How to Start Plastic Straw Making Business ?


Drinking Straw is also known as “Drinking Tube” is a tiny pipe that helps the consumers to consume the beverage comfortably and conveniently.

What kind of Plastic are drinking straws made from are of the following:

Polystyrene and Polypropylene and it consists of the following:

Thin tube of paper, stainless steel, bamboo is used by placing one end in the beverage and placing the other end in the mouth. To ho know  how to start Plastic Straw Making Business follow this article that provides you the details.

Little History about Drinking Straw

The name Drinking straw has came from olden days as it is prepared from grass stems. So in the year 1888, with the help of spiral winding process the Marvin Stone is the first person to manufacture the drinking straws. So at present the drinking straws are manufactured using the following: paper and plastic.

Two types of straws that are used in olden days and they are of the following:

  • Ryegrass Straw
  • Wax Paper Straw

1.Ryegrass Straw:

The Ryegrass straw is one type of the drinking straws came into trend in the year 1880. It is soft and cheap but after some years its usage has came down because it turn to mush when it is dipped in the liquid and giving it grassy taste.

2.Wax Paper Straw:

Because of the drawback of the Ryegrass Straw, the Wax Paper Straw has come into existence. This Wax Paper Straw is initially manufactured by Marvin C. Stone in the year 1888.

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Types of Straws are there to use

Before knowing how drinking straw is made you need to know the different types of straws and they are of the following:

  • Basic Drinking Straw
  • Silicone Milkshake Straw
  • Candy Straw
  • Color changer Straw
  • Extendo Straw
  • Miniature Straw
  • Spoon Straw
  • Glass Straw
  • Bendy Straw
  • Stainless Steel Straw
  • Cereal Straw
  • Krazy Straw
  • Flavor Straw
  • Sanitary Straw
  • Wide Straw
  • Compostable and Edible Straw

The above different types of straws can explain briefly in the following:

Basic Drinking Straw – Basic Drinking Straw consists of full length straight straw used for drinking the soft drinks, coconut water, juices and many more.

Silicone Milkshake Straw – Silicone Milkshake Straw is manufactured by Arkansas in United States that contains a wide opening wall to prevent the collapse while using it.

Candy Straw – Candy Straw is also known as Licorice Straws or Lico – Straws that prepared from chewy candy.

Color changer Straw – Color changer Straw will changes their color automatically while passing through the liquids that contain hot and cold.

Extendo Straw – Extendo Straw are just like miniature straws that comes in wrappings with small plastic but extend to reach the carton bottom.

Miniature Straw – Miniature Straw is a small straw that rarely attached to a drink box. 

Spoon Straw – Spoon Straw contains the small spoon that helps to avoid the ice clogging up the submerged straw end.

Glass Straw – Glass Straw are prepared to reuse and also washable.

Bendy Straw – Bendy Straw is also called as “Bendable Straw” and in terms of industry it is called as “Articulated Straw”.

Stainless Steel Straw – Stainless Steel Straw is manufactured to reduce the waste that is manufactured from 304 foods – grade stainless steel. It is also used to wash and reuse.

Cereal Straw – Cereal Straw are manufactured by Kellogg’s.

Krazy Straw – Krazy Straw is also written as “Crazy Straw”. It is transparent, plastic or translucent plastic, hard that has a no. of turns & twists at the top.

Flavor Straw – Flavor Straw is specially designed for the children which is flavored and designed colorfully.

Sanitary Straw –Sanitary Straw is manufactured to reduce the risk of illness contracting from the following glasses, cups or containers which are not washed properly.

Wide Straw – The bubble tea is directly by the Wide Straw.

Compostable and Edible Straw – Compostable and Edible Straw are flavored and aromatized which is manufactured by SORBOS.

How to Start Drinking Straw Business?

To know how to start Drinking Straw Business then you need to know the basic raw materials and they are of the following:

1. Firstly, Plastic Straw making machine

2. Secondly, Paper roll / Plastic beads

3. Thirdly, Cutting Machine

4. Also, Colorants

5. Lastly, Packing Machine

The above basic raw materials of drinking straw can explain briefly in the following:

1.Plastic Straw making machine

Plastic Straw making machine consists of different types of papers that are available in the market. The following are the few Plastic Straw making machines

  • Firstly, Manual Plastic Straw making machine
  • Secondly, Semi – Automatic Plastic Straw making machine
  • Thirdly, Fully – Automatic Plastic Straw making machine

The above Plastic Straw making machines are used for manufacturing of drinking straw business and you can choose any one of them depending upon your financial budget

2.Paper roll / Plastic beads

If you want to manufacture paper made drinking straws then you must choose paper roll raw material which is main raw material for the manufacturing of drinking straws

If you want to manufacture plastic made drinking straws then you must choose plastic beads raw material which is main raw material for the manufacturing of drinking straws. The above main raw materials are available in the local markets

3.Cutting Machine

The cutting machine helps you to cut the drinking straw in a desired shape and also in a desired size


Colorants are used to make the straws colorful. So if want to make beautiful and colorful straws then you need to buy the colorants

5.Packing Machine

The packing machine for manufacturing drinking straw business is available in the local machinery retail shops and the good packing is very important for the commercial production.

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How Drinking Straw is made?

The following are the simple steps to know how drinking straw is made:

Step 1: Firstly, purchase the raw materials as mentioned in the above and here we are using plastic beads for the manufacturing of drinking straw.

Step 2: Secondly, pour the plastic beads in the hopper of the Plastic Straw making machine.

Step 3: Thirdly, start the Plastic Straw making machine.

Step 4: Now, the Plastic Straw making machine helps the plastic beads to manufacture automatically.

Step 5: Then the plastic straws are made.

Step 6: Also, transfer them into the cutting machine to get the desired size and desired shape.

Step 7: After that cut the straws into required shape.

Step 8: Lastly, Pack them with the help of packing machine.

Market Potential

  • According to the estimation, for every single day around 500 million straws are used. So starting the drinking straw manufacturing business is always a good idea
  • In this commercial world the manufacturing of drinking straws are depended on the technology development.
  • So there is no. of interesting developments in the straw technology
  • The straw can be used as a marker and can be marked how much the drink should contains
  • It is fun with playing the straws as it can be bended and upside or downside


The applications of drinking straw are depends on the types of drinking straws. So, for every drinking straw there is a specific applications. The following are the general applications of drinking straw

Firstly, plastic Straws are used for drinking purposes like

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