Trademark Registration in Kerala

Ensuring Compliance: Trademark Registration in Kerala

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It is vital to preserve your intellectual property in Kerala’s dynamic landscape, where tradition and innovation live in harmony. To protect your distinct brand identification, you must first register your trademark. This post delves into the complex realm of trademark registration in Kerala, providing insights and useful hints to help you confidently handle this significant legal procedure. It is imperative for all business owners, whether they are aspiring or well-established, to comprehend the intricacies of trademark registration to safeguard their brand’s future. 

The rich tapestry of culture and commerce gives rise to several business ideas in Kerala which flourish under the careful gaze of the Kerala Shops and Establishment Act. This legislation provides a robust framework for entrepreneurs to establish a wide array of ventures. Like anywhere else in the world, Kerala places a high value on trademark registration for companies and company owners. Kerala is a vibrant, varied state with a strong business climate. A company’s name, logo, or product can be legally protected in Kerala by registering it to prevent unauthorized use and copying.

This gives the company a distinctive character and raises its market value and reputation. In Kerala’s cutthroat market, long-term success and expansion depend on establishing consumer trust and brand awareness, both of which are facilitated by trademark registration. Additionally, it makes legal action easier in the event of infringement, guaranteeing the protection of a company’s intellectual property rights.

Essential Documents for Trademark Registration in Kerala

The following are the essential conditions for registering a trademark in Kerala

  • Unique Trademark: Your trademark needs to be unique and not overlap with any already-registered trademarks.
  • Classification: Using the Nice Classification system, ascertain the class of products or services your brand will represent. For products and services, there are 45 classes; you must select the appropriate class or classes.
  • Trademark Search: Make sure the trademark you’ve selected isn’t already registered or in use by doing a trademark search. You can do this by visiting the website of the Indian Trademark Office.
  • Applicant Information: Whether the applicant is a partnership, an individual, or a firm, give correct information about them.
  • Trademark Representation: A precise depiction of your trademark must be given. This refers to the actual word or logo in word marks. For device markings, the logo is displayed.
  • Usage of Trademark: Indicate if the brand is being used or is expected to be utilized.
  • Power of Attorney: You could be required to present a Power of Attorney if you’re working with an agent or lawyer.
  • Application Form: Complete the relevant application, either offline or online.
  • Govt Fees: Include the required application cost.
  • Date of First Use: Indicate the date of the trademark’s initial usage if it has already been used.
  • Specimen: If necessary, submit a trademark specimen.
  • Statement of Use: You could be required to provide a statement of use if the trademark has been in use for longer than five years.
  • Address for Service: Please provide an Indian address for service.
  • Black and White Logo: A black-and-white version of your logo provides broader protection, so it’s a good idea to include one if you’re registering a colorful one.
  • Legal Compliance: Verify that the laws and regulations of India are met by your trademark.
  • Examination and Publication: Following review, the Trademark Journal will publish your application if it is accepted.
  • Opposition Period: You have four months to respond to opposition to your trademark.
  • Registration Certificate: You will be given a registration certificate if there are no objections. Every ten years, trademarks need to be renewed.

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Step by step Process for Trademark Registration in Kerala

Similar to other regions of India, Kerala also has multiple steps in the trademark registration process. The procedure is mentioned below

  • Make sure your intended trademark is distinct and hasn’t previously been registered by doing a comprehensive search.
  • Get a trademark application ready and send it to the Trademarks Registry. This can be completed online also through various agencies providing this service like StartupYo.
  • The trademark office reviews the application to make sure it complies with the law. The trademark is approved for publishing if all is well.
  • The Trademarks Journal publishes the approved trademark. There is a 4-month timeframe in which opposition can be submitted within this period.
  • In the event of objection, legal action can be taken. If not, the trademark moves on to registration after the opposition is resolved.
  • The trademark is registered and a certificate is produced as soon as there is no objection or as soon as any opposition is overcome in your favor.
  • The ten years of protection for your registered trademark are now up for renewal.

For assistance with the process, speaking with a trademark lawyer or other specialist is advised. Along with trademark, even Company registration in Kerala is also a crucial step for entrepreneurs looking to establish a business in this picturesque Indian state. Along with this even acquiring the GST registration in Kerala is equally vital.

Trademark Registration fee in Kerala

Trademark Application Trademark Registration Fee (Rs) 
For Individuals, Startups, Small Enterprises 3,500 to 4,500 ₹
For Large Entity 7,000 to 9,000 ₹

Like in every Indian state, Kerala’s trademark registration fees are determined by some criteria. First off, the Indian government sets the fees for trademark registration, and these prices are the same for all states. However, the overall fee can change based on the applicant type (company or individual) and the number of programs offered. Professional costs apply when hiring a trademark attorney or agent to help with the application procedure.

Costs may also be impacted by the trademark’s complexity, which includes its originality and susceptibility to objections. Furthermore, there may be additional costs associated with quick processing and preserving the trademark over time through renewals. All things considered, the price of registering a trademark in Kerala is determined by a mix of government charges, expert services, and the particulars of the mark.

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Why StartupYo for Trademark Registration

The StartupYo services are more accessible and efficient so they are preferable for trademark registration. Users may submit applications, pay fees, and check on the status of their requests from the convenience of their devices thanks to their streamlined process. Online materials like FAQs and guidelines are frequently available, making it simpler for people and businesses to manage the trademark registration procedure. StartupYo trademark registration method offers a more user-friendly experience for candidates while minimizing paperwork and processing times.


A vital first step for companies looking to safeguard their brand identification in Kerala is trademark registration. Despite being simple, the procedure necessitates careful consideration of Kerala’s particular cultural and market aspects. Businesses in this dynamic stage can better protect their intellectual property, build brand awareness, and negotiate the competitive environment by obtaining a registered trademark. It’s an investment that safeguards your brand and opens doors for expansion and success in Kerala’s thriving and varied market.


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