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Professional Ice Cream Making Training 2022

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Ice Cream Making Training - StartupYo


Ice cream is a weakness of many and what can be better than making handmade ice creams for your loved ones and family. You learn to make delicious varieties to make your summers happy and healthy. These ice-creams are preservative-free and are customized to help you give a rich taste.


Syllabus theoretical

Introduction about each and every material for icecream making.

Syllabus practical
 Flavored ice cream
1.  Base of Vanilla Ice Cream 
2.  Base of Chocolate Ice Cream
3.  Blue Berry Ice Cream
4.  Cotton Candy
5. Strawberry Ice Cream 
6. Vanilla Ice Cream 
7. Mid Night Beauty Ice Cream 
8. Fig and honey ice cream
9. Cashewnut Crunchy Ice Cream
10. Dilkhush Pan Ice Cream 
11. Roasted Almond Ice Cream 
12. Black beauty ice cream 
13. Cafe and walnut ice cream 
14. Red Velvet
15. Butter Scotch 
16. Chirongi Jaiphal Ice cream 
17. Granola bar ice cream 
18. Wafer lover ice cream
19. Kesar Pista Ice Cream 
20. Rocky road ice cream 
21. Rajwara ice cream
33. Tender coconut ice cream 
34. Kaju malai ice cream
35. Cream cookies ice cream
Fruit Ice Cream 
22. Chikku Ice Cream 
23. Peru Ice Cream
24. Water Melon
25. Muskmelon Ice Cream 
26. Matcha Ice Cream 
27. Coconut Kulfi
28. Kesar Pista Kulfi
29. Pan Kulfi
30. Chocolate Kulfi
31. Pineapple Kulfi
32. Mango Kulfi



The knowledge required to pursue any course from CSDO Classes has the zeal and passion for learning and exploring the creative approach you choose. Rest the student should understand either English or Hindi.

Why choose us

  • CSDO is having 35 years of rich experience, which makes it the most informative academy.
  • We give you one-to-one knowledge and industrial expertise as we have experts sharing their wide range of study of years, which adds to the value.
  • We have gained tremendous experience, so be it India or overseas, we have achieved positive responses worldwide.
  • We have a course review system, and the plan is to help our student start their manufacturing.
  • We have formulated our handout copies, so there are no duplicate notes.


NOTE: The Upcoming Live session date for this training is not yet scheduled. In the meantime, you can get the recordings and you will be notified about the next live session.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 In the course how many ice creams will be covered?

We will cover around 40 icecream recipes but after doing the course you can learn to create your own flavored icecream. The practical demo will be shown for  35 icecreams only.

Are the ingredients easily available in the market?

Yes, with the advancement and globalization all the ingredients can be purchased easily.

Do you provide us any information like if we forget the recipe where to refer?

CSDO provides you the process manual which will make your life easy and icecream making fun too. 

Do you provide any certificates for the course?

Yes, we provide you the  E-Certificate too.

Do you cover only icecreams or kulfi too?

Our course teaches you both kulfi and icecreams.

Who will be teaching us ice-cream?

Sunita Bhasin, a very proficient teacher with excellent subject knowledge and has a very simple teaching style that gives you the clarity to learn with perfection.

In which mode of language she would teach us?

The language she uses is Hinglish so that everyone in the class can connect and understand.

How does the workshop take place?

The workshop takes place online through zoom and you receive the link 24hours prior to your class.

If I have any problem with learning then who will train me?

We make groups and you can ask your doubt and get your answers using a group where the coach will share the answer.


Dec 28 - 30 2021