How to Start Haldiram’s franchise 2022


Haldiram’s- A very snackable franchise

 That company whose products are a must with your evening cup of tea, whose sales has crossed worth $1 billion, which controls one-fifth of the Indian snacks market share and has suppressed the demand for western snacks by catering to the traditional taste requirements of the Indian consumer market.

Whom are we talking about? Haldiram.

By now we’re pretty sure you are aware of the quality of their products and why is it that you buy a haldiram product whenever you buy a namkeen. It’s not just you, it’s just how this brand has positioned itself in every Indian consumer’s mind.

So if you’re thinking of taking up its franchise, all you got to do is make sales.

We hope you’re up for it?

About Haldiram

Haldiram’s is a leading manufacturer of sweets, namkeen, western scale and ready-to-eat food ranges. It caters its products through retail stores, e-commerce based grocery shopping platforms and through its individual outlets

It’s has its 150 outlets spread across 13 cities and 5 states as of FY 2017.

Facts about haldiram’s

·        It was first established as a small sweet and namkeen shop in Bikaner, Rajasthan in 1937 by Shri Ganga Bhishen Agarwal and has become a home product ever since the past 9 decades

·        It’s operated in the form of three different companies :

§  Haldiram snack and ethnic foods : catering to the North Indian region

§  Haldiram Bujiawala                         : catering to the eastern region

§  Haldiram Foods international       : catering to the west and South Indian regions

·        Haldiram’s is a family oriented company with in-house decision making and with traditional recipes and manufacturing processes handed down as legacies since the past 35 years

·        The products haldiram’s offers are: snacks, sweets, frozen food, potato chips

    I.        Franchise options for Haldiram’s

One can acquire a Haldiram’s franchise as:

·        A casual diner

·        A Haldiram’s kiosk

·        A quick service restaurant

The focus of this articles lies more on the Haldiram’s kiosks because of its advantage of sale of packaged goods, high inventory turnover ratio and low investment

  II.        Everything you need to know about Haldiram’s franchise

A.  Unique selling point (USP) : The unique selling point of Haldiram is as follows:

·        It offers as many as 400  variety in namkeen, attractive packaging, at affordable prices made with traditional recipes suiting the demand of the Indian taste buds thereby making it a home product

B.  Business model of Haldiram’s

The business model of Haldiram’s can be defined using these four variants:

                     i.        Value proposition: The value which a Haldiram’s franchise is likely to bring to you is:

·        Massive and consistent sales all along the year and moreover increased demand during the festive seasons.

·        The advantage of the brand reputation which has been maintained since 1937

                   ii.        Target consumers: The entire Indian consumer market is the target market for Haldiram’s because of it authenticity in taste and its products being used as a routine consumption, they are as follows:

·        Supermarket chain and Kirana stores

·        Local restaurants

·        Households

·        Consumers of all age groups

·        Catering companies

                 iii.        Competitor review: However haldiram dominates the market space when in comes to the Indian namkeen industry since it’s a home product for almost all the Indian households. Few rising competitors are 

·        Bikanevala

·        Bikhaaram

·        Balaji wafers

·        The green snack

                 iv.        Marketing strategy: Although haldiram doesn’t need any marketing strategy since it’s a well established brand, word of mouth promotion does all for it. Your Haldiram’s franchise could market it presence through

·        Hoardings and print media

·        Promotions in movies, tv shows etc

C.  Benefits of starting a Haldiram’s franchise :

·        Brand familiarity: Since Haldiram’s is known for its rich in Indian spices products among the Indian consumers since 1937 and has become a household product in the past 35 years, consumers are not only familiar but have gotten used to this brand and its products

·        Ease in operations: Since Haldiram’s outlets deals in packaged namkeen like bujiya, moongdal etc the management and distribution process becomes simpler and it being a perishable product the inventory turnover ration is high

·        Brand name: owning a Haldiram’s franchise is likely to get you the advantage of carrying it’s brand name all the way long which in turn provide you with massive sales

·        Benefit of Indian consumer market: Since the Indian consumer market has a taste for spices and consumes namkeen for casual snacking the demand remains consistent

·        Seasonal advantage: India is a country of festivals which is celebrated through exchange of namkeen and sweets among its peoples. Haldiram’s gift packages, festive specials are likely to bring you massive profits

D.  Requirements and qualifications for starting a Haldiram’s franchise

Ø Requirements

·        Space/ Area requirement for setting up a Haldiram’s outlet would be around 75 – 100 sq ft

·        Documentation requirement : The documents required to run a Haldiram’s franchise would be:

§  GST registration

§  PAN and Aadhar card details

§  Standard franchise agreement

§  Copy of FSSAI certificate from Haldiram’s

Ø Qualifications

·        To qualify as a franchise owner the required documents justifying the educational and entrepreneurial background must be provided with

·        Moreover 2-3 employees with training, a prime location and basic management equipment must be made available

E.  Investment required to set up a Haldiram’s franchise

The investment required to set up a Haldiram’s kiosk franchise would be the lowest among the three franchise options and details can be acquired after getting a Haldiram’s licensing only


·        Haldiram’s casual diner franchise requires an investment of : ₹2-₹5 crores

·        And Haldiram’s quick service restaurant requires : ₹1-₹2 crores

F.   Profits made from Haldiram’s franchise

With a 25% market share in the Indian namkeen industry and having a company turnover of ₹500 crores one can say it’s a profitable business to get into.

G.  How to apply for a Haldiram’s franchise

·        You can either contact Haldiram’s through its contact number specified on it’s official website and leave your query about the franchise application procedure

·        Or you can visit the Haldiram’s corporate office and discuss all your queries regarding the same


Are you still not convinced? Well, we’ve got these facts which could be a decision maker for you :

·        Firstly, Haldiram’s is an Indian based namkeen brand which caters to India’s tastes for snacking at affordable prices giving you massive sales

·        Secondly, it has as many as 400 varieties of products, with easy inventory management system which helps you meet the demand for every niche target consumer around your region

·        Lastly, even though the investment is high it brings in large annual turnover and the perk of using the brand name.

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