How to Start Cream Stone Franchise in India – Costs, Profits, ROI

How to Start Cream Stone Franchise in India

Ice cream is probably one of the best desserts that are preferred by almost everyone, at least in India. The excitement on a person’s face is quite clear on the mention of having an Ice cream. Being one of the popular desserts, many individuals or business owners give a thought of starting a new Ice cream business. Nowadays, there are hundreds of Franchises that are available in the market which are related to Ice Cream. It becomes difficult to choose between all the Franchise of brands that are available, one of the well-known brands is Cream Stone Franchise.

About Cream Stone Franchise 

 Cream Stone is commonly known as a brand that is the ‘King of Ice Creams’. They are mainly known for experimenting with different types of desserts and presenting various mouth-watering desserts to their customers. It is the taste and the service that they provide which has gained them so many customers in a short period of time. A major reason for acquiring a huge customer base is that their Ice creams are eggless and also sugar-free. Viren Shah is the current owner of Cream Stone and carried on this business from his father’s time. The brand was originally known as ‘Scoops’ and was later renamed as Cream Stone. 
Cream Stone or in those days, known as ‘Scoops’ was started by providing it to hotels and caterings. Later on, thanks to the overwhelming demand by the customers, the brand was then offered at 5-star hotels, tourist places, and so on. Ultimately, with the continuous response and growth, Cream Stone had evolved and was offered as a Franchise. One of the reasons behind Cream Stone’s popularity is their offering of ‘Customized Ice cream selection.’ This idea gave customers an experience of selecting their own flavour and making their own dessert, the idea thrilled the customers to such an extent that Cream Stone became known amongst every Ice cream lover.

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Benefits of Having a Cream Stone Franchise


The various USP or the Unique selling points of Cream Stone are necessary to be known by an individual who is planning for acquiring the Franchise. These very benefits help you to better understand the business and make your planning or strategies even more effective.

  • We already talked about this point earlier, Cream Stone offers its customer with the ‘Customized Ice Cream selection.’ Through this technique, the customers are able to see through their own eyes how an Ice Cream is made from scratch. This is one of the reasons why your store can become more popular.  
  • As a Franchise holder of Cream Stone, you do not have to channel your attention and money on marketing or promoting your store and brand. Cream Stone has already ensured various measures to help you with the advertisement part, and their brand value is good enough to help you ignore the marketing part. 
  • Another benefit of having Cream Stone Franchise is that you are provided with a good deal of support. The representatives or the support staff of Cream Stone are always there to assist you while forming your outlet. They take care of things such as infrastructure, handling the premises of the outlet, marketing, and so on.  
  •  A big brand name and a variety of items on the menu are all you need to attract your customers. The Cream Stone Franchise offers various types of different Ice creams and such as Chocolate, Nutty, Mini Ice cream, Kids special, Summer Ice Cream, Diet category, and even various types of thick shakes.
Investment Required for Acquiring Cream Stone Franchise in India

A well-known brand like Cream Stone and its various services, support, benefits, comes at a price that is more than equivalent. To be precise, the initial investment for acquiring Cream Stone Franchise goes for around 30 lakhs. However, there are additional investments that are necessary to pay before getting your Outlet started. You need to also pay a marketing fee, which the brand would be using according to its own choice to facilitate your outlet’s promotion. Apart from these investments, you are also required to pay a royalty amount to the brand, which is on monthly basis. On average, your investment would reach the number of 50 lakhs and in return, you acquire all the services such as the supply chain, management activities, and so on.

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