How to Start Tissue paper manufacturing business – Cost, Profit, Requirements.


Do you want to Start Tissue Paper Making Business in India?

It is always a fantastic idea to start a business on your own. So, if do you want to Start Tissue Paper Making Business in India then StartupYo is always there to guide you deeply sample about Tissue Paper Making Business Steps.  Tissue Paper is a lightweight paper or a crepe paper which is prepared from recycled lignocelluloses fibrous material commonly known as paper pulp.

To start a Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business about 02 to 05 people are enough to start in the first step and it is one among the main point in what are the steps do I need to take to start tissue paper making business in India. And give them training with the help of professional trainer to operate the machinery. There are few agencies that ensure training for free if the tissue paper machinery and production unit is brought from them. You can contact them and provide free trainings to your employees.


Why to Start Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business in India?

Usually the persons who want to start will thing Is tissue paper business profitable, what are the steps do I need to take to start tissue paper making business in India, etc. StartupYo will let you clear you’re your doubts and follow the article to get full clarification about required permissions to start tissue paper making business, Licenses, and Registrations and also what is the raw material of tissue paper

Tissue Paper Manufacturing Business is also called as “Paper Napkins Manufacturing Business”. It is a piece of tissue paper which is used for cleaning of face or hands because it contains the properties of the following: Hygienic, tiny and absorbent. These tissue papers are used mostly in the following places like hotels, parties, homes, restaurants, offices and beauty parlors so nowadays the usage of tissue papers has steadily risen.


Classification of Tissue Papers:-

The Tissue Papers are classified into 02 different categories and they are of the following:

  • Firstly, Consumer Tissue Papers

  • Secondly, Commercial Tissue Paper

The above 02 different categories of tissue paper can explain briefly in the following: –

Consumer Tissue Papers: The Consumer tissue papers are nothing but which are used mainly for domestic purpose. I.e. within the home the Consumer tissue papers are used

Commercial Tissue Papers: The Commercial tissue paper can also be called as “Industrial Tissue Papers”. These are mainly used for the following: napkins, facial tissues, paper towels, and toilet papers. So these are used in the following places like hotels, parties, homes, restaurants, offices and beauty parlors.

The many properties like the following: coarseness, absorption porosity will decide the good & standard quality of tissue paper.


What are the Raw Materials required for Paper Napkins Manufacturing Business?

To Start Paper Napkins Making Business in India, you need to have a handful of raw materials that requires minimum raw materials. What is the raw material of tissue papers are of the following: Huge jumbo rolls will come in packets and these rolls will need to shape up the size of your wish. Also if you want to color the tissues then you need to buy the different dyes.

The price of jumbo rolls is depending on the weight of the paper rolls. The jumbo hard tissue rolls costs from about Rs. 50 per kilogram. For the good and standard quality jumbo roll, it costs from about Rs. 70 per kilogram. The facial tissue papers are hygienic and softer which costs about Rs. 01 per 100 pieces (or) one pack.

Places to buy Napkin Papers in India

The Jumbo Tissue paper rolls are available both offline and online. For offline buyers, the tissue rolls are available in the wholesale markets. For online buyers, tissue rolls are available in few sites like of the following:, and so on.

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How to Start Tissue Paper Making Business in India?

To Start Tissue Paper Making Business in India there are about 02 ways and them of the following:

  • Firstly, Napkin Papers making business at Home
  • Secondly, Napkin Papers making business at Manufacturing Unit

The above 02 ways of tissue paper making business in India can explain briefly in the following: Papers making business at Home

Paper napkins can also be made at home because it is an easy method and the main reason to start the business. There are about 04 main steps which help to start the manufacturing of tissue papers.

Step – 1: The tissue paper which you are should be made to pulp. If you are using jumbo rolls then you should not make them pulp directly dye them if you want the tissue colors.

Step – 2: Now wash the tissue papers properly and press them to take out all the moistures which it contains. If you are using the pulp for the creeping the machine is required.

Step – 3: Then if you are using the tissue rolls the third step is to cut the tissue papers of your required shape. After the pulp is crept and died then cut them into pieces.

Step – 4: Lastly the pieces of tissue papers are packed in the packets and market them

Napkin Papers making business at Manufacturing Unit:-

Steps do I need to take to start tissue paper making business in India:-

  • Firstly do maximum research about Paper Napkins making business
  • Secondly, enquire for whether to buy the Napkin papers manufacturing machinery first (or) to get the orders first
  • Thirdly get the Tissue Paper Making Business registered and obtain the license
  • Then the training should be provided for the worker on “How to operate Paper Napkins manufacturing machinery
  • Now make a business plan with the help of an expert
  • Also, choose a perfect location for the Napkin papers manufacturing machinery unit
  • After that get the raw materials and accessories for the manufacturing of tissue papers
  • Then after recruit the workers who have experience in manufacturing the tissue papers
  • Lastly should have Solid & good marketing strategies


Is Tissue Paper Business Profitable or not?

For the Napkin Papers manufacturing unit will need an investment of about Rs. 10, 00,000 which will generate an annual sales turnover of about Rs. 1Crore.

Then after the distribution of salaries to the employees, purchasing the new raw material for future purpose and remaining all expenditures you will get the profit of about Rs. 5, 00,000 to 8, 00, 000.

Required Permissions to start Tissue Paper Making Business

  • Firstly, the Tissue Paper manufacturing business is recommended to be registered as a Private Limited Company because the annual sales turnover is nearly about Rs. 100 Lacs.
  • Secondly, having the Tissue Paper manufacturing business as a Private Limited Company will benefit the bank finance easier to access with good credibility among the following: creditors and suppliers.
  • Thirdly, the license and registrations of tissue paper requires GST registration, VAT registration, and Trademark registration.


Applications of Tissue Papers:-

The following are the Applications of Tissue Paper Making Business:

  • Secondly, it is used as a facial tissue at beauty parlors
  • Thirdly, it is used as a paper towels
  • Also, it is used as a wrapping tissue
  • it can be used as toilet tissues
  • Lastly, it can use as a Table napkins


Interesting Facts about Tissue Papers

The following are the interesting facts of Tissue Papers:

  • Firstly, it takes about 384 trees to make the tissue paper that only one person will use within his lifespan
  • Secondly, the daily production of paper napkins is around 83,048,116 rolls per day

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