How to Get Business Loan in Dena Shakti BOB ?


Women make up nearly half of our country’s economy, making development incomplete without them. Modern women play a significantly different role in today’s world, and in a much more positive manner. More and more, women are taking up corporate jobs traditionally associated with men, and are actually doing better than most of their male peers.

They have become independent in all aspects of finance, are well informed, and competent. They’ve achieved unparalleled success in almost every field, be it sports, politics, or even academia. There are now more women than ever before, in every sphere of life. As interconnection, technology, and entrepreneurial growth advance, we are observing a shift in our country involving women entrepreneurs.

A nation’s economic development requires entrepreneurship to get the ball rolling. An economy would not thrive without it. Through entrepreneurship, positive change is created. It contributes to economic development and sustainability as well.

Efforts are being made by the Indian government to help India to improve its economy and living standards. They have therefore developed many successful schemes and packages to benefit the female population and to remove all obstacles standing in the way of women entrepreneurs. They can now benefit from a variety of subsidies and concessions offered by several banks. As part of this article, we will analyze a few aspects of the Dena Shakti loan program. As part of this discussion, we will cover their objectives, qualifications, rates, and benefits.

Dena Shakti Business Loan

Business Loan in Dena Shakti BOB Scheme provides you with a low-interest loan that you can easily acquire if you have a business in the below-mentioned sectors. It caters to women entrepreneurs who are looking for financial support to expand their businesses in agribusiness, the manufacturing industry, microlending, retailing (like clothing, grocery, and convenience stores), or micro-enterprises.

For retail trade, women entrepreneurs are allowed a maximum loan amount of 20 lakh rupees at 0.25% interest. The amount provided in the loan can be easily paid back by women entrepreneurs in monthly installments.

Objective: Like any other women empowerment project, this scheme is offered by Dena Bank and it aims to provide financial support to budding Women Entrepreneurs in specific sectors of business like farming, small businesses, retail trade, housing, and education.

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Business Loans

Prior to applying for a business loan, you should consider the following:

  • Be sure you understand your specific business goals before applying for a loan. You will need a business plan when you start a brand-new business. The expansion strategy needs to be clearly defined before getting the loan amount if you are using the funds for an existing plan.
  • Prepare a budget for your project. It is essential to ensure that you don’t borrow more or less than your business needs.
  • The loan tenure should be carefully chosen. Business loans are usually lent for flexible terms. To make sure you can afford the EMI, you need to choose the right loan tenure.
  • It is advisable to compare interest rates, processing fees, and other fees before deciding on a loan product. You will come out ahead if you compare these loan products.


To be eligible for this program, applicants must own or operate a small business in the agricultural, retail, manufacturing, or microenterprise sectors.

For women beneficiaries, the maximum ceiling also varies according to the industry in which they plan to start or grow their business. Female beneficiaries are permitted a maximum loan of 20 Lac Rupees.

This scheme covers businesses in the following sectors:

  • Agricultural operations (e.g. production, growing, harvesting, or caring for the land)
  • MSME  (manufacturing sector – processing of raw materials, human labor, machinery, chemical processing, etc.
  • MSME (service sector) – small business professionals, self employees and all related service enterprises
  • Retailing
  • Micro Credit
  • Academics
  • Real estate

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Listed below are the interest rates, fees, and commissions

Interest Rate – 0.25 percent below base rates for women entrepreneurs

Agriculture Loans – Up to Rs. 20 Lakhs

For manufacturing, and small business, the maximum loan amount of Rs. 20 Lakhs is available.

Micro-credit: Up to Rs. 50,000 for retail traders.

Duration of the loan – 7 years

An amount equal to 0.50% of the loan amount is charged for processing.

The following are some of the benefits and highlights of this program:

  • Beneficiaries of the women-only program are offered a discount of 25 percent off the standard interest rate.
  • Depending on the discretion of the bank, the margin for this loan may vary as needed.
  • Micro credits are available up to a maximum of Rs.50,000.

Documents Required

The following documents will need to be submitted when applying for the Dena Shakti Scheme.

  • ID Proof:  Copies of PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, DL, Voter ID card, and so on.
  • Address Proof: Copied of Aadhar card, original Passport, Utility bill, Property tax bill, and so on.
  • Detailed Bank account information.
  • Passport size photograph.

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Application Procedure

You will need to go to your closest Dena Bank branch to apply for this loan. Following that, the applicant has to go to the bank office and get the application form, then fill it out in the prescribed format according to the guidelines. Along with the application for a Shakti scheme loan, the specified proofs must be submitted.


There has always been a strong sense of resilience and dedication in women. It’s remarkable how they are able to excel in more than one field in a conservative country like ours. Over time, they have developed into a powerful and intimidating force thanks in part to their tenacity and can-do spirit.

We have seen many of these women entrepreneurs share their journey towards success. Through their remarkable feats of triumphing over countless obstacles, these accomplished businesswomen serve as inspirational role models to many. Looking at them many want to follow in their footsteps in entrepreneurship. In part because of these efforts, India is steadily gaining momentum as a startup nation. By helping find solutions to challenges relating to business development, entrepreneurial women along with the assistance of the government are contributing to growth in their local economies.

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