How to Start Amazon courier franchise in India


Amazon courier franchise

An e-commerce website which makes 3 million shipments per day, has 35 orders place per second per day and accounts for 1.1 billion orders from around the world per year has to have an effective, time-saving, non bureaucratic logistic service to make this possible and so it does.

Oh ! Wondering which platform is that we’re talking about? “Apni dukaan”, Amazon.

Amazon could sure use other delivery and logistic platform like FedEx, Bluedart, Delhivery, eCom express, Aramex, Indian post service, gati and it did but just to provide their customers the convenience they deserve in terms of prime services amazon launched its own Amazon courier

Wouldn’t you like to become a part of this massive family? Here’s how

About Amazon courier


Amazon courier is one of the subsidiaries of amazon which manages the exchange of courier of parcels, products and packages orders at amazon to the consumer’s door step.

The services provided by the the amazon courier outlets are :

  • Free one- day delivery
  • Free two-day delivery
  •  Free no-rush shipping
  • Free scheduled delivery
  •  Free same day delivery
  •  Discounted morning delivery
  • Discounted express delivery


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Everything you need to know about Amazon courier franchise


Unique selling point (USP): The unique selling point of this business is as follows:

  • Because of its prime now services it has been able to meet the the various delivery and express needs of the consumers with high quality service thereby increasing the consumer loyalty and amazon courier service as their choice for a delivery platform


Business model of a an Amazon courier service

The business model of this franchise can be defined using these four variants

 Value proposition: The value which this franchise is likely to provide to you is

  •   Brand familiarit
  •   Global and domestic demand
  •   Assistance from amazon logistics


Target consumers: The target consumers for your amazon courier franchise are:

  •  Households
  • Commercial offices
  • Government spaces
  • Students
  • Educational and other institutions 


Competitor review: The competition to amazon courier are the other leading delivery and courier service companies like

  •  FedEx
  •  Delhivery
  • DTDC
  • Alibaba
  • Bluedart
  •  India post services


Marketing strategy: The marketing strategy implemented by the Amazon courier services are as follows

  • Sales promotion: free one day delivery, same day delivery, express delivery, festive concessional delivery charges, no delivery charges with amazon prime etc


Benefits of starting an Amazon courier franchise:


Brand recognition: Because of its high quality service, wide range of delivery options and the brand reputation of amazon the consumers are likely to resonate with your brand quickly and you can enjoy the loyalty that comes with it

Low investment: The amazon courier services comes with low investment in terms of both space and capital yet yielding massive sales consistently and even so during festivals and occasions l. So it’s rather a good investment

Large target customer base: The target customers of the amazon courier are many because of its wide range in delivery options in terms of time, packaging, fees etc which makes it possible to consider every need of every specific customer

Assistance and training by amazon: The assistance by amazon courier in terms of the following is one benefit of its whole

  • Assistance in marketing and promotion
  • Strategic inventory management assistance
  • Assistance in IT  training management and protocols


Global reachability: The amazon courier franchise also allows you to cater to the time delivery needs of abroad based customers and help you experience a global demand for your services

What are the requirements and qualifications for an Amazon courier franchise


Requirements : Requirements in terms of the following must be met with

  • Space requirement: A space requirement of  150 sq ft- 200 sq ft
  • Documentation requirement: in terms of the required educational, entrepreneurial background
  • Equipment requirements: 10-20 delivery vans are also one of the major requirements
  • Manpower requirements: A minimum of 8 workers must be employed to get started with this franchise


Qualifications: The qualifications in terms of the following requirements must be met with 

  • GST registration
  • Standard franchise agreement
  • Lease and rental agreement
  • Training requirements must also be met with


Investment required to set up an Amazon courier franchise

The investment required to set up this Amazon courier franchise is ₹2 lakhs

Profits from starting an Amazon courier franchise

One is likely to earn the a profit of ₹50000-₹2lakhs

1.   Commission on sales10% 
2.   Rate of return20% 

How to apply for an Amazon courier franchise

One can apply for an Amazon courier franchise in the following ways

  • You can either visit the official website of amazon logistics India and go through the standard application procedure
  • Or you can either leave your contact details and your query for a franchise application on the official website of amazon
  • Last but not the least you can always visit the amazon courier zonal offices




Here are some reason you can consider before taking up this franchise :

  •  Firstly, this business has created an hype because of amazon’s gesture of buying 20-40 trucks and ensuring an employee count of 100 for  your franchise on a wider scale
  • Secondly, the investment costs of setting up this franchise is low and one can get maximum stability because of amazon’s already established brand presence
  •  Lastly, The opportunity to cater to global and local demand with minimal skill requirements proposed by amazon could be one profitable venture


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