How to start Barbeque Nation Franchise ?

Barbeque Nation Franchise Overview

Starting a new business is not an easy task to follow. Even the most acquired ‘Franchise model’ has become a difficult pick with so many brands offering its Franchise in the different industries. One of the fastest and demanding segments is the fast-food industry, many brands have developed a huge customer base in this segment by leveraging the demand and offering first-class services. However, another aspect which every customer looks for, apart from the quality and uniqueness of the food is the service. With a live-grill unique experience, Barbeque Nation has been one of the finest brands in the fast-food industry.

With its first outlet established in the year 2006, Barbeque Nation has developed a chain with more than 150 + outlets in the country. The Barbeque nation owner name is Sajid Dhanan and he was started with the motive of offering the customers with a live grill and found counter concept and making the order right in front of the customers instead of the kitchen. This business idea in the year 2006, attracted many food lovers and Barbeque Nation kept on evolving and scaling their business with their unique concept of the live grill, similar to the service provided in marriages and banquets.

With its ongoing success, the brand widened its menu and started offering desserts in the form of a separate kulfi counter. The brand continued its operations and expanded its reach even on an international basis. Today, the brand has its presence in countries like UAE, Oman, Malaysia, and so on. Today, the brand is not just known for its Chicken tikka, but also for the different varieties that it serves to its customers and the uniqueness that the brand has maintained over the years, which entices every customer to keep visiting their outlets.


The sole purpose of acquiring a Franchise of a brand is to take advantage of the brand value that the company has built, however, it is also important to keep into account the various USP’s of a brand. The various advantages of acquiring Barbeque Nation Franchise are mentioned as follows.

  • Barbeque Nation franchise has expanded its business over the years from just 1 outlet in the year 2006 to more than 150 + Outlets in the current year. This explains the speedy growth that the brand has gained and also the vision of the brand to reach global level. Being a part of such a visionary brand has its own advantages as year by year, the brand keeps on increasing its brand value, ultimately benefiting you as a unitholder.

  •  More than the taste and quality of the food, every customer enjoys experiencing a unique service from a brand. The concept of the Barbeque Nation franchise such as ‘live grill’ and the ‘Do-it-yourself’ approach has always succeeded in winning the hearts of its customers. There are hardly any restaurants that provide such services, furthermore, having your food prepared right in front of your eyes gives a different thrill to every customer.

  •  Another USP of Barbeque Nation is that they provide a wide range of food items to their customers. Earlier, the brand only dealt with fast-food and grill items, however, later on, it also added desserts to its arsenal and the menu keeps on adding up with the inclusion of new food items over the time. The best part about the brand is that they offer their menu at a very affordable or a reasonable price that suits the middle-class range as well.

  •  The brand has always been active in terms of support and guidance that is necessary for unitholder in regards to outlet designs, training, manual, and so on. The brand has set a record in its branches of not having even a single store shut down or run out of business since its establishment. This fact itself explains us the profit that every unit of Barbeque Nation makes.

Barbeque Nation Franchise Cost

This is all about the barbeque nation franchise cost that needs to be cleared if one is interested in owning a barbeque nation franchise. As the brand has even opened on a global scale and has its own vision of operating globally in many countries, the investment amount required for starting Barbeque Nation Franchise is higher than usual. An interested candidate would require an investment amount that ranges between 1 to 2 Crore INR. Even though the capital required is higher, the investment includes and covers all the aspects such as the interior, the equipment, accessories, refrigerators, Air conditioners, and so on. The franchise fee is around 25 Lakhs INR and the royalty fee that is asked by the brand goes around 8 %.

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Barbeque Nation Profit

Operating a barbeque nation franchise is a profitable choice as its one of the best company in India. Every barbeque nation franchise owner is making a profit of Rs.4.3 Lakhs every month, which indicates how profitable the barbeque nation franchise is, but this profit margin can even go higher based on the store location, number of clients, and more. They have the best business model and strong work ethics that is why their 95% locations are a big success and the rest is in its beginning stage. 


To be a part of Barbeque Nation, every unit needs to follow and satisfy a few of the guidelines that is mentioned by the brand. The various requirements that are necessary are mentioned as follows.

  • The minimum area required to set up a unit of Barbeque Nation ranges between 4000 to 5000 sq. ft of area. Without a doubt, the preferred location of the unit would be in high-street locations, malls, and so on. The unit can be on the ground level or even a first-floor location is preferred.

  •  There is no mention of the minimum number of staff requirements, however, the brand expects every unit to have an executive chef, other chefs, store keepers, helpers, and stewards. The training related to the live grill and other serving criterions is provided by the brand itself. 

  •  You don’t need any qualification to be a part of the Barbeque Nation Franchise, however, you are required to have some knowledge in the said sector.

Application Process

The best way to apply for Barbeque Nation Franchise would be to visit the official website of the brand. On visiting the website, you would be required to fill an application form with the necessary details asked by them. Once submitted, you would be contacted by the staff of the brand and the process of acquiring Franchise would move further. The official website of the brand is as follows,


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