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A product that can be used for tasteful cooking and also for spotless cleaning, which can be used for adhering to as delicate as skin anomalies but also act as harsh disinfectants. Discovered in 5000 BC, Vinegar has come a long way from just being used as a food preservative.


Vinegar is a product which is derived from acetous and alcoholic fermentation a these suitable mediums : Like Fruit, molasses, malt, sugarcane juice etc. Further vinegar can also be classified according to its various flavours in fruits : lemon, apple, coconut, fig etc each with its own application.


Vinegar’s implementation comes across every industry from food to chemical. It has proved to be a product which consists of properties which can give rise to unique and never-thought-before applications every now and then.


So here are more reasons why you should get your hands on this vinegar making business.

Market potential and uses :


The applications of vinegars have been omnipresent. From consumers like us to the agricultural lab scientists make use of vinegar.


That’s where one can identify the potential which vinegar as product can adhere to. Moreover, the categorical division of vinegar according to its bases : malt, fruit etc and further break down according to its flavours, process of fermentation opens a wide market for you to deal in one.


This breakdown of types and their uses will help you show how :

Uses :


Distilled white vinegar : As an all purpose cleaner, for cleaning grease and baked off food, laundry, de-scale a coffee maker etc


White wine vinegar : This type of vinegar is usually used by restaurants, household etc for salad dressings, marinades, sauces etc


Red wine vinegar : used with heartier flavour and food like beef, pork and vegetables


Champagne vinegar : in pale greens, chicken and fish


Apple cider vinegar : Apple cider vinegar is used by pharmaceuticals for improving diabetes and balancing blood sugar and by nutritionists who recommend it for skin, weight loss and hair


Malt vinegar : This vinegar is used for making pickles


Chemical vinegar : used in plants for disinfecting them and also for pets incase of any digestion anomalies

License required


The licenses you require to run a vinegar making business are as follows:

  • Factory license
  • GST registration
  • An FPO certificate in case of fruit vinegar production
  • NOC from star pollution control board
  • PAN, Aadhar cards
  • Leases/rental agreements ( if any )


Also read :

Investment required

A vinegar making business approximately requires a total investment of ₹ 19 lakhs

Content Amount
1. Fixed capital investment ₹ 13 lakhs
2. Working capital investment ₹ 6 lakhs

Profits made


Content  Amount
1) Net profit per year ₹ 5 lakhs
2) Return on investment 23 %

Target consumers


The multiple and diversified properties of vinegars is like to bring you a very larger and wider market to cater to.


So, the existing and potential target customers for your vinegar making business could be :

Food and beverage industry : Vinegar’s use in food industry by restaurants, chefs , hotels offering luxurious foreign cuisines and fast food chains selling the ready- to- go food


Pharmaceutical industry : Vinegar is used as an medicinal element in producing syrups, tablets which involve vinegar for curing diabetes and balancing blood sugar


Chemical industry : it is used in disinfectants, stain remover, antiperspirants and photographic materials etc


Agricultural industry : it is used in improving seed germination, soil enrichment and root growth stimulation


Farming : In keeping the fruits and vegetables fresh during storage.

Raw material required


The raw materials required for the vinegar making business are as follows :

  • Glass bottles and caps
  • Fruit, acetous and alcohol
  • Culture, chemicals, cobs and sugar
  • Lab consumables, labels
Machine required


The machine required for this business is :

  • Vinegar generator
  • Hydraulic tanks
  • Fermentation tanks
  • Filter press
  • Weighing scales
Area required


The area required for establishing a vinegar making business would be 700 m sq

Manpower required


The manpower required for this business would be :

  • 1 manager
  • 1 supervised
  • 1 technician
  • 2 skilled workers
  • 6 unskilled workers


Moreover training regarding equipment handling, machine using procedure, safety and precaution measures etc

Business model and growth


The business model for vinegar making business can be defined as follows :

Value proposition : The unique selling point and value which vinegar making business would provide you with are

  •  Firstly, a wider target customer base as mentioned above. So you’ll never run out of business
  • Secondly, consistency in demand because it is an essential product for many industries
  • Lastly, the low investment advantage


Target consumers : The target consumers for your vinegar making business would be

  • Pharmaceuticals and nutritionists
  • Food and fast food industry
  • Chemical and cleaning
  • Agricultural and farming


Competitor review : The competition in the vinegar making business is minimal because of so many niche markets available to cater to. Still, the biggest sharks in the vinegar making business are

  • Healthkart
  • Botanica
  • Delmonte


Marketing strategy : Your vinegar marketing strategy must be targeted according to the end consumption of vinegar by your target customers, for example :


Health conscious consumers : Can be introduced to the weight loss and skin benefits of Apple cider vinegar



  • The global vinegar market has reached the value of US $ 1.3 billion in 2019
  • A significant demand in ready-to-go food because of busy schedules, high working hours is seeing a market for vinegar in food preservation
  • The in-discovery applications of vinegar is likely to expand the vinegar target customer base even further
Profit margin


The profit margin one can get through this vinegar making business would be around 14 %

Suggestions :


In case you need some fact-checking to sleep on your decision of whether or not to take up this business, consider this :

  • Firstly, Vinegar is the only product by far with its uses spread across in almost every industry. So you’ll always have customers to cater to
  • Secondly, The product diversification according to flavours and fermentation available makes this business flexible and you can adjust to the current demand easily
  • Lastly, it comes with minimal investment and manpower making your operations easier.

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