How to Start Chai Kings Franchise ?

Tea Lovers’ Dream: Franchising with Chai Kings

Irrespective of how the day ends, the start of every common man’s day begins with a cup of tea. In India, one of the constant and most-consumed beverages of all time is and has always been Tea. This can be observed from the fact that there are thousands of tea brands and tea stalls in the country despite the rising competition. Consuming tea has become the basic habit of many Indians in their day-to-day activities. Out of the many tea brands out there, one such brand that has been growing rapidly and winning the hearts of many Chai lovers is the Chai Kings brand.

‘Every Sip has a Story’. This is the punch line that Chai Kings uses to introduce about itself and about its customers. The brand began its foundation by opening its first store in October 2016 in Chennai, since then it has become a profitable venture with so many new outlets being opened up every day. One of the major contributing factors behind the growth of the brand is the credibility that it holds. Chai Kings has a huge backing as compared to other brands in the beverage industry as they cultivate their own tea leaves and focus more around the Evergreen Tea.

Another factor that contributes to the rapid growth of the brand is the ‘takeaway’ option that is offered by the Chai Kings franchise to its customers. It is one of the few brands that offer walk-in and even deliveries through electric vehicles, thereby promoting pollution-free environmental methods. The quality of its tea is appreciated all around by its customers as they acquire the high-quality tea leaves that are cultivated in Darjeeling, Nilgiris, Assam, and so on. The brand has an extraordinary vision where it plans to expand its operations by having more than 500 stores in the next 5 years.

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Advantages of Acquiring Chai Kings’ Franchise 

The beverage sector is encircled with various brands and is already full of competition. It becomes very crucial for an individual to choose the right brand and know about its advantages before acquiring the Franchise of the same.

The various advantages of acquiring the Chai Kings Franchise are mentioned as follows.

  • The primary advantage that an individual has by acquiring the Franchise of Chai Kings is the quality of its chai. Quality is something that should be never compromised by any brand. One of the best USP’s of Chai Kings is the quality of Chai they offer which they term it as ‘Cupful of Purity’. They do not add any artificial ingredients in their Chai and hence with the mixture of natural ingredients, their chai is savoured by all their customers.
  • The vision that the brand holds for the growth and prosperity of its business is something that is commendable in the business world. The brand owners have raised more than 1 million USD funds for facilitating and backing its future operations thereby opening more than 500 + stores in the coming 5 years. The brand has implemented the vision in its operations which can be seen from the rapid growth that it has done over the past few years. As a franchise unitholder, it benefits the individual a lot.
  • Another USP of Chai Kings Franchise is that it offers takeaways and delivery options for all its customers within a store’s range. Unlike other brands in their sector, they offer takeaways of tea in 500 ml cardboard flasks. Apart from this, they also deliver the tea up to a specified area limit. The delivery done by the brand is also through electric scooters, thereby promoting pollution-free environment. Practices such as these have helped the brand to gain acknowledgement from its customers.
  • Apart from affordable prices, the brand has a wide range of menu that it offers to its customers. Chai Kings franchise specializes in Evergreen Tea which again comes in 15 different flavours so far. Their Chai’s also include different types such as herbal, ice tea, teas with masala, dum, ginger, Sulaimani, lemon, tulsi, hibiscus, apple,tea house. Such a variety, helps a unitholder to acquire a wide range of customers with different tastes.

Investment Required

Investment is always the major concern and significant factor for any individual for considering to acquire the Franchise of any brand. Chai Kings offers only one type of Franchise model at the moment for individuals who are interested in the brand. The total investment for acquiring the unit of Chai Kings Franchise goes between 8 to 20 lakhs INR. This range would differ or vary as per the location chosen by the individual; however, the investment covers all types of costs and brand fee that is necessary.

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To acquire the Franchise of Chai Kings’, you need to pass a few of the criterions to be eligible for being a unitholder of Chai Kings. The various requirements are mentioned as follows.

  • The minimum area required to be eligible for acquiring Chai Kings Franchise is between 400 sq. ft to 2000 sq. ft depending on the location chosen by the individual. Further, the unitholder is required to have the store located near a railway station or an education institution.
  •  You are required to take the appropriate training which is provided by the brand itself. To maintain the brand value, all the staff members should be familiar with the training, the skills, the art, etc, while commencing the business.
  • The interested candidate is also required to have a small experience in the field, i.e., a few years of experience in the food industry to be eligible for being a unitholder of Chai Kings.

Application Process

To apply for Chai Kings’ Franchise, there are various modes through which an individual can get in touch with the brand representatives. The best and recommended way is to visit the official website of the brand and go through all the details before applying for the Franchise or making any enquiry. By clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ option you would find all the details about the brand. The official website is as follows:


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