Initial Total investment$178,523 to $746,342


Jersey Mike’s Franchise Cost


To buy a franchise with Jersey Mike’s, the upfront fee that needs to get cleared before opening a Jersey Mike’s Franchise is $18500.


The beginning operation of Jersey Mike’s Franchise ranges from $144,668 to $786,233. Following are the upfront costs, initial investment and initial fee that needs to be settled down before opening a Jersey Mike’s Franchise.


Initial Franchise Free $18,500
Real Estate and construction fee$5,000
Rent. Lease, CAM, Taxes, and Security Deposits.$0 – $38,250
Architectural Fees$4,876 – $16,000
Leasehold improvements $62,299 – $349,838
Equipment/ Furniture/ Small Wares$11,255 – $101,677
Initial Inventory $966 – $29,044
Insurance $2,000 – $12,000
Training $2,500 – $56,850
Grand Opening Advertising $12,500
Exterior Signage$2,188 – $46,516
Interior Branding/ Graphics $2,689 – $16,000
Uniforms, Office Equipment and Supplies $2,260 – $25,361
POS System and Network Connection $2,085- $15,305
Professional fees$525 – $12,642
Business Licenses and Permits $25 – $15,750
Additional Funds-3 Months$15,000
Total Estimated Initial investment $144,668- $786,233


Jersey Mike’s Franchise Fees


Continuing Services & Royalty Fees6.5%
Cooperative Advertising & Development Fund1%


Jersey Mike’s Franchise Profit



Jersey Mike’s Franchise is a profitable business of submarine sandwiches and offers franchise opportunities. It’s estimated that in 2022 the company was able to generate $1.85 million of revenue and a total sales of $1.85 billion. The investment return is profitable, the more franchises you own, the more profit your business will make.


Midpoint Investment and Profit 


Midpoint investment $465,451Profit $117,253 (recoup investment – 5years)
Midpoint investment $465,451Profit $175,879 (recoup investment- 5years)
Midpoint investment $465,451Profit $234,506 (recoup investment – 3years)

Income statement 


Service Fees and other income $376,753,203
Company owned restaurant & product revenue 18,075,978
Franchise Fee3,589,361
Total Revenue 398,418,542
Operating Expenses: 
Selling, advertising, general and administrative 346,385,694
Company owned restaurant operations13,531,287
Total operating expenses:359,916,981
Income (loss) from operations 38,50,561


Jersey Mike’s Menu


The success of the company lies in its Menu. Jersey Mike’s Franchise offers a limited Menu and keeps on focusing on the ways to make this limited Menu strong. Jersey Mike’s Franchise provides a wide variety of authentic sub Sandwiches and other food and beverage products for on and off premises consumption. Their menu offers Cold Subs, Hot Subs, Sides, Drinks and Desserts. All these sandwiches and other products are refreshing and keep inspiring people. Its menu has always kept foodies engaged.


Cold Subs 

#jersey Shore’s Favorite

#3 Ham and Provolone

#14The Veggie

#5The Super Sub

#turkey and Provolone

#10 Tuna Fish

#6 Roast Beef and Provolone

#13 The Original Italian

#8 Club Sub

#9 Club Supreme


#4 The Number Four

#11 Stickball Special

#12 Cancro Special 


Hot Subs

Grilled Portabella Mushroom & Swiss

Portabella Cheese Steak

Portabella Chicken Cheese Steak

Mike’s Famous Philly

Chipotle Cheese 

Big Kahuna Cheese Steak

Big Kahuna Chicken Cheese Steak

Bacon Ranch Chicken Cheese Steak

California Chicken Cheese Steak

Buffalo chicken Cheese Steak 


Kids Meal 

Kids Meal

Kids Meal with Water


Sides, Drinks, and Desserts 


Fountain Drink

Bottled Water

Soda Bottle


Stubborn Soda

Life WTR

Pure Leaf Tea

Cookie Brownie


Pure Leaf Tea & chips

Giant Drink & Chips 


Sandwich Catering 

Subs by the Box

Subs by the Bag

Boxed Lunches

Chips & Drinks

Fresh Baked Cookies/ Brownies


Jersey Mike’s Locations


Jersey Mike’s operates a large network of stores not only in America but also in other places. By December 2022, Jersey Mike’s had opened 2,397 stores in the United States


  • California is leading with a network of 336 stores, a store for every 117,595 people which is about 14% of all its locations in the US.


  • Florida with about 8%, and Texas with about 8% of the total number of Jersey Mike’s stores.


  •  Apart from the USA, Jersey Mike’s also has locations in Ontario, Canada, London, Kitchener and in Mexico. Its headquarters is located in Manasquan, New Jersey, U.S.


Jersey Mike’s Franchise Application


Inorder to apply for Jersey Mike’s Franchise, you need to complete it online. Fill your details in the form provided by Jersey Mike’s Franchise. After adding your details you need to add geographical area of interest, then franchise details, they will ask you for experience in the form, then add additional info and submit it . In addition to this you can call or email them, contact them by calling at 732-292-8272 or can email them on 


Jersey Mike’s reviews


Jersey Mike’s has a rating of 3.2 stars from 5 stars overall indicating a satisfactory purchase. Consumers are satisfied as well as have complaints about products and other services and problems. Despite that, it is one of the most famous food points. They are still dominating the market and are giving tough competition to their competitors. Jersey Mike’s Franchise is presenting and working over the fixed menu that flourished them, they seem to know exactly who they are. 




Money generating sites and quick expansion of Jersey Mike’s speak everything about its success in the industry. Its outlets are consistently growing and the pure 


wide variety of authentic sub Sandwiches and other food and beverage products  is making it a favorite spot. Its endless Sandwiches is attracting customers and turning it into a leading place. 


Jersey Mike’s Franchise is accessible by clearing initial investment and costs before setting up. Its net profit is growing continuously and its Franchise model ensures the success of outlets. They are dominating in authentic sub Sandwiches and other food and beverage products and are giving tough competition to their competitors. In this era of changing landscape Jersey Mike’s is presenting and working over the Menu to create the best of it . In this competitive world their leadership is steady and it’s hard to reach their crown. Therefore starting the Jersey Mike’s Franchise in the USA is profitable and worth investing.


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

Yes. Jersey Mike’s is a Franchise.

Jersey Mike’s Franchise owner can make around $73,000 per year. 

Jersey Mike’s Franchise is a profitable business, In 2021 it’s earnings were $38.5 million.

Jersey Mike’s Franchise works in a simple way, providing customers with the best and maintaining a strong bond with them. 

Jersey Mike’s Franchise is an American submarine sandwich chain.