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A Roadmap to Success: Kerala Shop and Establishment Act Guidelines

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Kerala Shops and Establishment Act began in 1960 after considering Kerala’s unorganized business sector. Kerala Shop and Establishment Act protected the employees, made businesses legal, regulated establishments, and provided workers with necessary rights in the Kerala area. It also provided the working class sector with several benefits such as wages, leaves, maternity leave, working hours, holidays, Etc. As per the Kerala Shop and Establishment Act, businesses running inside the state of Kerala must get registered to get a mandatory license to run a business legally.

Every commercial establishment operating in Kerala comes under this Act, and all the rules and regulations of this Act apply to such establishments inside the territory of Kerala. Kerala Shop and Establishment Act covers all types of shops and establishments, such as commercial stores, restaurants, residential lodges, theatres, places of entertainment, and more. 

Kerala Shops and Establishment Act acts as legal proof for the owners of the shops and establishments in the Kerala region, hence protecting businesses from facing penalties and other fines. This Act acts as a permit for businesses to operate their business activities inside the state boundary. Businesses with Kerala Shops and Establishment Act certificates can pass inspection rounds usually carried out by the state government authorities.

 Kerala Shops and Establishment Act registration makes businesses eligible to open a business bank account. Every business employer or employee operating small, medium, and large registered businesses under the Kerala Shops and Establishment Act can enjoy various schemes and programs conducted by the government for Kerala registered businesses.

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Documents required for Kerala Shops and Establishment Act registration

Applicants who are looking for Kerala Shops and Establishment registration need to provide the following documents to register: 

  • Applicant’s valid Identity proof. 
  • Applicant’s valid address proof.
  • PAN card of Kerala Business that needs registration.
  • Applicant’s license of trade registration. 
  • Valid address proof of the office or rent agreement of the business place.
  • Partnership Deed
  • Total number of business partners, directors, or managers.
  • Employees list working in the establishment and their basic information such as name, address, date of birth, working place, and joining year.
  • MOA or AOA.
  • Certificate of incorporation.
  • Valid details of the business Employer or managers.
  • The trust deed, partnership deed, or association documents.
  • Bank details of the applicant. 

Kerala Shop and Establishment Registration

With StartupYo, you can get a free professional for your counselling Kerala Shop and Establishment Registration. Our experts will provide you with online Kerala Shop and Establishment Registration Assistance in order to understand the importance of Kerala establishment registration. Our team members will be available for your support and will keep you updated regarding your application status. You can get started quickly with your Kerala Shop and Establishment Registration from anywhere, as we offer online business registration features.

With our professionals, you can experience a registration process that is simple and effective. With our Kerala Shop and Establishment Registration plan, you will experience a price-effective registration. Our experts will guide you on every step of registration and will resolve all your questions that most people have regarding Kerala Shop and Establishment Registration. As we receive your Kerala Shop& Establishment Registration notification, our experts will contact you after checking the correctness of your documents.

Our team will start working on your application and proceed further for submission. Once everything is done, we will pay the prescribed fee of Kerala Shop and Establishment Registration as per its Act. After authorities approve your registration process, we will deliver your Kerala registration certificate to your doorstep. The Kerala Shop and Establishment Registration fee range from Rs50 to Rs2000 as per the number of employees. 

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Kerala Shops and Establishment Act Registration Fee

No of Employees  Shops and Establishment Act Registration Fees
0 – 1050 ₹
10 – 30 300 ₹
30- 1001000 ₹
Above 100 2000 ₹


Having a registered business is very important in Kerala. If you want to get started with a business in the area of Kerala, then you need to register your business to get its proper shop and establishment license. Once you get your Kerala Shops and Establishment registration, you can operate your business legally and witness quick development in your establishment. Before starting your business, get your registration done to enjoy more benefits. 


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