How to Start Gelato Vinto Franchise ?


The moment we hear the word dessert our mouth instantly starts to water and an excitement runs through our body. More than the main course or starter, it is the dessert that catches the attention of the individual and steals the show. Of course, the first dessert that always stands out and without which a session is incomplete is Ice-cream. You would find many different brands that serve different flavours and types of Ice-creams. However, another dessert that is almost similar to ice-cream and yet quite different as well is Gelato. And when we talk about Gelato, the brand that stands at the top is Gelato Vinto.

Gelato is referred to as the Italian name for Ice-cream, however, it is a frozen dessert that has different constituents than Ice-cream. What sets it apart is that it is made from 100% natural ingredients and has less fats than Ice-cream. It is known for its quality and taste, which is far superior than Ice-cream and cannot be stored for too long, unlike Ice-cream. Gelato Vinto franchise started its operation in 2005 in New Delhi, and since then the brand has opened many outlets due to the huge response and great demand from customers. In 2005, the brand just 1 outlet, and now it has more than 100 + outlets all across the country.

What adds to the uniqueness of the brand’s value is the concept of Gelato itself, where they directly rival and outsmart Ice-creams. All Ice-cream lovers who have tasted Gelato from Gelato Vinto franchise would always prefer having the same. Apart from the concept and the benefit of Gelato, the brand, Gelato Vinto franchise has won the hearts of many of its customers through their unique and well-known dessert items such as Cocoberry Yogurt. With so many future prospects and visions, the brand plans to conquer and attract new customers with their innovative and unique dessert items and the concept itself.

Advantages of Starting

A franchise is usually started with the mindset of taking advantage of the brand value of the concerned company and excel in the business. However, in this fast-changing business world, it is crucial to have as many pros as possible and scale your business. The various advantages of starting Gelato Vinto Franchise in India are mentioned as follows.

  • Without a doubt, the primary advantage of acquiring the franchise outlet of Gelato Vinto franchise is the uniqueness of their concept. People are not well-aware about Gelato and how it is better than the regular as well as the popular brand’s ice-cream that they consume. By playing the right cards and the right marketing strategy, your franchise outlet can easily stand out amongst all the other ice-cream parlours in your area and help you to attract a huge customer base very easily.

  • As mentioned in the previous point itself, not many people are aware about the concept of Gelato and how it completely overcomes the quality and effectiveness of Ice-cream as a dessert. This gives you an opportunity to set up your own franchise outlet in your area or region. As the concept is new and not yet known on a greater scale, there are very less franchise outlets that are running in the country, this can be a great opportunity to be explored.

  • The best part of being under the umbrella of the brand, Gelato is because of their tactics and the skills to explore and take advantage of the opportunities. The brand has a promising menu and a huge vision for the future items that they plan to serve to their customers. One of their desserts that are widely loved and spoken around is Cocoberry Yogurt, this is just a glimpse of the many items and possibilities that the brand can bring around themselves with the concept of Gelato over Ice-cream.

  • The future prospect or the possibilities of enjoying and preferring Gelato over Ice-cream is very high. People nowadays are very health conscious and they always prefer quality and taste over anything. With the concept of Gelato that is quickly overcoming the presence and the craze of Ice-cream, there is a very high possibility of Gelato making a major hit and a buzz in the market which indirectly becomes very beneficial for a franchise outlet owner.

Investment Required

Gelato Vinto with its visionary management and tactics offer two types of Franchise models to the interested candidate, as per their investment budget and the scope of business. They offer a kiosk model, flagship store, and also stand-alone business model. The investment amount differs as per the type of model that you choose. The average investment amount ranges between 6 to 23 lakhs, where the lowest investment is for a kiosk model and the highest is for Flagship store. Along with this, the usual and miscellaneous expenses must be counted separately.

Requirements for Starting

There are certain criterions and guidelines that one must pass and follow for being eligible to hold a franchise outlet of Gelato Vinto franchise . The various requirements for starting Gelato Vinto are mentioned as follows.

  • The minimum area required depends on the type of franchise model that has been chosen by the interested candidate. If it is kiosk model, the required area is 50 sq. ft, if it is stand-alone model then it is 120 to 150 sq. ft, and if it is Flagship model, then the required area is around 150 to 200 sq. ft.
  • As per the type of model chosen, the required number of staff would vary and it is the same as per the usual numbers, like any other franchise. There are no other special requirements.

Application Process

The recommended and easiest way would be to visit the official website of Gelato Vinto and apply for the Franchise. Once you visit their website, you need to click on the ‘Franchise’ tab. On clicking the tab, you would be presented with an application form, you must fill the form with the details asked. On submitting the form, you would be contacted by the staff of Gelato Vinto within a few days and if eligible the process would move further.


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